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It is planned to make the filter work better with other languages when there’s proper language support. If it can be made to work with more context sensitivity, the devs are open to that – but it’s played a really important role in keeping Lemmy a friendly place just because of the kind of people it’s scared off, so I wouldn’t expect it to be made way more permissive in some way that would be attractive to the grosser parts of the internet.

So as @PP44 is saying, it’s open source. The devs work to make sure that anyone can set it up straightforwardly to run with their own modifications, not just the main version – and that means modifying the slur filter is also supposed to be straightforward, even though it’s not encouraged. There isn’t actual moderation on the whole platform per se, since two instances can federate even if one has no slur filter. There are lots of “points” to federated stuff, though, so the existence of a slur filter works well to help keep Lemmy from attracting the cesspool-types while still enjoying those other benefits.

it’s sort of criminal that we don’t learn in school how buildings are made, even a little. if my parents hadn’t both worked construction I wouldn’t even know the little I know. this is one area where newer building codes may have driven up the cost of construction, but with the result that the flims…

I love everything about these except that there’s no safety testing, which seems like should be necessary somewhere in between that for a bicycle and that for a car. They’re so cute! They don’t contribute to urban air pollution! They’re so much more efficient than larger vehicles!..


this is the only kind of Gatorade I’ll drink. whether you are hungover or just sick, it is both refreshing and comforting. I think the trick is that Gatorade is pretty salty, which I normally find kinda gross, but lime and salt and cucumber go so well that it doesn’t matter that it’s also really sweet.

Explains nicely how they’re chosen for visual subtlety but how they are actually less practical for superhero antics than a chunk heel. …

wouldn’t it be nice if there were a way to disable the link preview picture =_=

what speech-adjacent stuff is a necessary part of freedom of speech?

First, a disclaimer: I work somewhere that is relevant to this topic1 so I want to be extra clear that I am only communicating my personal views. …

some day I would like to see an interview clip with him where it gets into just how much tesla only exists because of government credits. bonus points if it’s clear he didn’t actually found it or spacex

No bots on any community on this, the main instance. It’s part of the vision for lemmy for people to not have the bot heavy experience of Reddit. However, this instance can federate with other instances that do have bots so people like you and I who do want that content can subscribe to communities hosted there.

I think mirroring comments is not a good idea because if someone puts a lot of effort into writing a comment, that content needs to still be within their control… and if someone is trying to delete stuff to retain privacy or something, it’s always pretty sketchy to keep up something that isn’t newsworthy or from a public figure.

so, admin hat on for a minute, bot posting is not allowed on the main instance, BUT… I personally think this kind of thing would be great in some form on another instance. some caveats, again coming from my personal views:

  • link posts only to not steal written content? it sucks to miss some of the stuff where the best part is answers in the comments, but that also would need people to go back to reddit to consume, and there are a decent number of people here who have left reddit intentionally and would probably get annoyed.
  • limiting the rate would be key; I believe there were some automated news stories being posted that had to rate limit to not drown everything else on the network out. this will not be a thing forever, just while we’re still smaller.
  • I’m not sure how you’d choose what subreddits to propagate over. if you end up building something and being selective about it, please consider making the code and tooling available so someone else can choose a different set

I have no idea what the mod story should be except that it is relatively less important now, while the site is still not huge, but will become extremely important once we get to the point where large communities are their own fiefdoms and whatever other nonsense is going on over there on Reddit.

yup, top 5 or so by some metric and then a link to the full list.

should you subscribe to high-volume RSS feeds?

This link argues no. I would argue yes, because of a technical solution and a phenomenon I’ve observed. …

they definitely could be bolder, for sure. I think I’m mostly psyched because they’re doing a renaissancey blend with your standard contemporary Couture Gown… but it doesn’t end up looking like Khaleesi’s Going Out Top. maybe my standard is too low?

I liked the energy of this one for reasons I can’t verbalize:

And I both liked the Pietro Ruffo images and am a sucker for a good custom textile, so these worked for me:

dior's ss 2021 collection is tarot inspired

My god. Maria Grazia Chiuri really came in here and said “we are going to destroy Dolce & Gabbana at their own game. Bottega Veneta? Bottega who?” …

I have no idea how I will live without roof-molding integrated lighting fixtures from now on. In my ignorance, I could be happy… …

All that matters is your work. No, not absolutely all. Because you mustn’t treat yourself as a person so harshly. It’s all inverted conceit, in an odd sort of way. Look OUTWARD, my dear child. Don’t muck about picking at your entrails, and shitting on yourself. Your work is more important than you…

We lived across the country from one side, and there were some other factors, but if we speak of the general case…

I think this has a lot to do with how women have historically been expected to manage the social life of the family, but now there are more expectations about “you’re responsible for planning to see your side of the family” even though men perhaps don’t acquire those skills or prioritize that work.

