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admit it, you thought diamonds were expensive because of DeBeers

I’m not gonna lie, I view Adam Conover as, like, the smarmy CinemaSins of learning, so any time he is called out I experience schadenfreude. But also, isn’t this cool and informative? …

As an overprivileged impotent – right in the feels. …

…so I’m glad this post is the first of a series. …

best grandson makes machine to pair up telegram messaging with a grandmother-friendly physical interface

Meeting people where they are with technology is so important, and I love that this lets the grandchildren message from their phones as is presumably convenient for them. …

Local news is less stressful because I feel proportionally less impotent to react to it. I recommend making this swap. I also like that they don’t save the miscellaneous news till the end of the podcast, so if for whatever reason the daily topic isn’t working for me, I already caught the headline ro…

this package tracking site can grab details of Chinese shipping companies too

I don’t know if you’re used to ordering stuff internationally from AliExpress or similar, but it’s very normal for tracking information to dump a package into a void for about a month until the thing shows up at your door. This site actually connects the Chinese shipper’s tracking information with t…

I mean, that’s one way of handling a housing shortage, I guess? …

I’d excerpt the relevant gifs from the devil wears prada but let’s just say you’ve seen them already and I don’t have to bother

I’m not sure just because I’m not super familiar with Pants of the Seventies, Eighties, and Nineties? As for the past few years – I wouldn’t think so? I remember when I was in middle school you Had To Have flares or bootcut jeans… then by 2010ish, everything had to be skinny… but it’s mostly stayed like that up to within the last 3-4 years?

I will say, though, pretty much all the jeans I’ve had in those eras have had to have such high stretch content that the fabric doesn’t last long, so that’s definitely a factor in how fast things can turn over. I got some Trendy Huge Wide Leg “dad pants” that are pretty much just cotton and it’s stunning to me how stiff/tough/heavy/inelastic jeans are in their natural form.

All is in flux. …


Was your blog in English, though?

If you take Internet access…

…and cross reference against English speakers…

…then I think that’s enough explanation, no?

A question meant to provoke contemplation of ethics rarely has one answer, and this certainly doesn’t. “Service” and “utility” are concepts used in the legal system, and are not cleanly inherent to the situations where they’re applied. Legal systems aim to provide clear delineation of liability, but they can’t be considered the be-all and end-all of morality. Rather, when we ask ourselves “has the print shop done something wrong here” we must also consider “should the government allow the print shop to do this? should I shop at a print shop that does this?” etc. etc. as related but separate questions. (“Responsibility” also has a lot of shades by most reckonings)

content moderation and human nature

I think Benedict Evans writes about a lot of really interesting stuff. Sometimes he gets right to the hearts of things. Sometimes he’s [wrong](

Does it need to be tackled? I mean, I think it’s a good thing about the reddit ecosystem that you have multiple communities dedicated to the same topic but which have different mod policies, say. To the extent that it can devolve into namesquatting, we can always repo the name later.

Maybe we should ask that there be a point of clarification in the sidebar?

Hey, if you’re getting death threats in PMs please reach out directly to admins. That is not something we tolerate. I am not sure what options like IP bans exist or will exist. We don’t want anybody to be harassed.

You have reported that you received one message from a different account that was rude. You are also in this thread calling people paranoid, so… I will at this time remind everyone that we’re trying not to have Lemmy be a cesspool, so please try to be polite. I am not seeing anyone behave in a way that seems obviously banworthy.

the (us) state birds are garbage

I may have a small data project on my hands, because it seems like all things being equal you’d want to allow for more prevalent birds being more favored… but this is a really entertaining and good video all told. …'s bulletin board software is open source and great

Software shapes the feel of a social space. Just think of everyone who’s so into Gemini – or on the other side, how Reddit feels a bit unclean… anyway, this software may have been inspired by chan boards, but in the incarnation of it I know, it has a wonderful vibe. I just found out it’s not some…

The internet is clever, but it’s not always smart. It’s personalized, but not personal. It lures you in with a timeline, then fucks with your concept of time. It doesn’t know or care whether you actually had a miscarriage, got married, moved out, or bought the sneakers. It takes those sneakers and…

using homoglyphs to make bilingual (bi-orthographic?) crosswords

Honestly the main reason I’m posting this is that I find fascinating that there are little audio clips sprinkled throughout the way people use GIFs. I can think of reasons why this isn’t more broadly done, but I still… love it? …

jacob hall's links

It is most delightful to run across a site that links to some things you already know you like, and a lot that you’ve never heard of. You go in to pick through them with high expectations. Jacob Hall’s is one of those for me! …

All right, I’ve been playing on the web for a long while now but y’all might tempt me back to terminal stuff with this. It’s so, so cute! …

Maybe walking into some marshes, and deciding at an undetermined future point to stop walking, was what was available to the Romantics, but I think we can do better. Why not let walking be what the body does when it is going somewhere and leave “talking about it as if it’s an activity” to – I don’…

I go back and forth on this kind of thing. …

So the protocol is way, way different and massively out of scope to actually reimplement, so it would never make sense to have chugging along within the Lemmy backend server itself.

