Best Custom printing sticker shops?
Looking for a good custom printing sticker shop that makes high quality weather resistant stickers for the outside of windows.





How to reverse engineer a torrent from a file?
Hi, I've got a file that I torrented (Linux distro .mkv). My goal is to seed that file again. I do not have the original torrent file anymore because I broke my server (multiple times) and lost data. Is there a tool that searches for the right torrent? The tool should create a hash and compare the file's hash with all the hashes of all the linux torrents from the sites I use. That's at least how I imagine such a tool would work. I got the torrent from a good private tracker and I was able to redownload the torrent file for that file but others were from public sources I can't find.

SEO Agency
An [SEO agency]( is a company that specializes in providing search engine optimization (SEO) services to other businesses. These services typically involve helping businesses improve their ranking on search engines like Google, which can help them attract more organic traffic to their website. This can be done through a combination of on-page optimization (making sure a website's content and structure is optimized for search engines) and off-page optimization (building high-quality backlinks to a website from other reputable websites). An SEO agency can also provide other services, such as keyword research and analysis, content creation, and technical SEO audits. The goal of an SEO agency is to help businesses improve their visibility and ranking on search engines, which can lead to increased organic traffic and potential growth.

Do not wordle today! Do not cross the picket line!
NYT guild is striking.