Rust Programming

Rust is one of the fastest-growing programming languages as it grew 234% in the past year…

[Noob Alert] Is it possible to convert a Vec<String> to an array of &str (so [&str]) ?

I want to use the crate human-sort but it only takes [&str] and I’m currently working with Vec<String>.
Is this possible to make the conversion Vec<String> to [&str]? and in the other way? …

Suggestions for in-memory database or other store for documents?

I’m looking for suggestions for an in-memory database or other type of store that syncs to the file system (preferably as a single file) to store small, text-only documents (notes) and additional metadata. …

What is Rust NOT suitable for, architecturally?

From a language architecture standpoint and not an ecosystem standpoint, what might be some things where you’d really not want to use Rust, either because of some limitation that prevents it from doing it or just because it’d be massively annoying to write to the point of significantly reduced produ…

People who REALLY like the features of Rust and think it can do everything really well, would you rather competing languages adopt similar features or just have everything converge to using Rust?

Something I’m genuinely curious about with people who really like Rust, and want it to be used for everything. If you had a say, which way of the programming ecosystem developing would you personally prefer, and why? Like, if Go or C++ started developing features similar to Rust, like a borrow check…

Anyone had experience programming complex GUIs in Rust?

Has anyone here ever tried using Rust’s Qt or GTK bindings, or another library, to make a complex GUI beyond a few simple forms or dialog boxes? I keep hearing that the language’s architecture makes it really hard to do any sort of advanced GUI development on it, but what’s the actual experience lik…

Rust Programming
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