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Ergo IRC Server

I have been running this for a while now and it works really well. Super easy to setup and works great in combination with


Any good vps providers to host a peertube instance?

Namely looking for a vps with reasonable bandwidth and storage space to actually store the videos on. …

VGC Illustration: the drawing app of the future

I’m not usually post about Kickstarter projects but VGC Illustration seems like an interesting open source vector illustrator program. …

I have a $50 prepaid Mastercard. Where is a place I can donate it to open source?

The Mastercard is in CAD and I don’t have a Paypal account. Where’s the easiest place I can donate it? …

HyperFiler: make offline archives of web pages as single HTML files

Was looking for a tool that could archive web pages as single HTML files, and found a few great tools but none with all of the features I was looking for, so decided to build my own. HyperFiler has around 100 different options for archiving web pages, and can be fetch pages using either HTTP request…

Open source matters, and it's about more than just free software - Countries can leverage to achieve independence from the growing monopoly of foreign tech giants

Digital independence, autonomy or technological sovereignty: the concept has taken on many names, but always refers to a long-standing goal of EU leaders. It consists of developing technology in line with standards defined by European institutions themselves – and often comes with imperatives such a…

The Prototype Fund supports ideas in civic tech, data literacy, data security and software infrastructure. We want to provide software developers, hackers, and creatives with the opportunity to code and develop innovative public interest technologies. The results must be made publicly available unde…

Need a good writing tool for your Linux PC? Check out Manuskript. It has some seriously awesome features that any writer will love, such as an outlining tool, distraction-free mode, a built-in assistant tool, importing and exporting tool, spell and grammar checking, frequency analyser, index cards, …

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