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Also, I’m not sure if I’m remembering this right, but I remember a Reddit /r/worldnews thread where someone (as a breath of fresh air) denounced a mainstream American news outlet’s report on the “Xinjiang Genocide” because it’s sourced from a religious fanatic with no real evidence, and someone else replied saying that they hate the fact that news outlets keep doing this… because it de-legitimizes China’s “actual” human rights violations against the Uygurs.

I was like “bruh.”

the only thing that’d make them better is if they exploded the moment something happens to them

I know you’re joking, but if the police could make them shoot people, they would. And they’d still be as racist as human cops.

Another thing is that looking at the level of continents takes away from the nuances of situations. For example: CGP Grey talked about how most native peoples located in where the US is now actually prefer the term Indian compared to Native American, because Native American is a blanket term for natives on both continents, and includes too many very diverse and different groups to really be relevant to individual communities.

Same with Europeans, where you have significant differences between Western, Central, Eastern, and Nordic Europeans. Asians and Africans too, and to an even greater extent.

This is a good point. In fact, the whole concept of continents is a social construct with very European roots. They’re not based in Geography or the tectonic plate system despite what is often (wrongly) taught. They’re not based on culture either. Central America (North America) has a lot more in common with South America than with the US and Canada. In fact, culture is like a fractal where you can subdivide forever.

I’m pretty sure it isn’t, but a lot of leftists do use it to exclude the rest of the Americas when talking about how the US screws up

They’re anti-features. They at best only provide marginal benefit for the user (and often not worth the cost, monetary or otherwise), at worst they outright make the product worse, but they’re good for profit so they keep getting implemented.

If I was in the Middle East and I saw a US bomber flying over my town, I’d be pretty terrified.

Maybe not, but why put further stress on the environment when you don’t need to?

The battery degradation problem is serious though. Even without wireless charging, none of my battery powered devices stay usable for more than a few years anymore despite me still being happy with the compute hardware. Our current rate of electronics production is already heavily straining the environment and also produces a massive demand for unethical labour. It will only get worse if manufacturers decide to ditch wired charging for wireless.

Think about how much power seven billion phones use, and now think about increasing it by half. That’s a lot of unnecessary power.

Wireless charging also reduces battery lifespan by heating it up. If it’s half as efficient, that energy isn’t just disappearing, it’s being dissipated as heat in the device and the charger. Shorter battery lifespans means we need more batteries, or, since most phones are glued together with no easy way of disassembly these days, more phones in general. More batteries and phones require resources and energy, and some of the materials are mined using extremely unethical labour.

Reducing charging efficiency by half is definitely a problem considering just how many smartphones there are

Also, you’re supposed to hash passwords, which turns them into a set length. So you only really need to worry about uploading and hashing passwords on login, so as long as someone doesn’t have a gigabyte long password, I don’t see the problem.

The US are bigger terrorists in the Islamic world than Islamic terrorists ever were in the US, change my mind.

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