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toFuck CarsWasted light
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You always see car dealerships do this too, to advertise all the cars they’re not selling. Such a waste of energy and pointless light pollution.

That to me is a very necessary feature, for at least two reasons.

  • Internationalization: URLs are always latin chars, which would exclude any non-latin community or usernames.
  • More complex community names. You can see how ridiculous reddit community names can get, because they don’t allow spaces or non-latin characters, in either community or usernames. Spaces specifically is a necessary one for both, and URLs wouldn’t permit that.

Two rules, 1 and 2, specfically Misogyny and Trolling, and it was reported for such.

The same person who posted Do you think men are becoming more beta nowadays?, and why don’t you expletive fat girls??? created an askawoman community. Use another server to make blatantly misogynist troll communities.

#2 is fixed in the next release btw.

What does #1 mean?

Yeah I think so, but I have no idea how “trust” works in IPFS.

In torrents, you have to explicitly be seeding that torrent: if you don’t want to seed the file(s), you remove the torrent. With IPFS I think people can just throw whatever in there.

Jellyfin has an opensubtitles plugin that does a good job of finding subtitles in any given language.

Now you know why there needs to be a decentralized picture storage hosting that works for the web, in the same way torrents do for even larger data like video.

You have tons of servers hosting the exact same pictures needlessly while sharing none of the hosting costs.

Pictures should be working smoothly now.
All the old pictures are restored from a backup, and should be working now. We've bought more hard drive space too, so we should be okay for a while.

Okay, old pictures should be back now.

Probably not, that would mean two separate pict-rs instances for a single lemmy instance.

Toki Ma to Emoji Translator
[Source code](

We bought some extra hard drive space and are in the process of uploading the backed up pictures. Should be fixed within a few days.

Lemmy Release v0.16.7 - A few bug fixes
A few bug fixes: - Fix missing auth on new post refresh. ([#764]( - Change CSP rule for connect-src (websocket) to wildcard (fixes [#730]( ([#737]( - Increase default search rate limit. ([#2424]( - Rejected federated pm from blocked users (fixes [#2398]( ([#2408]( - Handle Like, Undo/Like activities from Mastodon, add tests (fixes [#2378]( ([#2380]( - Revert "Handle Like, Undo/Like activities from Mastodon, add tests (fixes [#2378]( ([#2380](" - Handle Like, Undo/Like activities from Mastodon, add tests (fixes [#2378]( ([#2380]( - Dont allow login if account is banned or deleted (fixes [#2372]( ([#2374]( - Fix panics in search_by_apub_id() (fixes [#2371]( ([#2373](

Sry just logging on now. I banned a couple of the transphobes, and the main one banned himself before I got a chance to do so. I made a bunch of recommendations for how to fix this systemically in our admin chat. Some of them here:

  1. We need to ban transphobes here faster (no bigotry is already in our sidebar, but for some reason transphobia isn’t explicitly named, so I’m gonna try to add that).
  2. We should consider people’s activity outside this instance when deciding whether to ban. Looking at it now, its silly to not consider a person’s full internet persona. Not that we need to have foreknowledge of what they’ve done, but when things are brought to our attention, we need to act on them.
  3. Me and nutomic need to do less moderating, and more coding. Even tho this is the dev instance, we need to have some more separation between ppl coding for lemmy, and those moderating it. Moderating is a much worse use of our time anyway than coding or fixing things.
  4. We need to appoint more moderators, because its clear these things weren’t attended to quickly enough.

Also I apologize for not getting to these things quickly enough, and want to thank you, ,, and everyone else for your work in that thread yesterday.


toki ma homepage

An Anki deck of toki ma + emojis
Created this to help memorize the vocab.

Welcome to Lemmy, I'm one of the devs and admins for this instance. Being pro-piracy, and allowing torrent magnet links 🏴‍☠️ , is one of the original reasons I started working on lemmy ( even a lot of the better reddit alts refuse to allow magnet links, or be pirate-friendly). One of the best ways to keep the stream alive, is by decentralizing the ways we find and access content. Torrents do this directly for data, but I hope that lemmy, as a federated reddit alternative, can eventually serve as a platform to aggregate, post, and comment on pirated data in a decentralized way. [More info about Lemmy including docs, how federation works, and a good onboarding site.]( Welcome aboard!

Lemmy Release v0.16.6 - A few bug fixes
Sry for not announcing sooner.

