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james g on programming being like cooking
There's a lot in this metaphor that seems valuable! Cf. ["homebrew"]( in tabletop role-playing games. Best practices in a commercial kitchen will differ from those in a condo kitchen. Some things are only worth the effort to make in a large quantity, which can mean not at all at home. At the same time, no restaurant would care enough to make a picky-eater loved-one of yours their masala chai specifically without cinnamon, or something. [Tools that wouldn't make sense in a space-strapped restaurant kitchen may be okay if you've got suburban-size cabinets.]( What is the bash script of the kitchen? What is the Trader Joe's pre-chopped mirepoix of code?

He's an independent type designer. His site shows [properly fleshed out respectable-looking typefaces]( for respectable-typography costs, but the Font Of The Month Club is the real joy. Whether you're looking for Victorian flavor, elegant text typefaces, design-forward display options, or the latest font feature noodling around (color fonts! *color fonts*!) there's a fine assortment here to be worth looking through. The Mini license costs are really nice as a reasonable impulse buy for the font-oriented and not too shocking a figure for the non-font-oriented. I'm not at all a proper Font User -- my website's main typeface is a true [abomination]( I keep only because an SVG filter to replicate the effect sounds hard to get right -- but I love imagining print projects that would merit [Polliwog]( or [Klooster Thin](

Apparently such things typically have December as slaughtering-of-the-pig? But a boar is so much more [Germanically seasonal]( I love the decadent flat ultramarines in this -- actually it's cool how little the palette varies from the pigments they clearly used. Ultramarine, yellow ochre, burnt sienna...

Federating custom emojis is Quite A Thing, if I understand correctly

I do love them, but it’d be hard for them to not get real visually noisy. Also they’d need to be moddable (ex: racists using monkey emojis to harass). Also would they be anonymous the way vote counts are? I think they’re a really fun feature but need careful thought before UI incorporation. (ooh, maybe they’d make sense to keep pretty small and have in a similar position to where Reddit puts comment gilding?)

Just a couple! I’m still figuring out how it’ll make sense to use both.

I like the monoalphabetic cipher with a ciphertext used to determine symbol correspondence, seems about as complicated as I'd ever want to write out by hand. Anyone have a cipher they prefer for doing by hand?

This is great! Damn makes me miss being able to go out dancing lol

I know I said SFW over in the description, but also, it’s kind of SFW in that it is ancient art? But it’s funnier if you can’t see it first.

The sidenotes alone are a thing of beauty and wonder. I am very much not sarcastic when I say that. The vibe is sort of like reading beautiful little booklets, which is wonderful and non-distracting but also not very hypertexty. Their pieces don't link among each other a ton so far as I've read. I wonder if it's an intentional choice?

laurent gerdil's carvings of opinel's carvable knives
They're all beautiful -- a few even usable, I'd guess!

I'm gradually assembling a little [page]( with alternative search engines, especially ones that aren't striving to recreate what Google does. This newest entry is phenomenal. The way that it uses sites' own background images to decorate their results is wonderfully reminiscent of [whostyles]( I haven't used it enough yet to really be able to evaluate how well the search indexing does, but the spirit of the project is such that no matter the quality I'll be happy to follow it and watch it iterate.

I’ll check it out – love to see a list of sources like that in the description!

I'm not as fascinated by ideas of innate intelligence as a lot of techie people seem to be. I also hold values of equality and human dignity somewhat more strongly than the "fairness" invoked by e.g. opponents of affirmative action--so even if a lot of the "general intelligence is meaningful, measurable, and genetically determined" stuff were to be shown true, it wouldn't change my political commitments. So even though it wouldn't really matter, I recalled hearing that the science in this book was sketchy somehow, and that was about it. Hoo boy. This video patiently explains: * just how much [begging the question]( hides within both the concepts and the modes of analysis invoked by the authors * the intellectual dishonesty evident in the misrepresentation of cited studies * heritability doesn't mean what the authors have come to say it means, nor what you probably think it means * the connections between Nazi-era eugenics and the research the authors cite being not (just) a matter of shared ideology, but actual follow-the-money material support from their institutions Overall, I would highly recommend checking it out, because the influence of this work and its weird little online devotees has been such that even if you know you are 100% opposed to its political conclusions, you may have unknowingly absorbed some of its false premises.

