Rust Programming

How to Write a Discord Bot in Rust

Is an article from Medium, that’s why I used to share it. thanks to for developing this magnificent front-end! <3…


Help with compiler warning in macro usage

I’m getting a weird compiler warning from using a macro that I wrote: …

An update on Memory Safety in Chrome

… we [Chrome security team] ’ll be exploring whether we can use a memory safe language for parts of Chrome in the future. The leading contender is Rust, invented by our friends at Mozilla …

cradle: a library for running child processes conveniently

In the past months, with the help of Casey, I wrote a library that tries to make it more convenient to run child processes from rust programs. It’s called cradle. We’ve been using it for a couple of our projects with success. We’ve just released version 0.1.0. Which m…

Pin, Unpin, and why Rust needs them

Using async Rust libraries is usually easy. It’s just like using normal Rust code, with a little async or .await here and there. But writing your own async libraries can be hard. The first time I tried this, I got really confused by arcane, esoteric syntax like T: ?Unpin and Pin<&mut Self>. I had ne…

Iframely is our embed / picture thumbnail fetcher for external sites. But its extremely heavy, unreliable ( crashes a lot ), and doesn’t build for ARM…

Rust Programming
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