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Thoughts on mixed-use development housing co-ops?

Mixed use development is the technical term for a building with residences and store fronts and/or office spaces combined. For example, an apartment with the first floor being shops and restaurants. While co-ops consisting of these buildings are more rare, as far as I know there are some. …

I’m sure they’re working on it. The communist party has been once again tightening their regulations on companies in recent years after they were loosened under Deng.

TBH this reeks of manager god complex. “I need the peasents in the office so I can feel better about my sad life by making the people under my management worse!”

Due to its high population density, the job market in China is insanely competitive which translates to workers being expected to work unreasonable amounts. It’s the same as Japan and South Korea. Basically it’s “well if you won’t work these hours, someone else will because everyone is looking for a job.”

Anywhere where the middle class or higher white families don’t have to think about them and the sad state of their society that causes so many homeless people. Can’t have that!

Can you elaborate what animal welfarism is and how it differents from animal rights? I’m not very experienced with the vegan philosophy yet.

Good point. Hopefully that gets better with time since veganism is on the rise in China, especially among young people.

It’s possible to be vegan and live in China. But you won’t be eating a lot of street food or going to non-speciality restaurants and/or shops

Honestly though it’s the same in Canada and most of the Western world too, so I’m not that surprised, and China is by no means an outlier. It’s surprisingly hard navigating restaurants or street food over here when you’re lactose intolerant, let alone vegan. I have experience with both.


I haven’t had much time to read for leisure lately, but Marx is high up on my reading list. And while not technically books, I am reading a lot of papers and scholarly articles for my environmental science major.

Damnit, every time I found a company claiming to be nice and environmentally friendly, that company inevitably has some dirt on it and is actually awful. Which probably says something about the state of Eco-capitalism in the West, but still, it’s disappointing.

Kind of like discussions on /r/Europe or similar communities. It’s always about how progressive the EU is and how modern Europe is so nice in every way and blah blah blah, until you bring up immigration/refugees, or literally anything about China, or Islam/the Middle East, or paying reparations for past colonialism, or…

That was a pretty cool investigation they did. IMO this should probably be in the regulatory agencies’ standard arsenal of thing they can do to test recycling companies.

Capitalist, socialist, or whatever, you have to admit that this is an extremely stupid hill to die on. …

Capitalist, socialist, or whatever, you have to admit that this is an extremely stupid hill to die on.

What’s the companies’ obsessions with in person office work anyway? Most companies reported anywhere from no productivity loss to improved productivity once they got into the swing of WFH, and now they don’t have to buy or rent office spaces. More importantly, most workers report lower stress, better morale, and more free time due to not commuting (which also has the benefit of cutting down on emissions). Seems like a win-win for everyone.

There are other companies in my area (and the rest of the world) that do commingled recycling where all the recyclables are put in one bin. I’ve just never heard of another company doing that combined with non-recyclable waste in one bin. I have read some literature that suggests that due to improper sorting on the customer side, even separate recycling streams need to be sorted again (presumably with less effort than fully commingled, though) if the company wants to recover all the materials while avoiding contamination, or they just check each bin or truckload and if it’s too contaminated, they toss the entire contents as non-recyclable.

Company offering recycling without a separate "garbage" stream? Is it a scam?

There’s a local recycling company in my province, called Revolution Resource Recovery which has a recycling model that seems really progressive: two bins, one for organic waste that will be composted and one for everything else. Apparently they will process all waste a…

Actually, I just thought of this: I (fairly rarely) see the trolley busses in my city driving with the wires detached, so they also have batteries presumably in case of emergency. But I don’t know what their battery only ranges are, so I don’t know if they have smaller batteries, or if the batteries last longer due to not being used most of the time?

They caused an opium crisis in China, so yeah, they had one even if they never had a domestic one.

So the corrupt police departments they have contracts with can perform stealth raids of minorities’ homes when they know they don’t have a warrant?

BTW, I think this is the more polite and quiet discussion I have had.

Thanks. I try my best to accomplish that.