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XPost:'s SSL cert just expired - Lemmy

Posting here in case the post in the main Lemmy community isn’t noticed. …

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Soy nuevo y pregunto esta tontera

¿ Cómo hago para que al a lado de mi nombre salga la URL de mi blog ?..

Limit per day of postings when a member is spamming news

I’m seeing a lot of spam created news probably with the op just copy content without read it before post, so a 5 max post a day would be nice on those guys …

Can we do something about the Glasgow instance?

It’s filling up All with blog spam. I remember this came up a while ago, but don’t remember if it got resolved…

Small problem with applying themes to the website

I noticed that when a theme (“Darkly”, in my case) is applied after clicking “save” and then the user clicks somewhere else, for instance on “Communities”, the page becomes white again. One must refresh the page for the dark theme to be applied and become permanent. It’s not a big deal to me but som…

[suggestion] Alphabetical sorting

Hi. Can you make the list of communities ( to be able to be sorted alphabetically? I wanted to view all of them alphabetically but when I clicked “Name”, nothing happened. Alphabetical sorting should include ascending and descending order and that applies for the other …

What happened to my post?

I posted a meme to c/memes the other day. It got like 6 upvotes and then later disappeared. If it got removed by the mods then whatever but I thought it would still show up in my post history just marked as removed…

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How to report spam?

There is a spam post in c/communism. (It also seems kinda racist). How do I report it (and the account which posted it) to a moderator?..


Is there a way to filter communities from all?

I like browsing all rather than local or subscribed because then I see posts from new communities I wasn’t previously aware of. But there are some communities I know I am never going to be interested in, I would like to filter these out. …

how to change account username?

I want to change my account username, but I see no option other than “delete account”, :( …

How does federation work?

I subscribed to ! on my own instance, created a post and it shows up only on my instance. How is federation supposed to work? Should the post be posted to …


Account login problems

Hi, clockwise_bit here. …

Is moving communities from instances possible?

I was wondering if moving communities from instances possible. I wonder this bcs in case one day I get my own instance and wanna move my communities…

Search for a community requires ! in front. Is that really necessary?

On, I click Communities then in the search box I type “” and click the Search button. The response is “No results.”. …

Getting thumbnails from external websites to show up

I am having trouble getting thumbnails from external websites (such as from youtube videos) to show up in my instance. …

Error when building Lemmy on Debian 10 + workaround

When following the instructions here:, and doing cargo check, it seemed to proceed just fine until it compiles object v0.23.0. There it gave several error messages of the form: error[E0658]: subslice patterns are unstable and st…

Support / questions about Lemmy.

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