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We are happy to see that many of you are exploring Lemmy after Reddit announced changes to its API policy. I maintain this project alongside []( Lemmy is similar to Reddit in many ways, but there is also a major difference: Its not only a single website, but consists of many different websites which are interconnected through federation. This is achieved with the ActivityPub protocol which is also used by Mastodon. It means that you can sign up on any Lemmy instance to interact with users and communities on other instances. The project website has a [list of instances]( which all have their own rules and administrators. We recommend that you sign up on one of them, to avoid overt centralization on Another difference compared to Reddit is that Lemmy is open source, and not funded by any company. For this reason it relies on volunteer work to make the project better, whether it's programming, design, documentation, translating, reporting issues or others. See the [contributing guide]( to get started. You can also [donate]( to support development. We also recommend that you read the [documentation]( It explains how Lemmy works and how to setup your own Lemmy instance. Running an instance gives you full control over the rules and moderation, and prevents us developers from having any influence. Especially large communities that want to use Lemmy should host their own instance, because existing Lemmy instances would easily be overwhelmed by a large number of new users. Enjoy your time here! If you have any questions, feel free to ask below or in the [Matrix chat](

Mullvad will removed port forwarding from their app.

This book was compelling to read not because of any sense of mystery, of which there is some, but because I wanted to learn more about what the characters were thinking as the author cycled through all their different perspectives.

recommended iptv providers
Are there recommended iptv providers by users?

Exploring Transgender Law and Politics Catharine A. MacKinnon For the first time in over thirty years, it makes sense to me to reconsider what feminism means. Trans people have been illuminating sex and gender in new and insightful ways. And for some time, escalating since 2004 with the proposed revisions in the UK Gender Recognition Act,[1] a substantial cohort of self-identified feminists have opposed trans peoples’ existence as trans.[2] Male power, which seldom takes seriously anything feminists say, has weaponized the feminist critique against trans people in both the US and the UK.[3] In the process, many issues central to the status of the sexes have been newly opened or sharpened; many are unresolved. I hope to learn from our discussion. My thoughts are provisional and could be subtitled “what I’ve learned so far.”

Feds Pause Progress of Mine that Will Destroy Sacred Indigenous Site
The federal government has temporarily halted plans to construct a copper mine on sacred Indigenous land in Arizona known as Oak Flat, citing an error in oral arguments made at a March hearing.

Debt Ceiling Agreement Improved, But Harmful Provisions Remain
The agreement puts hundreds of thousands of older adults aged 50-54 at risk of losing food assistance. While the debt ceiling agreement announced last night is a significant improvement over the radical House bill, it is not the deal the country deserves. There are a number of troubling elements, including the provision that will put at risk food assistance for very low-income older adults. This policy will increase hunger and poverty among that group, runs contrary to our nation’s values, and should be rejected. The nation must pay its bills, but that shouldn’t mean enacting legislation that leaves people who already struggle to afford the basics worse off.

The Human Consequences of Economic Sanctions
The Center for Economic and Policy Research brought together leading experts in the study of economic sanctions to help to answer a critical, but often-ignored, question: What are the human consequences of US economic sanctions? Assessing a wide range of evidence, the findings of our panelists were unanimous: economic sanctions, even when touted as targeted, often have widespread deleterious effects on entire national economies, and therefore severely harm millions of everyday people.

I don't quite get it. Are things like [#newpipe]( or [#invidious]( legal or not? Wouldn't [#YouTube]( do everything to stop such services? [@newpipe](

New “BP Sickness” Develops in Oil Clean Up Workers
The workers that helped save the Gulf Coast after the Deepwater Horizon oil spill disaster are now developing illnesses that they say is a direct result of the work they performed. The companies responsible don’t want to help them, even though these workers did the dirty work to clean up after BP and the others involved.

Taiwan Says It’s in Talks on Being Brought Under US Nuclear Umbrella
Taiwan’s foreign minister said last week that the US and Taiwan are in talks on the possibility of the island being brought under Washington’s nuclear umbrella, a step that would make a catastrophic war between the US and China much more likely. Responds to U.S. Congress’ Egregious Debt Ceiling Bill “Compromise”
1 Responds to U.S. Congress’ Egregious Debt Ceiling Bill “Compromise”

Here’s one for the #timberwolffoundation and hey @librewolf How about this for a new @logo ?? [#paintbynumber](h
Here's one for the [#timberwolffoundation]( and hey [@librewolf]( How about this for a new @logo ?? [#paintbynumber]( [#ilovethisapp](
Here’s one for the #timberwolffoundation and hey @librewolf How about this for a new @logo ?? [#paintbynumber](h

[meta] Use a community icon
Every time I come across a [!golang]( post I feel like a proper icon is missing. I mean, why not? Other programming communities already have theirs, and, in my opinion, we have the best and cutest mascot of them all, so why not use it? I would propose we use the [classic standing gopher]( There is a [free gophers]( collection as well. Both are licensed under Creative Commons 3.0 and CC0, respectively. []( and [](, any thoughts on this?

Introduction to Flashpoint
In 2017, Adobe announced that it would end support for the Flash plug-in at the end of 2020. With this announcement came similar ones from browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, and Edge stating they would all cease support for Flash around the same timeframe. Flash, of course, was the basis for a lot of web games in the 2000s and early 2010s, and helped bring many talented game developers into the spotlight. It also paved way for many talented animators to reach and impact a wide audience. In early 2018, BlueMaxima decided to start an archival project to save as much Flash games as possible, and since then it has grown to an effort of hundreds of individuals over the years to preserve not just Flash, but web games and interactives dating as early as 1994. Since the start of the project, Flashpoint has grown to include over 150,000 games and 25,000 animations, with that number growing with each release. If you wish to see what's included in the archive, feel free to use the search tool [here](, or feel free to join [our Discord]( for other questions or simply to hang out

Invidious Support
More and more frequently i stumble across links to various Invidious instances. Instead of opening the link with NewPipe it gets opened in the browser. Which is not as bad of an experience as YouTube but still a worse experience than watching the video in NewPipe. TL;DR: Is there a way to make NewPipe open links from various Invidious instances?

An article detailing how workers at Daikin Comfort Technologies are unionizing.

A good breakdown of the election results in Alberta, and what's to be expected going forward.


Wave of Lawsuits Against US Gun Makers
Campaigners take legal route after success against big tobacco and other industries led to change. As America’s gun crisis shows no sign of abating, there is some hope for reducing the number of mass shootings and killings. The emerging wave of lawsuits against gun makers echoes previous successes against the car industry, opioid companies and big tobacco.

@newpipe Habe keine Probleme mit Newpipe, auch keine Komfortwünsche. Habe vorallem eine Möglichkeit einen großen Bogen um YouTube/Google zu machen.
[@newpipe]( Habe keine Probleme mit Newpipe, auch keine Komfortwünsche. Habe vorallem eine Möglichkeit einen großen Bogen um YouTube/Google zu machen.
@newpipe Habe keine Probleme mit Newpipe, auch keine Komfortwünsche. Habe vorallem eine Möglichkeit einen großen Bogen um YouTube/Google zu machen.