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haha gommunism no food!!


Kind stranger, thanks for gold

Welcome to /c/programming!
First post! This community is here for posting about programming, sharing projects, asking questions, etc. General, programming discussion - almost anything goes =D

True, true, but even such I think that a socialist Venezuela would perhaps be better than a capitalist one.

Thoughts on Post-Left Anarchism?
Title basically says it... what are your thoughts on Post-Left Anarchism and its theoretical applications to revolutionary praxis and organisation?

Country trains, take me hooooome

While I dislike Maduro, Guaido would mean an end to the revolution, as well as an illegitimate leader and USA puppet state.

“Come out ye reddit admins, come out and fight me like a man”

Solidarity with r/me_ira!

Hmm… Who are these “planners” in cybercommunism?

Flower - a hobby os written in rust and based on Phil Opp
Written by me and gegy1000. We have implemented the following: - Physical memory manager (buddy allocator) - Virtual memory manager - Kernel heap (buddy allocator) - Serial (for logging) - PIC, interrupts (incl. IST) - PIT - PS/2 (busy being reworked), keyboard input - Snake game (runs on boot in kernel mode) - ACPI (through acpi crate, with which we are involved) Currently in progress: - Userspace - PS/2 rewrite - System calls

“Gat full”, reminds me of the afrikaans “gatvol” – “hole-full” (like: “im gatvol of this guy’s antics” – to be fed up)

~~Gamers~~ Workers rise up.

I feel like “after” is a bit contentious, especially as anarchists have many different ideas about how the economy should run… syndicalism, collectivism, mutualism, or something else. I wonder personally whether we could work something like participatory planning into it, but idk.

Thanks, I’ll pin this if and when that functionality is added.

via mastodon (lost the link :( )

Welcome to Anarchism
I made an anarchism forum. That's pretty much it for now.


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