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I’m now gonna go to sleep pondering the division of “Europe” and its political constitution

honestly the more I think about it the more referring to “the americas” just feels… rude? as if the Inuit and Guarani people and everybody in between get lumped into a bucket just because that was what seemed convenient to some dead Europeans from five hundred years back

should the adjective also be applied to the continents? sure absolutely. but I sort of think it’s in a linguistic free for all since the name really doesn’t connect to something of deep significance. anybody on any of these continents has about the same claim to it in my book.

basically my take is “colonizer names are giant stupid graffiti on what was here before, let’s not pretend they’re sacred”

I see people getting het up about this every now and then, but I think it’s a manufactured concern. This isn’t, like, who gets to call themselves real Macedonia, it isn’t a piece of real heritage or tradition, it’s a single Italian guy’s name that got slapped on nearly an entire hemisphere. “The Americas” were never a coherent thing before colonialism made them that as the Other. Respecting actual regional and cultural identity is important, and Amerigo Vespucci and his adjectival formation is just… not relevant to that actual concern.

I find it interesting that IME it’s Europeans who mostly seem to bring up the name overlap as a problem? Which I guess is from the impression you get of names and borders when your national names and borders weren’t, like, drawn on maps in straight lines by the East India Trading Co.

The best part of the overlap though is that if you are thinking of ⚽ and “America”, that’s 🇲🇽 Mexico 🇲🇽 all the way baby!! As it should be

It’s very interesting to me how neatly this matches up to my generation’s dreams about all living in a forest together. It boils down to a pretty harsh indictment of America’s suburban design, doesn’t it? Like… houses that aren’t bigger than people need. Enough garde…

benedict evans is importantly wrong about publishers and governance

This is not a ‘publisher’, in the sense that a newspaper or radio station are publishers - or if it is, then we’ve stretched the word ‘publisher’ so far as to become meaningless. A human editor chooses ten stories for the front page of a newspaper, and ten stories for the 9 o’clock news, but there…

eh, to me that’d end up feeling more like work than the conviviality of something like a book club

a syllabus of tech history to go along with halt and catch fire

This is intensely cool and I am slightly sad I do not have the right kinds of friends to do it with. Well, maybe I do? But I don’t feel like I can ask that much time of people. So many episodes! And reading!! …

I will not be arguing in the comments but you are all free to if that floats your boat

guy who might know suggests to run screaming from bitcoin

That feels a bit unfair as a headline since it’s only a part of why the post is fun to read. …

A friendly reminder from your local admin that content mocking people for being disabled does not fly with this instance’s Code of Conduct, accessible here, and if any content clearly identifiable as such is posted, it will be removed.

I bought some prestamped postcards on a lark when ordering stamps one time. They looked cute. I didn’t know why they existed, but I’m always down for weird postal stuff. …

I wish I could use this term at work now, but I’m not sure if “freak” as a noun has too much of an ableist past in its human applications. EFO! …

a piece on elder goths

Honestly, I’ve always loved that you see people from different generations showing up to the club and doing their own things. Not Old Guy Coming To Hit On Women Half His Age–people coming to see their own friends, with their own stuff going on. Seems good for everybody. …

this person claims to use chickens to uncover potatoes for harvest

Even small damage to potatoes speeds their rot, so there is an implausible aspect–but I suppose if you’re only harvesting small quantities for short-term personal consumption it might be okay? …

A riot is the language of the unheard and a mashup is the language of the culturally overexposed…

depends; is it in your subscribed feed? shouldn’t be in that or the local feed. lots of people had “all” as their default view which would show it.

Ah this is super helpful!! I’ve always wanted to know but not quite enough to get back into a chemistry headspace

Do you know any specifics about the byproducts? Totally agreed on the best thing being reducing petroleum use.

It’s very hard to know what things would be like without / with less plastic because right now plastic’s sucking the air out of the room when it comes to developing alternatives, and no one’s incentivized to make reducing packaging convenient.

Plastics are an incredibly depressing topic. I have questions! …

an updated comic sans

Honestly I didn’t expect to like it. …

they’ve changed the rss format since then so I had to change script and I haven’t updated it there, but it mostly works still

He made me in his image. He claims that it was only because his perfectly hemispherical skull was a convenient shape for manufacture, but that doesn’t explain the thousands of man-hours developing my skin analogue. …

Intended hitpiece from people trying to get an alternate protocol to stick (via the CC0 attribution at the bottom).

I haven’t read it in detail but even skimming through it’s making some pretty questionable claims. “well, you have to join a public room, so it’s not really public”, and “they said their GDPR tools were ‘hacky’ which means they must not be good enough” and “a system administrator could configure STUN/TURN in such a way that IP metadata gets sent to Google”

I’d be very willing to believe Matrix had fucked some stuff up, leaked data, etc. but I don’t see enough to buy the accusations of bad faith.

You can’t call somebody expendable and essential; that’s just not possible. So we should give them all green cards to be here. …

Should I have marked this as nsfw? It’s not shocking or anything, but it is a painting of a pretty dead-looking dead body.

Anecdotally, I feel like there were independent e.g. illustrators who were game to try Mastodon and left when they saw tiny fractions of the engagement they get on ordinary social media. This is a big bummer to me. For visual art, we need the equivalents of the IG accounts that repost art with permission and link backs. For other stuff, I don’t know the answers.

I think most of what you’re saying is accurate, but you’re judging these projects by a goal they haven’t claimed for themselves. A backyard garden isn’t trying to fix the food supply chain.