How to celebrate Mabon | Ideas & Rituals for the Autumn Equinox
#mabon #autumnequinox #witchcraftHi, my lovely witches, pagan and Wiccan friends!Today you can celebrate the autumn equinox with me. Now what is Mabon in its...

This is such a lovely video! I’m going to go and watch more of her stuff – exactly the sort of “lifestyle content” I never seem to find. Friendly energy, syncretic bits of practice and fact, beautiful shots of nature, and some hands-on advice: love it.

  • cultural appropriation from exploited peoples will be moderated with gusto, but do not cry to the mod about a non-Italian getting into stregheria or a non-Scandinavian casting runes
  • linking to an Etsy once or so is fine, but no spam
  • please don’t promote the arbitrary use of endangered species (e.g., palo santo that’s Bulnesia sarmientoi) by modern practitioners
  • some people’s practice is religious, some people’s practice is secular, let’s all be respectful
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