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feddit.de and lemmy.ml federation problems

if I sort posts by ‘New’ on feddit.de and lemmy.ml I see that a lot of posts don’t federate to feddit.de. Some posts I understand don’t reach us because nobody follows the sublemmy, but this seems to happen to ~50% of posts with sublemmies that I follow as well. …

Ansible error

I’m trying to set up a lemmy instance and have followed the guide here: https://github.com/LemmyNet/lemmy-ansible I am able to connect via ssh to my digitalocean server, however when running the ansible playbook I get this error…


How get listed there?

How can I list my instance, collapse.cat, at https://join-lemmy.org/instances ?..

ISSUE: Broken documentation links

Links to Moderation Guide and configuration file here are broken: …

How to follow a lemmy user from mastodon?

So I tried to follow myself from @musicmatze@musicmatze@mastodon.technology here, but I somehow need to approve the follow request on the lemmy side… but I don’t see how I can do this… …

Incorrectly banned

Hey guys, I signed up to celebrate my home country of Taiwan and talk to other English speaking Taiwanese people there. and my account was banned. In the mod log it says I was an alt account with chinanumberone, my user name was taiwannumba1. …

Incorrectly banned

How to subscribe to a post?

Ho do I subscribe to a post?..

Can't run lemmy-ui in dev mode extension error

Anyone else try to run lemmy-ui in developer mode and get the error: …

Translation is inconsistent

I have been translating into Korean for several months. I get ideas from some users and some are modified…

Only getting seeing posts from ~13 hours ago at any time

My instance is subscribed to a few lemmy.ml communities and I’m only seeing content after it’s been up around 13 hours. …

Is there any possibility of adding support for the Open Graph protocol? I don’t have the coding skills to do it, but would contribute financially if that can help make it happen…


Community Names vs. Titles

Currently, whenever a community is shown (e.g. under a post or on the main page sidebar), it always shows the full title with spaces, etc. Is there a way to toggle a setting somewhere to replace these titles with just the name identifier? I didn’t see anywhere in settings. …

Catchpoint migration

Hi, support team! …

Comments and upvotes not syncing across instances

I have an open allow list on my instance and I posted something to lemmy.ml, but I can’t see the comment posted on it from my instance. …

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