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In this blog, you’ll find trending programming languages for AI development in 2021. You’ll also learn which languages are best for your online AI platform development…

Are there any PHP-like programming languages that allow you to put client side and server side code in one file, but better as a programming language than PHP?

I’ve personally always found PHP easy to work with for very simple websites where you still need some degree of server side rendering, but not enough to break out a full MVC web framework like Spring or Django (though it might just be nostalgia since PHP is the first programming language I seriously…

In this post, we will discuss how to make HTTP requests for higher performance in Go, and also how to tune it. …

Learn how to create an EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) instance in an AWS account in simple and straightforward steps…

No ES6? No problem. getInitialState is the ES5 friendly method to define the initial state of a React component…

any privacy-first dev who uses google/fb product?

I wonder if there is a group of developers give priority to privacy and open source but still use service and products provided by big corps like google, fb etc… I can never imagine myself using their products and still complaining about their lack of privacy tbh…

General Programming Discussion

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