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Move these to the github issue, or open a new one.


Delete this now. Don’t ever doxx yourself on the internet, 4chan trolls will find you.

I’ll comment on the issue.

All mod / admin actions are done on comments or posts, behind the 3 dot menu. We do need to add docs for that tho, ur right.

Same, fish is my fav. Fish + starship is a really great combo for terms.

Sure, that’d be fine.

do you feel that it’s actually that much more efficient (like their gh page says) than, say dvorak, or it is hard/too early to tell?

Hard to say… I’m fairly sold on it because it uses both real world hand distance measurements, and a genetic algorithm to not only find the best keyboard layout possible, but to score existing ones. Its def more comfortable than dvorak or qwerty, but I also haven’t tried colemak-dh or some of the other ones ppl like a lot.

The main thing I’ve learned is that while these alternate layouts don’t make you type faster, they do make things more comfortable.

WebRTC is the best protocol for this, its direct device to device communication. What was missing was an app / client to route people together. Matrix and its clients like element do this for you. I use it for calls all the time.

Very impressive. How do you practice?

Ya just keyboard. Did dvorak for about 3 years, got up to 50 with that, now I’m on halmak.

Not sure… I’ll talk to the other admins. I think it might be okay if it were limited to its own community so people could block it if they want, like /c/rust_job_postings.

About 50 after 6 months or so on a new keyboard layout.

I have a pull request out now to fix this, so it’ll likely be in the next release.

People ( especially more vulnerable people like the elderly, or those in hospitals ) die when electricity grids go down for even a few hours.

The graphic doesn’t show matrix or xmpp, probably because there isn’t much they can do about them, especially if they aren’t hosted in the US.

I’m not a big fan of memory-only stores, but I believe sled is entirely in memory. is that correct? Its key-value, so not SQL-like, so maybe not the best for your use case.

I do really recommend using sqlite, or if its server-based, postgres. These aren’t written in rust obvi but they have great performance, and there are plenty of rust libraries to talk to them.

Also if your use case is storing text-documents, I def would not use a memory store.

Vim or neovim, and coc.nvim. It turns vim into a full ide for nearly every language.

He recently made a post in /c/linux and i am unable to comment on the post of any of the comments to the post.

Yep sorry, this is a current bug related to blocking I still have to fix:

But if they banned you from their community, you won’t be able to comment there. And if they blocked you, you obvi can’t pm them. I don’t know if’s behavior is banworthy or anything, it is his community. I’d just create alternate communities and block him or his community so it doesn’t show up on your feed.

Done, but ya it’d be better to focus on one, and delete the other.

I find myself using them on pretty much every platform that has them: matrix, masto, discord, etc. …

Post and Comment emoji reactions, yay or nay?

Today is an exciting day for the Lemmy project. …

Used to do this with vim macros for lemmy, but a shell script is better…

Nova launcher, whicons, energy ring…



Currently it blanks out the content ( IE the post title, etc ) when you go to a mod removed post, but you will still see the title in the modlog. …


Since our last release earlier this month, we’ve had ~30 commits to Lemmy. …