* Reverting back to old markdown renderer. Was much better overall. by @dessalines in * Debounce search box input. Fixes #154 by @dessalines in * Ability to delete posts and comments. Fixes #152 by @dessalines in * Comment tree rework 1 by @dessalines in **Full Changelog**:

## What is Lemmy? Lemmy is a self-hosted social link aggregation and discussion platform. It is completely free and open, and not controlled by any company. This means that there is no advertising, tracking, or secret algorithms. Content is organized into communities, so it is easy to subscribe to topics that you are interested in, and ignore others. Voting is used to bring the most interesting items to the top. ## Major Changes A full list of fixes is below, but this patch release includes federation compatibility and bug fixes, as well as fixing vulnerabilities in our websocket rate limiting. ## Upgrade notes Besides the addition of a [search rate limit to the lemmy.hjson](, there are no config or API changes. Follow the [Docker or Ansible upgrade instructions here.]( ## Support development We (@dessalines and @nutomic) have been working full-time on Lemmy for almost two years. This is largely thanks to support from [NLnet foundation]( If you would like to support our efforts, please consider [donating]( If you'd like to support development, and make sure that we will always be available to work full time on Lemmy, consider [donating to support its development]( We've spent hundreds of hours on Lemmy, and would like to be able to add more developers to our little open-source co-op as time goes on. ## Changes ### Lemmy Server - Federate user account deletion (fixes [#1284]( ([#2199]( - Dont federate initial upvote ([#2196]( - Add missing mod log entries for federated actions (fixes [#1489]( ([#2198]( - Make sure application questionaire is required. Fixes [#2189]( - Fix verify_mod_action check for remote admin actions ([#2190]( - Run cargo upgrade ([#2176]( - Migrate towards using page.attachment field for url (ref [#2144]( ([#2182]( - Exclude removed/deleted posts from community outbox ([#2184]( - Fetch community outbox in parallel (fixes [#2180]( ([#2181]( - Adding a ban expires update job. Fixes [#2177]( - Add email translations ([#2175]( - Add test files for Friendica federation (fixes [#2144]( ([#2167]( - Lowering search rate limit. Fixes [#2153]( ([#2154]( - Rate limit ws joins ([#2171]( - Delete unused diesel.toml file ([#2166]( - Rate limit websocket joins. ([#2165]( - Doing tests in sequential order. Fixes [#2158]( ([#2163]( - Dont log errors when rate limit is hit (fixes [#2157]( ([#2161]( - Fix rate limit check for register. Fixes [#2159]( - GNU social compatibility ([#2100]( - Consolidate and lower reqwest timeouts. Fixes [#2150]( ([#2151]( - Check that config is valid before saving ([#2152]( - Dont log error if duplicate activity is received (fixes [#2146]( ([#2148]( - WIP: Email localization (fixes [#500]( ([#2053]( - If viewed actor isnt in db, fetch it from other instance ([#2145]( - Show rate limit algorithm. Fixes [#2136]( - Adjust retry interval for sending activities ([#2141]( - Add jerboa link to readme. Fixes [#2137]( - Forbid remote URLs for avatars/banners (fixes [#1618]( ([#2132]( - Remove docker/prod unused files (fixes [#2086]( ([#2133]( - Rework error handling (fixes [#1714]( ([#2135]( - Dont allow admin to add mod to remote community ([#2129]( - Reject federated downvotes if downvotes are disabled (fixes [#2124]( ([#2128]( ### Lemmy UI - Dont allow community urls like /c/{id} (fixes [#611]( ([#612]( - Fix loading indicator on search page (fixes [#443]( ([#606]( - Upgrade deps ([#604]( - Remove auth token from error message. Fixes [#600]( ([#601]( - Fix error during new site setup ([#596]( - Differentiate between mods and admins in mod log ([#597]( - Fix comment fedilink (fixes [#594]( ([#595](

No pet

A few bug fixes: ## Lemmy - Revert "Add logging to debug federation issues (ref [#2096]( ([#2099](" ([#2130]( - Dont allow admin to add mod to remote community ([#2129]( - Reject federated downvotes if downvotes are disabled (fixes [#2124]( ([#2128]( ## Lemmy-ui - Fix error during new site setup ([#596]( - Differentiate between mods and admins in mod log ([#597]( - Fix comment fedilink (fixes [#594]( ([#595](