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linux kernel news: Rust in the 6.2 kernel (LWN)
The merge window for the 6.1 release brought in basic support for writing kernel code in Rust — with an emphasis on "basic". It is possible to create a "hello world" module for 6.1, but not much can be done beyond that. **There is, however, a lot more Rust code for the kernel out there; it's just waiting for its turn to be reviewed and merged into the mainline.** Miguel Ojeda has now posted the next round of Rust patches, adding to the support infrastructure in the kernel.

SerenityOS author: "Rust is a neat language, but without inheritance and virtual dispatch, it's extremely cumbersome to build GUI applications"
Just sharing from [r/rust](

Learn Rust by making a Rogue-like game
> this tutorial tries to take you from zero (how do I open a console to say Hello Rust) to hero (equipping items to fight foes in a multi-level dungeon). I'm hoping to continue to extend the series.

Hi everyone! This is my first post on Lemmy and it's to showcase a little project I've been working on lately which is my first public project made in Rust. It's a file management tool called Vento, which allows you to move files as if you're playing a text adventure. It's based on an original concept made by a friend of mine on Bash. It consists of three comands: `vento`, `take` and `drop`. I've recorded a demo on Asciinema to showcase its functionality. [![asciicast](]( The project is available to install through [Cargo]( and the source code is hosted on [Codeberg]( I'm open to suggestions!

> The UX team has been carefully designing widgets and applications over the last year. We are now at the point where it is critical for the engineering team to decide upon a GUI toolkit for COSMIC. After much deliberation and experimentation over the last year, the engineering team has decided to use Iced instead of GTK. > > Iced is a native Rust GUI toolkit that's made enough progress lately to become viable for use in COSMIC. Various COSMIC applets have already been written in both GTK and Iced for comparison. The latest development versions of Iced have an API that's very flexible, expressive, and intuitive compared to GTK. It feels very natural in Rust, and anyone familiar with Elm will appreciate its design. The main jumping-off point for COSMIC is this repository, I think: The iced crate is here: Other GUI tookits for Rust can be found here:

Not really a "sky is falling" sort of post, but it seems like there is room for further exploration and improvement of practices here

*The engine simulates physics/discrete/firmware scenarios as movement of robot hands and joints.*

Western Digital is already working on an NVMe driver written in Rust
*During the “Linux Plumbers 2022” conference that was ongoing these days, a Western Digital engineer gave a presentation on the development of a controller experimental for SSD NVM-Express (NVMe) written in Rust and running at the Linux kernel level.*

Today's Rust and Linux project is up :) I built this plugin so that I could see NetworkManager controls in results that come back from [`pop-launcher`]( I'm using [`onagre`]( to query/display/action those results

*Across all customers, **Pingora makes only a third as many new connections per second** compared to the old [NGINX] service. For one major customer, it increased the connection reuse ratio from 87.1% to 99.92%, which reduced new connections to their origins by 160x. To present the number more intuitively, by switching to Pingora, we save our customers and users 434 years of handshake time every day...* *In production, **Pingora consumes about 70% less CPU and 67% less memory** compared to our old [NGINX] service with the same traffic load ...*

Should Rust replace C/C++ in industrial and educational level?
I'm not a programmer (or just a beginner one) So just wanted to know if it is possible and will happen in the near future. Isn't C/C++ decades old and has some good amount of limitations?

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