an HTML webcomic site template suitable for static hosting
Gosh I love resources like this! It's so neat that people are sharing resources that make tech more accessible to folks with less technical experience. I have a layout I need to finish up and offer publicly to help people use HTML and CSS to lay out half-page zines... but I gotta make something with it myself first to prove it's useful.

This is such a lovely video! I'm going to go and watch more of her stuff -- exactly the sort of "lifestyle content" I never seem to find. Friendly energy, syncretic bits of practice and fact, beautiful shots of nature, and some hands-on advice: love it.

papercraft low-poly-esque mask patterns for sale
These are so charming -- I want to throw a party where I can make people wear them. It seems like you could get a lot of mileage out of a ream of white cardstock and [the animal skull set](

a tarot kickstarter that seems to have spared no expense in print quality
There are a lot of lovely tarot deck kickstarters that I have managed to restrain myself from backing. They tend to seem to be conceived of by illustrators. This one seems to me to have been designed by someone who really wanted to push the envelope on cool foil detailing, and I have thereby been suckered in. It's already like 4x funded, by the way -- I'm not telling you about it because I need you to back it, but because I want to share Ooh Pretty Shiny.

This is really cool stuff, and I appreciate how it isn't just "this is how it was" but how the author's taking the time to head off a lot of contemporary perspectives' "but why didn't they just XYZ". I'm also quite reminded of how Covid's impact on the economies caused a lot of folks like me to learn about the downsides of [just in time supply chains](, never mind their efficiencies.

some great halloweeny songs on a great personal website
The whole site is worth checking out, but I think it'd be easy to miss stuff like this that's a page within a topic shrine. And you shouldn't! I'm someone who spends time *every year* looking for Halloween music, and there is still a good helping here of stuff that's new to me.

femicom: femme aesthetic electronics museum
From the [about page]( > FEMICOM Museum is a physical and digital museum and archive dedicated to the preservation and reimagination of femme aesthetics and girlhood within twentieth-century video games, computing, and electronic toys. There is so much energy in these photos! Is it just millennial nostalgia that makes me so jazzed about them?

you may not like it, but this is what peak web design looks like
One thing that probably drew me to this sort of style from a young age was that -- it's a highly refined Internet look that is entirely built up by women and girls trying to impress other women and girls. I love when it goes fully over-the-top because it's saying, *you know what, other nichey girls like me are **worth** trying to outdo. My scene is worth my investment.* The careful attention to detail is a statement of values. Anyway, click around until you get to her art; there's a very cool glitchy oekaki vibe.

a GIF collage of bubbles
Is there a name for this kind of thing? "GIF painting" captures something about how the GIFs are being layered and composited differently from ye olde Geocities, but maybe it should be "collage" to capture the aspects of reuse. Anyway, it's a genre that's taking off on Multiverse and on []( and I find it really interesting. Please feel free to comment with any you've come across and liked; the more artistic hubris evident, the better.

Did anyone else spend a lot of time listening to MIDIs back in the day? Past their proper heyday we still hadn't had internet fast enough to do much in the way of MP3s, so this is a very nostalgic sound for me. A nice pairing for this link is [MIDIjs](, which is now necessary to get a MIDI going on a webpage. H/t [Castle Cyberskull]( on that. art, mostly black and white, mostly pixel
Rather horrorish and yet somehow very reminiscent of those old black and white Macintosh games.

wonderful south african backyard bird webcam
This is delightful! Having a species guide you have to scroll down to consult replicates precisely the experience of staring at a bird as hard as you can, memorizing as much as you can, and then turning to your bird book as soon as it flies away. Seeing the birds from far away also helps create a sense that, well, my area's common birds are still special and particular.

