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Community Names vs. Titles

Currently, whenever a community is shown (e.g. under a post or on the main page sidebar), it always shows the full title with spaces, etc. Is there a way to toggle a setting somewhere to replace these titles with just the name identifier? I didn’t see anywhere in settings. …

Catchpoint migration

Hi, support team! …


Comments and upvotes not syncing across instances

I have an open allow list on my instance and I posted something to lemmy.ml, but I can’t see the comment posted on it from my instance. …

NSFW and Post button too close together.

I mostly post URLs and when I first write a title, which I tend to do, and then paste the URL, the post button jumps down around the same time I try to press the post button when the system retrieves the title of the webpage and adds this as a title option. …

Trouble with getting instance federated

I have gone ahead and added …

Need help setting up an instance on VPS

Hello, I am having trouble using ansible to setup an instance of lemmy. I’m not too sure if the ansible stuff needs to be run on local pc rather than VPS? I assume its on VPS. I am following the documentation over at https://join-lemmy.org/docs/en/administration/install_ansible.html

How is lemmy.ml leftist?

According to dev.lemmy.ml/instances, the lemmy.ml instance is “A community of leftist privacy and FOSS enthusiasts, run by Lemmy’s developers.” What does that mean, and how is it enforced? Will right-wing but still-reasonable communities be taken down? Does the same apply for posts? What makes a com…


Staged Deployment

Feasible? Is there a way to set up a stage instance mirrored with a live instance to test updates, bug fixes, themes, etc. before pushing them to the live instance?..

See the linked Lemmy comment. The site name “bit-chute”, but written without the dash is substituted with “removedute”…

Wrong URL termination in several posts in Lemmy

I don’t know if it is a tendency in Lemmy but I have started to see that several new posts in Lemmy finish with the “?” symbol without sense, like when you make a request in a form…

Not seeing some posts from my instance

I’m subscribed to !opensource@lemmy.ml and have been for a few days now, but I can’t see this post even though the OP is a member of lemmy.ml and they created the post 5 hours ago. Is this a bug or am I missing something? …

Can I create a community on a different instance?

As far as I understood, Lemmygrad, where my account is, is specifically for leftist content, while lemmy.ml is for generic discussions. I’m interested in creating a community about Blender (the software), which would fit better on lemmy.ml. …

Add some OpenGraph meta to join-lemmy.org

Just shared some Ideas for federating Lemmy to the Fediverse and noticed that the site at https://join-lemmy.org does not contain any OpenGraph metadata, so a link preview wasn’t generated. Should be easy to add something that depicts the nice Lemmy logo for shared lin…

so I was reading this thread, and I noticed I could read the comment by @gun@lemmy.ml , while I knew they had deleted the comment. on the other hand, the comment by @Travis Skaalgrad was displayed as deleted, which I knew was incorrect. so I checked a few more time…


Hello Lemmy devs or maintainers! …

Is there no way to enable Google adsense?

I have a separate instance, but I do not see a way to enable adsense, and have no idea how to access the <head> parts of my html…

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