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What Matrix is + how to join the GenZedong Matrix space
## What is Matrix? Preemptive TL;DR: `Matrix ≈ Discord - tracking + end-to-end encryption by default` Matrix is a protocol for real-time communication (text, audio, and video) followed by various applications ("clients") -- the official one is [Element]( for Linux, macOS, Windows, Android, and iOS), but there are many others (e.g. those listed [here]( It's also federated, like Lemmy. To use a Matrix client, you need to make a Matrix account at one of the Matrix *homeservers* (similar to how you can make an account on or but still access both of them). We have our own Matrix homeserver at, and you don't need an email address to register an account there. ## How do I use it? 1. Download a Matrix client (e.g. [Element]( on whatever device you prefer. 2. Create an account in the client. You can select `` as your homeserver here; if you choose the default ``, you'll need to enter an email address. 3. Log in. Search for the room ``. 4. If you already have a Lemmygrad account with a posting history, just mention it in the "Welcome" room and you'll be invited to the GenZedong *space* (basically just a collection of rooms -- the main one is ``). Otherwise, you'll have to answer some vetting questions similar to the ones needed to register on Lemmygrad. ## How active is it? Not very active at the moment, but you -- yes, *you* (!!!) -- can help change this! Wow! Amazing! ## Important info - Encryption is currently disabled in the GenZedong Matrix rooms.

What is up with bug with comments?
After the last big update when Lemmy was down for a day, there is a bug that for example, it says that there are 10 comments, but only 5 can be seen. A couple of comments can't be see even if number of comments says that there are more. This also happened to old posts and comments where comments can't be seen even if they were not deleted, what is up with this?

China actually singlehandedly reversed half the Arab spring in like 3 days lmao
After just three days of negotiations, Saudi Arabia and Iran have normalized relations and now Assad is in the UAE sharing warm words with its leader. Zionists coping harder than they were following their defeat to Hezbollah lmfao This follows tensions for years between Saudi Arabia and the US. The world's top oil producers are increasingly siding with China

What’s up with the GenZedong Reddit page?
Saw some suss content relating to leftists supporting Russia uncritically on the GenZedong Reddit page today. The whole argument as far as I could tell was a bit of a strawman . Is anyone moderating the page anymore? I thought I was on normal Reddit for a second.

EFF statement on today’s shutdown
![]( ![]( As for me, I didn't have high hopes. You cannot expect genuine meaningful change in a violent system without using violence yourself. They promised a peaceful shutdown, and it was peaceful. To me, today was a show of strength. The workers of South Africa are able to organise themselves and conduct themselves with discipline. The fact that the state was so threatening and afraid proves that we have the power to do anything when the time comes. For now, South Africa's leftist parties and organisations need to continue organising and strengthening our power, so that when the next shutdown, or mass protest, or even revolution comes, it will be done with eloquence and precision. Was today a victory? In some aspects yes, in others no. But it definitely wasn't a failure. Thousands of people protesting despite the state's threats and bringing several strategic areas to a halt doesn't scream failure, it screams progress and growing strength. The media definitely sensationalised the possibilities and fearmongering was everywhere, so it was insanely hyped up and over exaggerated. The protests could've been bigger, more places could've been slowed down, etc etc etc. There's always ways to improve.

