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You will need the serial interface adapter to properly debug this.

Where’s the serial interface even? Is it the three-pin header on the side of the board next to the headphone jack?

Does your router register a DHCP request? Maybe you can ssh into it via your network?

I don’t have the Wi-Fi card yet, and have no available ports on the router (which is in a really hard to reach spot anyway), so that wasn’t my first choice for troubleshooting.

An idle the A64 chip is clocked quite low, so it could be booting without creating much heat.

Maybe. Are there any more activity lights, like a storage access light, on the boards that might reveal OS activity?

Did you try the Armbian images for it?

I’ve actually been using that this whole time.

I’m not going to ban you unless you’re a fascist, or you start insulting people (me or otherwise) personally, etc. That said however:

This comment of yours is fair enough to make. However, Poland is still a sovereign nation, so there is only a small amount of “ordering around” that the EU can do. Not only because that is how the EU is “designed”, but also because Polish nationalists/conservatives would love to shout out to anyone hearing them that they are being overruled by the EU (thus only gaining more power). So to be honest I do not know what could be a solution to this, but I agree something needs to happen.

Okay? But at the end of the day, that means nothing to the oppressed LGBTQ+ people in Poland.

This isn’t a criticism of the EU anymore, but I feel like the European countries that claim to be LGBTQ progressive, like Sweden or the Netherlands, should at least be putting some actual political or economic pressure on explicitly homophobic countries right there in Europe.

Haven’t you noticed e.g. the rising Chinese “imperialism” in Africa?

You mean the billions that China has poured into Africa in the form of supplies, infrastructure and now vaccines without requiring any of it to be repaid? China is also famous for outright cancelling debt for African nations especially in times of crisis like the pandemic. If they’re trying to be imperialist, they’re not good at it.

More importantly, many, probably most Africans themselves think that their countries’ relationship with China is a positive one. I don’t think we, as distant, detached westerners, have the right to think we know the China-Africa situation better than Africans themselves.

What measures beyond “strongly worded letters” would actually have made a difference?

Breaking economic ties? The EU was pretty quick to ban Huawei’s 5G hardware on a rumour they they were spying on users (rumours spread by the US mind you, a country that has been confirmed to have spied on EU countries in the recent past). Why not do the same with US companies if they wanted to stick it to them?

Or… at least tell the US to remove their nuke bases from EU countries?

Irrelevant, and a bit racist of you…

Go on somewhere like Reddit /r/Europe and there is plenty of white supremacy to be found, so clearly many Europeans themselves think being white is an important factor.

What the south needs to do right now is to strengthen its own unions like the ASEAN or MERCOSUR.

“Why don’t the exploited just… stop being exploited?”

How do I diagnose a SOPINE module that has no display output?

I have a SOPINE module on the Model A baseboard, with the 7 inch touchscreen kit installed. However, when I try to boot an OS from the SD card, neither the touchscreen nor the HDMI port output anything (my monitor doesn’t even detect the connection). I have tried imaging the card with dd, vanilla et…

Meanwhile they have used the pandemic as an excuse to cut wages and generally make workers’ lives harder, while saying that “we’re all in this together”.

Calling the rich pigs is an insult to pigs.


The Euro disproportionally benefits already rich countries in the EU, while harming less well off countries like Greece, as they don’t have control over the value of their own currency.

In Europe, while stepping over other, especially poorer and non-white countries.

Seeing how they’ve only made timid attempts at criticism against the human rights disaster that is the US (especially Trump’s US), they clearly don’t give a shit. It also hasn’t done anything against the rampant homophobia and erosion or women’s rights in Poland, as an even more close to home example.

Has done some good work like the GDPR and picking fights with tech corporations. On the other hand, it gives Europeans a massive sense of euro-supremacy. Just look at /r/Europe and its meme analog, /r/YUROP. Also gives Europe a united front to be imperialist.

It’s also a major player in the capitalist war against socialist countries like Vietnam, Venezuela, the DPRK and especially China, while supporting the US in its world domination efforts.

I support some of the projects that the EU undertakes like the GDPR and a lot of its other regulations on European companies, but I certainly don’t support all of what they do or their general ideology (Eurosupremacist capitalism).

A coalition of rich imperialist white countries? Hmm, wonder how that could be bad!

The EU also has the European Arrest Warrant, which speeds up criminal prosecution and extradition across borders. Sounds great on the surface, but it has no dual criminality clause (other than with a few EU countries that chose to add that stipulation) and IIRC doesn’t say much about how severe a crime needs to be for it to apply. There’s currently a problem with it being used on petty crimes across EU borders when it was intended for more serious crimes.

Hmm, can you say !acab@lemmygrad.ml?

Another option is to use some reverse proxy service, or setup up a reverse proxy yourself on a VPS. I’ve heard Oracle gives them away for free.

Would a reverse proxy be able to read the traffic going to and from the server? I also don’t really want to use a VPS since in that case it would probably make more financial sense to just host the entire website on the VPS itself.

How do you deal with the non-static IP when hosting something from home?

I have a few single board computers at home that I want to try hosting some public facing stuff with, but what’s the best way to deal with the fact that my home internet is not on a static IP? Would I have to host my site from a DynDNS domain and hope that when the IP changes, the DNS caches of user…

Are there any light projects I can run on a Raspberry Pi Zero?

I have a Raspberry Pi Zero W that is serving as my Pihole server, but that only uses about 10% of its very underpowered CPU, and I feel like I’m not getting my money’s worth. Anyone have any lightweight project ideas I can run on it to use up more of its resources? …

Are there any light projects I can run on a Raspberry Pi Zero?

I have a Raspberry Pi Zero W that is serving as my Pihole server, but that only uses about 10% of its very underpowered CPU, and I feel like I’m not getting my money’s worth. Anyone have any lightweight project ideas I can run on it to use up more of its resources? …

IMO, you’re better off with Ungoogled Chromium if you want the same engine, or Firefox or one of its forks. Brave has a pretty shoddy track record.

China is providing a lifeline to Global South nations […] excluded by the West’s neocolonial vaccine apartheid. So why is China being smeared for its efforts?

Want to take a guess?

Sometimes it’s not a choice though. Every time there’s a group project at my university, Facebook Messenger and Google Docs are what everyone defaults to. I’ve tried convincing people to use alternatives, but no one cares, so if I don’t use them, I can’t complete course assignments.

Yes, and it doesn’t happen nearly as often as it should.

As much as I’m against the death penalty for any humans, for corporations (considered “people” under the law), it should be given out regularly and liberally.

Why exactly?

This was in the Onedrive web client. …