General Programming Discussion

Why does it matter what your gender, transgender, sexual orientation, race/ethnicity, disability status is in programming surveys like on SO?

In my opinion programming surveys should focus on development area and leave demographics, personal questions to someone else. …

There is a crisis in software development. …

Is there a fediverse version of

Lemmy is obviously inspired by Reddit. My map of the fediverse obviously not complete, so I ask myself if there is some free as in free software comparable to a q/a platform like stackoverflow?..

Book recommendations

I’ve been trying to learn Rust, so I’ve been reading the book by Klabnik, I’m on chapter 2 and it’s been pretty okay I have to say, I really like how he explains everything and how painless it make it seem. I’m not saying it’s not hard, my brain gets really tired after reading it and stuff but compa…

What boredom or frustration can do to a brain.

When I get bored, or frustrated, or otherwise unengaged from my job, I like to hit Rosetta Code and implement something pointless in a dead language. Today it was this…

Expected Output

There’s something about not having deadline that seems that, if one doesn’t have a set goal; and by that, I mean a desire to achieve or finish something by a certain period; that leads one with a chaotic way of doing things, tend to not be able to be as efficient in the tasks I am able to get done i…


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