However, embedding Matrix rooms in webpages is something the Matrix devs want to make more straightforward (Gitter does this nicely and they’re shooting to subsume all of its functionality) so it’s not too hard to imagine some kind of integration with a. a separate Matrix server that gives permissions to b. a Matrix bot to manage creation of new rooms c. UI extensions to show this alongside communities.


Lemmy is deceptively shiny and awesome, but there’s still a lot of way more high-priority stuff that needs doing before this kind of huge feature extension is even discussed seriously, so the devs need to focus on that kind of thing.

Once the Element devs get embedded rooms a bit further down the road, this seems like a really doable project for a motivated Lemmy user to try adding on, though!

most card games that say they're good for two people aren't, but this one is

I like the rewindy-aspect of having to pick up a few cards when you get it wrong. My partner and I were both new so it’s possible it’s more monotonous if you’re better at the strategy. …

Your own server is the one through which you interact with all others. You just talk to it, and then it talks to the other servers.

Yup, the domain name is part of what defines your identity. I would expect that eventually we’ll have more interface options to ensure it’s not too confusing who’s who (especially since there’s your real username and then you can also set a display name) but it’s one of those things that isn’t really a problem until it’s a problem.

Deletions in the fediverse have been a big deal in past. The tl;dr is that your “home” server would send out a “hey delete this” notification to all the other servers. By default they will of course do that, but you can see that it’s conceivable that someone could make a malicious version of server software that wouldn’t.

I am not a dev on the project so I am happy to pitch in answering Qs. :)

Small nit: it’s not like pulling data from each server separately because you can have one user account on one server and vote / comment / post in communities on all the servers using that one same identity.

I have one somewhere but the rotating mechanism often strikes me subconsciously as a lack of it feels like the lead is rattling around (even though it isn’t)

One thing that’s important to me is making the fediverse less elitist. So that’s maybe a divergence of views, though I can’t speak to whether I’m whatever “kind of person” you’re thinking of.

Comparisons between stages of evolution do not neatly apply to comparisons between lifestyles; we can’t conclude that a large brain adapted to social interaction is better off in its absence. (See: and general health consensus tbh)

This is all pretty broad brush, of course; individuals are different and neurodivergent people are gonna want to tackle things differently, etc. etc. I’d say at the 50,000 feet view, the general US pattern of small households that try to solve all their problems alone is a pendulum too far to one side, and its social norms are in the way of people figuring out what might work better for them.

“Living arrangements” in terms of, you know, bedrooms around a kitchen… that’s only one aspect of how people enact this – and because it’s the most All Or Nothing, I think it’s not the most useful as a starting point, you know? I think I’ve seen the same romanticization you have, and it does strike me how young the person often is doing that romanticizing…

What I think is useful about this piece is how it points out how these attitudes extend beyond commune-type living; every extended family juggling child-cousins around so parents can run errands is doing the exact same thing. Every time friends arrange a joint Costco trip because Jessica has a minivan and Amanda likes the churros – they’re engaging in the same spirit.

Rather than setting up dramatic changes in living arrangements, my guess is we’d all be better served if we looked around at the community we already have and the things in our lives we already need to get done and figured out how to come together a little more to do them.

Personally, I don’t really want it to be changed; I like that there’s somewhere generic that can serve as a catch-all bin for Fediverse content. However, I think it’s cool that someone (possibly even you??? I don’t have it in a tab) was working on spinning off something to focus on organizing to increase Fediverse adoption. I intend to join such spinoffs as well :)

I like the fediverse for its nichey communities. It lets content be easily spread across the network for viral serendipity, but also lets people feel like they’re just hanging out with a smaller community where you get to know each other. Within that community, the community has full control and autonomy, which is why it’s better than e.g. the evils of Facebook Groups for what I’m describing. Having a sort of collective/cooperative/socially negotiated service provision creates the nice foundation for the right attitudes for a community to have (I was heavily influenced by ). I like that no one is making money off my attention so no one is incentivized to manipulate me.

I don’t care as much about censorship resistance, escaping Big Mod, libreness of software (except through how that’s made it something accessible and shaped-by-the-community that a sysadminny type person can spin up without a ton of resources)…

I mean I could definitely see a social network with a highly aestheticized personality test component taking off (cough millennials and hogwarts houses cough) but hoo boy am I Not A Fan of whatever this is:

The discrepancy makes you realize that a huge cluster of people fascinated by the exact same types of things as you would be an immensely powerful source of entertainment and information, a far better content aggregator than Reddit or Hacker News could ever be. Another feature to prioritize and a great promotional point, one sure to send VCs salivating should you ever need their help bringing this to life.

The juxtaposition he’s talking about is equivalent to cartomancy pressed into service for refining a startup idea. You don’t have to share my distaste for it, of course .

Linking is super important! My sense here is also that we should advocate pulling from the picture reddit keeps instead of keeping a copy uploaded here? Not sure how that’ll display and such, but that way OP can at least maintain ability to delete without having to know about Lemmy.