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In how comment trees are built, it won’t show any branches under a blocked commenter.

I see… I’ll open up an issue then. I spose I’ll try to allow any comment replies, but make sure they’re hidden from the blocker.

Agree with everthing @ericbuijs@lemmy.ml said below. That windows and macOS comes pre-installed on every purchasable computer is 99.9% of the reason that the linux desktop isn’t more popular. Everything else in this article were concerns that don’t affect most people using computers:

Lack of Testers and Reporters

Linux OS’s have more testers and reporters than windows, having a larger number of power users to report issues. This has lead to some very stable distros: watch those videos of some older non-savvy computer people trying to use windows vs some clean linux distros.

Lack of Code Contributors, Developers and Maintainers

Linux has probably 10x the code contributers that windows does. Also M$ and Apple are closed source, so that’s not even something they can compete on.


Exists on windows and mac forums and communities just as much if not moreso.

GNOME “Vs.” KDE/Plasma

Non-issue that people don’t have to care about after they install an OS.

Package Managers

Much easier to use than windows, and one of the main reasons to switch to linux!

Ah yeah, its due to mod / admin hierarchy.

I previously thought messages from blocked users were just hidden from view like it is done everywhere else in the Fediverse?

If you block a user, it means you won’t see their comments and posts. It doesn’t mean they can’t see yours. It doesn’t seem right to hide something you haven’t explicitly told it not to.

If its their post, you can’t do a top level reply to them, because they’ve blocked you and you’re responding to them directly. If its someone elses comment, it should work fine.

@nutomic@lemmy.ml Could you mod me here so I can add an icon.

Lead Tantek Çelik commented on GitHub, saying:

As it is currently specified, I consider the Idle Detection API too tempting of an opportunity for surveillance capitalism motivated websites to invade an aspect of the user’s physical privacy, keep longterm records of physical user behaviors, discerning daily rhythms (e.g. lunchtime), and using that for proactive psychological manipulation (e.g. hunger, emotion, choice)…

Thus I propose labeling this API harmful, and encourage further incubation, perhaps reconsidering simpler, less-invasive alternative approaches to solve the motivating use-cases.

Fighting the good fight.

You have no idea what the server is running. It has your phone number, ie your real name and address, and it knows who you sent messages to.

Pretty much everything about it is unverifiable, because its a centralized service and you ultimately don’t know what the server is running. Contrast that with self-hostable apps which must pass verifiability checks, because people can host their own instance.

Yes, we should absolutely put extra scrutiny on radio free asia funded projects. But is briar a single, centralized US hosted service? Does it require you, like signal, to give it info that links to your real identity? Did it close its server source code off for a year? Is it possible to download it from f-droid so you can verify its builds are secure? Does it depend on google or amazon? Does it bundle in a cryptocurrency? Is it possible to verify what the server is running?

I just finished count of monte cristo! I’ve never read a more epic and fulfilling revenge story. It was entertaining the whole way through.

I loved treasure island growing up. Black sails is supposed to be kinda dark tho right? Treasure island was a fun adventure book.

If using open federation, you don’t need to configure anything. If using allowlist or blocklist, your server admin needs to add those instances explicitly.

Same, I don’t even need to be on a starship, just some lowly scientist on a relatively peaceful planet or research station.

We’ll do our best 🖖

Creepy experience with instagram today.

So my dog growing up was a very rare dog breed, and today on instagram, I see a personalized ad with that breed. …

Lemmy.ml now uses open federation.

You no longer have to ask us to add you manually, you can subscribe and interact without the approval process. …


Using productivity launcher. …


Fixed several critical websocket bugs. …


This is my current homescreen, niagara launcher, blank icons, and that’s it. …