Also I think it varies by culture whether a woman is expected to involve her mother-in-law vs. her own mother a lot when she herself has a child. Child-rearing structures a lot of the internal life of a family, and who gets pulled in to assist matters a lot. My mother always alluded approvingly to the Korean practice of a woman moving back in with her mom around the time of birth where the new grandmother would assume the household work that the new mom couldn’t do Because Birth. On the one hand, it seems ludicrous that the man can’t step up even temporarily for that stuff (and comes to be fed! by the wife’s mother!!), but makes more sense once you realize how much knowledge of how to deal with an infant has to be passed on informally to a new parent.

This is really interesting. Particularly:

Third, and related to this, it may be that misidentifications of working-class identity reflect the role of extended family histories in shaping people’s class identities. Most lay people, and indeed sociologists of class, tend to assume that people’s self-understanding is strongly shaped by personally experienced events, especially during their upbringing (Bourdieu, 1984; Goldthorpe, 1980). They also assume that the dispositions inculcated via primary socialisation are dependent on the economic, cultural and social resources (or capitals) that flow from parents’ class destination. This ‘two-generation view of the world’ dominates work on class identity and indeed the wider field of social stratification (Mare, 2011).

Yet a strand of work in social psychology pioneered by Robyn Fivush (Fivush et al., 2008; Merrill and Fivush, 2016) challenges this idea that self-understanding is tied to autobiographical memory. This work emphasises a more ‘temporally extended self’ that is still guided by parents but is informed by stories of their lives before they had children, of their own childhoods and those of their extended families. These kinds of family stories provide a historical context for children, informing them of how they fit into a ‘larger life framework’ and family identity constructed across historical time. In fact, such family reminiscing leads to what they call an ‘intergenerational self’ anchored ‘as much by one’s place in a familial history as a personal past’ (Fivush et al., 2008: 131). In this way, supposed misidentifications of class may in fact reflect perfectly accurate readings of one’s class history, just premised on multigenerational family histories.

This has always felt like why my own class background feels pretty tangled up, and in the opposite way. My mother is very educated and her family was solidly in the middle class. However, when I was growing up, my dad was a construction worker who became disabled, my mom homeschooled me and my sibling, and my “personally experienced events” were shaped by (varyingly severe) poverty. If you told the story of “how hard was it for your mother and father to make sure you could get to the doctor when you were a kid?” you would get a pretty hard-scrabble narrative. However, my mother educated us like little princelings, and we were taught all the middle-class social graces that enable getting around with people of that set. Compare me to someone else of similar family income who didn’t have those class advantages and you see a very uneven playing field.

That isn’t to say that it isn’t myth-making when people lean on “well my grandfather didn’t have money”, but class is really thick and complicated and more than a year’s tax returns.

No, normally it means

you also see it in the context of “Side A did a really bad thing, but Side B rounded some numbers when giving a speech, so Both Sides are to blame” or

the article :) I only see a couple of people from kolektiva ever RTed onto my timeline so can’t speak to that yet

I mean I almost count as one, I think there are super good reasons to limit free speech! A lot of the time! But wow is this bad coverage when we already see so much internet regulation based on fundamental lack of understanding of how internet works, you know?

I was ready for it to be bad and it wasn’t

The context: a Canadian woman makes up stuff on the internet trying to damage people she thinks have harmed her and to damage family and associates of those people. She has mental health problems (according to her family and court filings) and has been brought into court over her posting. The stuff …

HI! I wrote a comment in answer that got long enough that I put it on my site :)

christine dodrill asks if social media was a mistake

This is really well written and good and I’m going to pull out bits and be nitty about them because they provoked thoughts, but not because they’re intended to be parts of some kind of refutation. …

It turns out I’d linked to something really outdated and what’s been done since is so great that I just have to share again. …

It’s very interesting to me how neatly this matches up to my generation’s dreams about all living in a forest together. It boils down to a pretty harsh indictment of America’s suburban design, doesn’t it? Like… houses that aren’t bigger than people need. Enough garde…

benedict evans is importantly wrong about publishers and governance

This is not a ‘publisher’, in the sense that a newspaper or radio station are publishers - or if it is, then we’ve stretched the word ‘publisher’ so far as to become meaningless. A human editor chooses ten stories for the front page of a newspaper, and ten stories for the 9 o’clock news, but there…