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I always see npm install and I cringe. Wasn’t npm a package manager?

invidio.us main mirror is shutting down, with its main dev coming with it.

The project will continue to be mantained, however, I guess, its future is uncertain. …

I KNEW THAT WAS GONNA HAPPEN! I just told my coworker facebook would come out with facetalk

As a wikipedia contributor I can confirm Wikipedia is NOT in financial distress.

am I the only one routing for a big change?

Live Edit 1: Never mind. nothings gonna happen. this is funny.

Edit 2: Well, this is interesting. google is being called out by genius. google is getting burned.

Edit 3: so this dude is going after google in china, even after they backed up. google is claiming on the genius dispute that they relied on licenced 3rd partys that then stole info from genius.

Live edit 4: edits from now on will be marked with a divider

they are now going after apple for there power over the appstore. this is awesome. they are talking about how they change the rules. apple is lying.

great. “biggoted police protests” -senator

“Trumps remarkable book” -senator

senitors now going after google for pulling out of helping violence with the govornment.

senitor now questioning is NOT wearing a face mask

our tech geniuses in the goverment quizing tech gients are now having technical difficultys. windows update?

in the background, I just heard somone say “I would hope that apple would be good”. oh boy I have news for you

I need backup in the comments. lots of idiots saying tech comanys are not a issue

and we are back!

so, after going after facbook for not regulating racists, but now, they are going after Google for cenosring conservitives.

you eather censor, or you dont.

Senitor now talking DOES NOT have a mask strike two.


Jeff Bezos seems the most honest, buy a long shot.

so… uh. this happened

Senitor goes after google for spam foder algorethems censoring him.

Google dude says the primary folder is for friends and faimaly


Mr.Jordan is angry

So now the WHO lied and is sideing with china


so, a dem cenater said that the thing that Mr.Jordan said was a conspericy.

chaos broke out.

I am out. I got bored. have a good day.

Made this post on Reddit

Context: https://www.reddit.com/r/firefox/comments/gyb5z8/brave_browser_is_hijacking_links_and_inserting/

Did some digging.

HERE in their source code are all the sites they will refer you to.

I will leave your concusion up to you.

EDIT: also, providing a archive link if they remove the file


also worth noting ALL the commits on the file come from Co-founder & CTO of brave.


after backlash on the commit Here, Brian Clifton added a flag to the brave nightly build. According to him,

With the fix above, the Show Brave suggested sites in autocomplete suggestions setting will be defaulted to false. Existing users that haven’t modified the setting will have it turned off with our next release (planned for Thurs June 11). We’re also considering a hotfix that would be released before that

Nice PR, Brian and mr.CTO. bet your only sorry you got caught.

*Also, upon investigation the founder hates gay people, and may be a white supremacist. (Used to be the ceo of mozzila, but got bullied out due to his beliefs.) probably started brave so he could have a safe space for his hate ideals.

See: https://github.com/brave/browser-laptop/issues/5475 And https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brendan_Eich

Omg how could I forget about Wikimedia? Elemnt, and Masdoon are both awesome too!

Docker is awesome! so is mastodon and element :)