Mentions in comments
Why when I mention users with @, it don't generate mention in metadata, and said usertags aren't clickable. Like in Mastodon. For example: @winnie @winnie@lemmy.m For example here: Is it intended, or not yet implemented?

Lemmy shows how Fediverse-connected message boards can work. So is it time for a Fediverse-connected general purpose message board platform (like phpBB)? Is anyone working on this?
I'll elaborate on my thoughts further in my reply below, but I'm keen to hear what everyone thinks of this concept

In a new video on Urbanists.Video, the Heartland Urbanist explores the unique challenges train travellers face when trying to travel interstate using Amtrak.

Passwords! Let’s build the biggest list for users here
As a title says, I have seen in comments people sharing passwords lets make it more complex. Before @Phobe aka chess links shut down his page. There was pretty good list, I added a few entries from the telegram and this is my list, I would love to get some new ones if You have some / cracked or found! : * #{Slay}$[Satan] *-immortal- * 2020 * 2021 *2022 * @Chess_Art1 * @VChess * AlekhineFTW * alira123 * bored-stiff * boredstiff * cAm7)Br>s*!`5hyg;9^M * CEruska * chess *chessnetwork * chitaiwentaway * Contact @Drhutcheklai On Telegram * Contact @Drhutcheklai On Telegram for new Materials * cSKFPzwJCu7QlLyDzfxr * deep4immortal * deep4immortalchess * DontFeedLeechers! * DontFeedLeechers!GetDirectLinksFromImmortalChessForum! * doom86668 * F.;(S8PF7e+bKuYY * french * garrychess * GetDirectLinksFromImmortalChessForum! * Holzkobb * ICF * IMC * imm0rtal * imm0rtal99 * Imm0rtalIsB4ck! * imm@rtal * Imm@rtal * Imm@rtal99 * imm@rtal99 * immo0Ortal * immortal * Immortal * immortal! * immortal-chess-forum * immortal99 * Immortal2022() * ImmortalChess * immortalchess * immortalchess! * immortalchessforum * ImmortalChessForum * immortalisforever * ImmortalManuella * ImmortalSharingIsCaring * immortal_chess * JalilWarraich * legend * misha * notforleechers * NxWe[C5(@+Qz$_D9 * Phoenix * P+5P$FCc$-7_&ZgA * rebird * rebirth * Share_the_file_not_the_links * SharingIsCaring * simplepassword * Simplicity * S Legend * THANK YOU * THANK YOU VERY MUCH * TheIceberg3%71iNf## * The Resistance * trigger * Uploaded-by-KNIGHT * UQB-%3.)Mz$hjn6t'Fx * v]_yt/Y<_p}h4(72 * we-are-all-immortal * WeAreImmortal! * WeAreIMMORTAL!!! * WelcomeBackToImmortalChessForum * TheBerlinGuyTeaching1.e4 * SigmaMaleGrindset * Chess4all

NIC Yearbook Collection
As NIC shutdowned them some time ago, I would love to collect them all is someone in possesion?

… It comes after a period of decline for McLaren, which has seen the team finish third in 2020, fourth in 2021 and fifth in 2022. After two races in 2023, they have yet to score a point. No surprised pikachu face.

In oral arguments Tuesday, the U.S. Forest Service said it was nearing completion of an environmental impact study that will transfer land east of Phoenix to two of the world’s largest mining companies for the purpose of building one of the largest copper mines on the planet. The massive project will hinge on the destruction of Chi’chil Bi?dagoteel, a mountain otherwise known as Oak Flat, that is sacred to many Native American tribes, particularly the San Carlos Apache, who consider the area among their most holy of sites.

How fake news is created.
To protect its market share, Facebook has hired a lobbying firm to demonize TikTok. A company called Targeted Victory pays people to write op-eds in prominent newspapers; and recruits pay-for-play politicians to hype security threat of the “Communist China”.

Russia cannot meet arms delivery commitments because of war, Indian Air Force says