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Please don’t do images like this, it wastes everyone’s bandwidth. You can copy paste the image into the URL field to do an image post.

Unfortunately lower mods could just appoint a bunch of alts and vote out whoever they want. But ya democratic moderation is really difficult online where people can just make up identities and I have no idea how it could function correctly.

Yeah because the top mod can boot other mods, and its not a good idea to leave an absent person in the top mod spot.

Then the active mod can boot the inactive ones for safety.

I can give my aliases if anyone wants, but I have a vim keymap to open broot, and I set my $EDITOR to use vim --servername main --remote-tab, then I press F2 on a file in broot, and it opens up in a vim tab.

I was pretty ignorant of risc-v until a few weeks ago, I’m super excited for it, mainly for the reduced power consumption and open-source model but for chipsets. I bet risc-v is gonna outperform ARM on battery life. Imagine smartphones with nearly week-long battery lifes like we had with simple phones.

Daaang thank you so much for broot, I recently switched to using this even from vim, love it. ♥

@nutomic@lemmy.ml I also just transferred the community to them, not just mod, since the other person is MIA.

Yes post in !community_requests@lemmy.ml and i’ll transfer the community to an active user.

Don’t post to announcements.

Yeah I found that strange too lol. The fediverse as a whole is much less tolerant of racism / fascism than the social media giants.

That 2-part grayzone article is a great intro for why wikimedia cannot be trusted when it comes to politics or anything that goes against its pro-US bias.

I wonder how that would handle article conflicts.

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I’m more experienced with java, but have used kotlin a bit too. The JVM languages are extremely versatile and capable of doing anything, but kotlin is probably the best of them in terms of syntax.

That said, after dealing with java’s garbage collector, I don’t think garbage-collected languages have a place in the future. Rust showed me that despite claims of garbage collected languages being easier, simple scoping and borrowing don’t really add any complication, and are better in terms of memory in the long run, and a better choice for pretty much every type of application.

But practically of course browsers aren’t going anywhere (so we’ll still need to learn javascript / typescript), and neither is android (so we’ll still need to learn a jvm language). I’ll still use kotlin, but only for android. Rust already has functioning web servers, UI toolkits, CLI toolkits, and everything you need for desktop or server apps.

Not sure why we still have it available in the API, might be useful for some thing we haven’t thought of yet.

why it’s a sum of user’s own votes instead of votes made against the user’s content?

Oh, it is the second one, the sum of votes against the user’s content.

Not sure, haven’t read anything on it yet.

Those are just test instances, but I think maybe ds9 and voyager does federate here.

I’m too scared to do this but someone who’s braver than me plz tell if it creates an infinite loop or just stops right away.

If anyone can we could use some help testing a release candidate on the federation servers: …