I’d excerpt the relevant gifs from the devil wears prada but let’s just say you’ve seen them already and I don’t have to bother

I’m not sure just because I’m not super familiar with Pants of the Seventies, Eighties, and Nineties? As for the past few years – I wouldn’t think so? I remember when I was in middle school you Had To Have flares or bootcut jeans… then by 2010ish, everything had to be skinny… but it’s mostly stayed like that up to within the last 3-4 years?

I will say, though, pretty much all the jeans I’ve had in those eras have had to have such high stretch content that the fabric doesn’t last long, so that’s definitely a factor in how fast things can turn over. I got some Trendy Huge Wide Leg “dad pants” that are pretty much just cotton and it’s stunning to me how stiff/tough/heavy/inelastic jeans are in their natural form.

Was your blog in English, though?

If you take Internet access…

…and cross reference against English speakers…

…then I think that’s enough explanation, no?

A question meant to provoke contemplation of ethics rarely has one answer, and this certainly doesn’t. “Service” and “utility” are concepts used in the legal system, and are not cleanly inherent to the situations where they’re applied. Legal systems aim to provide clear delineation of liability, but they can’t be considered the be-all and end-all of morality. Rather, when we ask ourselves “has the print shop done something wrong here” we must also consider “should the government allow the print shop to do this? should I shop at a print shop that does this?” etc. etc. as related but separate questions. (“Responsibility” also has a lot of shades by most reckonings)

Does it need to be tackled? I mean, I think it’s a good thing about the reddit ecosystem that you have multiple communities dedicated to the same topic but which have different mod policies, say. To the extent that it can devolve into namesquatting, we can always repo the name later.

Maybe we should ask that there be a point of clarification in the sidebar?

Hey, if you’re getting death threats in PMs please reach out directly to admins. That is not something we tolerate. I am not sure what options like IP bans exist or will exist. We don’t want anybody to be harassed.

You have reported that you received one message from a different account that was rude. You are also in this thread calling people paranoid, so… I will at this time remind everyone that we’re trying not to have Lemmy be a cesspool, so please try to be polite. I am not seeing anyone behave in a way that seems obviously banworthy.

So the protocol is way, way different and massively out of scope to actually reimplement, so it would never make sense to have chugging along within the Lemmy backend server itself.

However, embedding Matrix rooms in webpages is something the Matrix devs want to make more straightforward (Gitter does this nicely and they’re shooting to subsume all of its functionality) so it’s not too hard to imagine some kind of integration with a. a separate Matrix server that gives permissions to b. a Matrix bot to manage creation of new rooms c. UI extensions to show this alongside communities.


Lemmy is deceptively shiny and awesome, but there’s still a lot of way more high-priority stuff that needs doing before this kind of huge feature extension is even discussed seriously, so the devs need to focus on that kind of thing.

Once the Element devs get embedded rooms a bit further down the road, this seems like a really doable project for a motivated Lemmy user to try adding on, though!

Your own server is the one through which you interact with all others. You just talk to it, and then it talks to the other servers.

Yup, the domain name is part of what defines your identity. I would expect that eventually we’ll have more interface options to ensure it’s not too confusing who’s who (especially since there’s your real username and then you can also set a display name) but it’s one of those things that isn’t really a problem until it’s a problem.

Deletions in the fediverse have been a big deal in past. The tl;dr is that your “home” server would send out a “hey delete this” notification to all the other servers. By default they will of course do that, but you can see that it’s conceivable that someone could make a malicious version of server software that wouldn’t.

I am not a dev on the project so I am happy to pitch in answering Qs. :)

Small nit: it’s not like pulling data from each server separately because you can have one user account on one server and vote / comment / post in communities on all the servers using that one same identity.

I have one somewhere but the rotating mechanism often strikes me subconsciously as a lack of it feels like the lead is rattling around (even though it isn’t)