Android Homescreens
I've been using this launcher for a few weeks now and it has really reduced my screen time on my phone. I rarely play games anymore and social media got less as well. The complete absence of app icons (also in the app drawer) combined with the ability to rename apps make this the most distraction free launcher I have ever used. Bonus feature: To start an app you just open the app drawer (by swiping up) and type the name of the application. The app will start automatically if it's the only remaining search result. The names in the screenshot are just generic German descriptions of the app, like "Map", "Pictures", "Music", " Files" and so on. This helps to keep my focus on the function of the app.

Nova launcher, whicons, energy ring

Using productivity launcher.

This is my current homescreen, niagara launcher, blank icons, and that's it.

Android Homescreens
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