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Solid advice tbh

What is your absolute favorite FOSS game?

Like if you had to choose just one, which one would it be?..

How safe is it to use ublock origin when using tor?

Anyone have any good information on using ublock origin with tor browser? Does it compromise my anonymity? …

Is Lemmy gaining or losing active users over time?

I’m new here, so I’d like to know if this project is growing steadily or not really catching on. It has a lot of potentioal imho, but I understand how hard it is to make people use “alternative” websites…

an HTML webcomic site template suitable for static hosting

Gosh I love resources like this! It’s so neat that people are sharing resources that make tech more accessible to folks with less technical experience. I have a layout I need to finish up and offer publicly to help people use HTML and CSS to lay out half-page zines… but I gotta make something with…

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What you think of the Brave search engine?

For me, for now, it works good, i barely miss google at all. At the begining i was a little suspicious, since i got no results about the Brendan Eich homophobic comments that made him get out of Firefox, but I recently searched the same topic on brave search and all of the news are there. …

This is a bug fix release…

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