Collection of reports on US-related problems
Here are links to reports published by China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Xinhua News Agency, and State Council Information Office. They are available in both Chinese and English, sorted chronologically in descending order (newest first), some reports have multiple links in case one dies. **外交部(Ministry of Foreign Affairs)** 2023-03-20 2022年美国民主情况 [Link1]( [Link2]( The State of Democracy in the United States: 2022 [Link]( 2022-06-19 美国对华认知中的谬误和事实真相 [Link1]( [Link2]( Reality Check: Falsehoods in US Perceptions of China [Link1]( [Link2]( 2022-05-07 关于美国国家民主基金会的一些事实清单 [Link1]( [Link2]( Fact Sheet on the National Endowment for Democracy [Link1]( [Link2]( 2022-03-02 美国对印第安人实施种族灭绝的历史事实和现实证据 [Link]( The American Genocide of the Indians—Historical Facts and Real Evidence [Link]( 2021-12-05 美国民主情况 [Link1]( [Link2]( The State of Democracy in the United States [Link1]( [Link2]( 2021-09-24 美国干预香港事务、支持反中乱港势力事实清单 [Link1]( [Link2]( Fact Sheet: U.S. Interference in Hong Kong Affairs and Support for Anti-China, Destabilizing Forces [Link1]( [Link2]( 2020-10-19 美国损害环境事实清单 [Link]( Fact Sheet on Environmental Damage by the US [Link]( 2020-10-19 美国损害全球环境治理报告 [Link]( Report on US Damage to Global Environmental Governance [Link]( 2020-07-02 关于涉华人权问题的各种谬论及事实真相 [Link1]( [Link2]( What's False and What's True on China-related Human Rights Matters [Link1]( [Link2]( -------------------- **新华社(Xinhua News Agency)** 2023-02-23 美国贫富分化持续恶化的事实真相 [Link1]( [Link2]( Rising Economic Polarization in the United States: Truth and Facts [Link1]( [Link2]( 2023-02-20 美国的霸权霸道霸凌及其危害 [Link1]( [Link2]( U.S. Hegemony and Its Perils [Link1]( [Link2]( 2023-02-16 美国枪支暴力泛滥的事实真相 [Link1]( [Link2]( Gun Violence in the United States: Truth and Facts [Link1]( [Link2]( 2023-02-09 美国国内毒品问题现状 [Link1]( [Link2]( Drug Abuse in the United States [Link1]( [Link2]( 2023-02-03 美国滥施“长臂管辖”及其危害 [Link1]( [Link2]( The U.S. Willful Practice of Long-arm Jurisdiction and its Perils [Link1]( [Link2]( 2022-08-09 美国在国内国际上实施强迫劳动的事实真相 [Link]( The United States' Practice of Forced Labor at Home and Abroad: Truth and Facts (Part One) [Link]( (Part Two) [Link]( 2022-04-29 美方有关乌克兰问题的涉华谬论 [Link]( Falsehoods Spread by the U.S. on the Ukraine Issue: A Reality Check (Part 1) [Link]( (Part 2) [Link]( (Part 3) [Link]( 2021-11-05 美方在新冠病毒溯源问题上对中国的恶意诽谤与事实真相 [Link]( U.S. vicious slanders on China over COVID-19 origins tracing and the truth (Part 1) [Link]( (Part 2) [Link]( (part 3) [Link]( (part 4) [Link]( 2021-02-04 关于涉疆问题的谎言与事实真相 [Link]( Fact Check: Lies on Xinjiang-related issues versus the truth [Link]( 2020-08-24 蓬佩奥涉华演讲的满嘴谎言与事实真相 [Link]( Fact check: Pompeo's fact-twisting China speech versus the truth [Link]( 2020-07-28 美国就单方面要求中方关闭驻休斯敦总领馆散布的谎言与事实真相 [Link1]( [Link2]( Reality Check of U.S. Unilateral Demand for China to Close Consulate-General in Houston [Link1]( [Link2]( 2020-07-21 纳瓦罗关于新冠肺炎疫情的涉华谎言与事实真相 [Link]( Fact check: Peter Navarro's lies about China on COVID-19 pandemic [Link]( 2020-07-10 澳大利亚散布的涉华谎言与事实真相 [Link]( Reality check of Australian allegations against China [Link]( 2020-05-09 美国关于新冠肺炎疫情的涉华谎言与事实真相 [Link1]( [Link2]( Reality Check of US Allegations Against China on COVID-19 [Link1]( [Link2]( -------------------- **国新办(State Council Information Office)** has all the reports from 2000 to 2022: 美国的人权纪录 [Link]( HUMAN RIGHTS RECORD OF THE UNITED STATES [Link](

The EFF and multiple other leftist organisations are leading a national shutdown on the 20th of March. The main demands are that our President, Cyril Ramaphosa, steps down, and an end to loadshedding. Other demands include the usual: an end to widespread unemployment, poverty, landlessness, corruption, and so forth. This was originally announced on the 19th of January, I believe. For the latest interviews, watch the following: For CIC Julius Malema's latest speech/press conference, watch the following: (Starts at 18:50) May we see a socialist South Africa in our lifetime🇿🇦☭❤

It lasted but 72 days, but its memory is immortal.

Abahlali baseMjondolo is one of South Africa's most prominent grassroots movements


Vladimir Putin under arrest for ligma
Imagine my shock when, stoned out of my gourd, I see the ABC Nightly News headlines. "Warrant Issued For Vladimir Putin's Arrest" And it's issued by an "international" criminal court America has already deemed an unnecessary inhibitor to their colonial project. I feel like the media is gaslighting us. Very briefly my sense of reality was annihilated. I was caught in a bizarre imperialist fantasy where nothing made sense. I wanted ask my sister what year it was and whether Kiev had finally sacked Moscow. I was convinced I had missed some major developments. My fault for falling for the MSM clickbait, apparently.

$824B budget is puffery.
cross-posted from: > Took some time today to flip through the 2024 Pentagon budget proposal, the unprecedented $842B budget. > > 1) Production isn't being dramatically increased > 2) Increased $ topline comes from inflation and switch to more advanced variants > > Something basic, like the JLTV will not only cost more for fewer vehicles (3108) but will likely miss production goals in 2023 (3311 out of 3721 projected). > > Same story for the AMPV, which instead of the 72 for $380m will only see 43 deliveries this year. 2024 has 91 projected. > > Certain systems like the M1 Abrams and the PIM sp-arty production will be increased but seem to be capped out at a production capacity limit. Note the increasing costs over last year's projections. 2024 budget reduces order numbers substantially, though additional upgrades slated > > As for defensive systems, no new Patriots complexes, but research on the next iteration of the system has been funded with a dramatically larger R&D budget. As for interceptors, fewer will be built at a higher overall bill. Navy, SM-3 and SM-6 will be procured in tiny numbers. > > JASSM unit numbers steady but per unit cost expected to skyrocket as production shifts fully to ER variant. LRASM numbers increased. Could also include facility upgrades. Meanwhile modernization of tomahawks crawls. Naval strike missile, small numbers at greater cost. Pictures are linked in the twitter thread. TL:DR is that the US MIC is not actually increasing production throughput despite all the proclamations being put out by the informal state media but is rather adjusting to inflation.

Again this applies to a lot of global south countries, including southeast asia. When he mentions the race to the bottom, this is seen through the overemphasis on foreign direct investment (FDI) taking place in ASEAN countries. We see leaders in the region bend over backwards for Western entrepreneurs and capitalists, giving them overly favourable conditions so they can exploit our labour, our land, and our environment.

They are all nazis

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