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Thank you for responding, I think I will keep this up but in the future lets stick to things with public source trees

beta.stream works perfectly, thank you!

Thank you Jeffrey, I will look into the upload crew!

Yes! I think for me it is better than bandcamp, the perfect combination between streaming and ownership. I joined the coop, (5$ membership + some shares). I hope extra funding can help them market themselves and get their service on the streaming service lists that publishers/indie artists use to launch the album on many platforms, because at the moment there is not much of my style of music.

I have conflicting feelings though, I like the spotlight on indie, but I am not sure how well it will work for the platform’s growth to only have artists no one has heard of. I think ideally we have an indie only section and then the hybrid section with a bit of everything

Edit: Bandcamp is closed source!

Woah, radicle, never thought about that idea!

Just bought a membership, product seems pretty well made despite me not being able to actually stream (assuming temporary bug, github indicates massive ui overhaul 4 hours ago)

Thank you for raising. After this comment turns 24 hours old I will remove the post provided OP does not respond

This is a great thread, all these ideas are wonderful.

I would also like to say I want the site admins to keep being the friendly faces they are even as lemmy grows!

As a mod here, I agree. I want to see transparent logs for the good of the communities I protect and others

I think a good goal is somehow achieving democracy, as in the community can vote in new mods, but it requires so much thought on how to avoid abuse and make it less prune to manipulation. The task is daunting/

Tags are an interesting idea.

I think awards are a wonderful idea, but please only equivalents to silver, gold, and platinum. I don’t want 500 awards. Also, what does getting an award mean for your account? What does giving an award mean?

Interested in what you said about gamification. What ideas do you have about that?

I think at some point a non ml mirror should be made, because my workplace also does this, going one step further to label all .ml domains as a security threat

also, my old ML domain expired after a year and they were asking like 20 bucks a year after

is rando,m an acronym or a misspelling of random?

Within reason, I agree. Adding it on

A mouse with a megaphone?

Ooops, long time reddit user here!

This is a wonderful thought, I have updated the rules to include a note about that


Thank you for this

I am assuming you are saying its fine/a good thing that he was kicked out for homophobia. I agree with that judgement, but I try to be less political on here!

Thank you for your input!

[Mod] What is your vision for asklemmy?

Hey! Back after a large break from lemmy and after returning to the community it seems it is more advice focused: what is the best way to learn programming vs story focused what is a bad mistake when you started programming. …

Requesting c/programming

I work full time as a programmer, and was disappointed to see the biggest programming subreddit without active moderators. It’s not in a super bad state, I think possibly admins occasionally visit, but active designated mods would be nice! …

Khan is massively flawed (We need a comprehensive free alternative!)

Today when talking on discord someone mentioned their approval for Khan Academy, stating that it was what allowed them to pass their class. I have too consulted Khan Academy on a few occasions, and I thought the teaching was well done. I believe education is a human right, and I thought I would see …

invidio.us main mirror is shutting down, with its main dev coming with it.

The project will continue to be mantained, however, I guess, its future is uncertain. …

What is your favorite open source software?

Save for lemme, ofc…