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See: the covid-19 food market crash where farmers poured bleach on meat and vegetables, burned grains, and poured milk into sewers because they didn’t want to sell at a low price, and hoped that by artificially limiting supply, the price will go back up.

This is the same strategy that DeBeers diamonds or oil cartels use. But because food is perishable and can’t be hoarded like oil and diamonds, they “had” to destroy it.

I shot myself in both legs and now it’s inevitable that I’ll never walk again.

This is actually why the court system in the game Ace Attorney is how it is. The creator intended it as social commentary about Japan’s courts.

This comment from YouTube nails it:

Alphas: extroverts with narcissism

Sigmas: introverts with narcissism

As a fellow Canadian, I’d say Canada stretches the definition of a city way too far. I’d say that only the downtowns of major Canadian cities can truly be considered cities. The endless sprawl of single family suburbs are not. They are villages at best.

Let's have a look at Guizhou! One of the poorest provinces in China!
cross-posted from: https://lemmygrad.ml/post/394753 > Despite being one of the poorest, this province is full of breathtaking nature wonders. In Guiyang city alone, there are lakes, waterfalls, caves, canyons, and mountains and over 500 parks. This video only shows a small corner of the city. People living here have easy access to nature more than most viewers can imagine. They have the best of two worlds!

Loving the use of stratified mix use high rises, where you have retail/commercial on the lower floors and residential on the upper floors. The thumbnail itself is a pretty good showcase of that and it’s probably the best way to structure a dense city for non car use, walkability, and to reduce choke points because you don’t have boundaries between well-defined residential and commercial districts where everyone goes one way in the morning and the other way in the evening (these are usually the sources of rush hour congestion). You want everywhere to be a balance of residential and commercial capacity, so the number of people commutting in every direction is about equal.

Honestly, I’m kind of surprised these buildings don’t have more of an office/commercial section for the number of residences they have. One can only assume there still are a lot of dedicated office buildings or commercial districts in that case that people have to commute in and out of. Still not ideal but way better than North American cities, and I imagine a city like this also has excellent public transportation. Maybe most people in the city work in heavy industry that can’t or wouldn’t integrate well into urban areas? It might also have been that at the time of building this, the need for housing was higher than the need for commercial space, so they prioritized housing.

Anyone have pictures of what the new developments in this city look like?

I remember a story about how a Japanese person came to the US to teach Japanese, and had to quit because he couldn’t stand the weebs.

Hey, 100% conviction rate at least! I’m sure they all did it, and the torture-esque interrogation techniques are sure to bring the truth out!

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Iron man

Ah yes. The halting problem of English.

Actually, are languages Turing complete? I feel like they’re complex and interactive enough to be. Searching it up only gave results about programming languages, not human languages.

Yeah? And if it had gotten majority leave vote do you seriously think the Canadian government would have actually acted upon it? Did Harper look like the kind of guy to just say “well, if this is what you want, you’re a grown up province now! Go out there and see the world!”

I honestly think they should have kept the money. I don’t like Payless any more than any other company, but there’s something to be said about capitalist infighting and if you can spend four digits on shoes, you getting scammed is not deserving of my sympathy.

You know, Spain and the entire EU has been going on real hard about Taiwan lately, maybe they should address things like… Catalonia.

Or the UK with Northern Ireland.

Or the US with Hawai’i, oh but it’s only the Indigenous Hawaiians that want independence so who cares. Same with Alaska, go and ask any Inuit community if they like being an oil state or not. Actually, ask any Indigenous people in the US if they like being in the US. Same with Canada, Australia, New Zealand.

Call it whataboutism all you want, but I’m one of those weird people who think that there’s something to be said about if you accuse another country of human rights abuses, whether they’re true or not, maybe you shouldn’t do the exact same thing. It’s kind of like you’re accusing someone of killing people while jamming a knife into someone else’s chest, is that whataboutism?

Hint, both Taiwan and HK are much more independent from Mainland China than Catalonia, Northern Ireland, Hawai’i, or Alaska, or any Indigenous nation, from their respective ruling countries.

Might want to read up on why those parts are now part of Ukraine. Hint, they weren’t always part of Ukraine and was transferred by the USSR who figured that there would always be freedom of movement between them so it doesn’t really matter, kind of like how the demarcation of states in the US aren’t walls.

It’s ridiculous that the lesson is always “if it’s not safe, don’t cross the street.”

How about if it’s not safe for pedestrians, don’t fucking drive!

Just make it open source and self-hostable. Then you don’t have to waste server time for people requesting sus pictures of amogus!

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Russia didn’t pass a law saying than anyone could kill Ukrainians with hunting rifles.

Russia didn’t pass a law preventing their own citizens from receiving humanitarian aid from Ukraine.

Russia didn’t pass a law saying that any surrender to Ukraine is punishable by death.

I wonder who did.

To be fair, they revealed it to them after checkout and not only gave their money back, but let them keep the shoes.

I've read this article three times and I have no idea what it even means. I'm also pretty sure it'd get an F if it was a high school essay.

Seeing how they get things wrong about entire civilizations all the damn time, I don't think I'd give a shit about what they think my or anyone else's genders were. I mean, all "there are two genders" arguments are stupid, but somehow this was the stupidest I've come across.

Have LED bulbs been getting worse?
Around 2012, our family got a few LED light bulbs partly because I was intrigued by them. They were still pretty expensive at the time, but we got three to put in the most used fixtures. Fast forward to last year, now that LED bulbs are everywhere, and we finally did a huge overhaul of our lights, replacing all the CFLs that were showing signs of being about to die, with LEDs. The old ones from 2012 still work fine to this day, keep in mind they were in the most commonly used lamps in our home and got more than their fair share of being turned on and off in rapid succession, left on for long periods, and general abuse you'd expect in a house with a lot of people in it, but they still work perfectly. BUT, we've replaced like five or six of the NEW ones over the last year and a half they've been in use! The failure mode is almost always that they would start flickering, and because we prefer not to live in a disco studio, we'd have to get them replaced ASAP. We've even had one of the replacements fail in less than a year! And it's not like we got them from the dollar store, we got the middle shelf ones at the hardware store, and while they were cheaper than the original ones from 2012, but they weren't *that* cheap. What the hell is going on? You'd think over the last ten years, they would have gotten better as the technology matured, but it seems to me that they've gotten much worse. The second biggest selling point of LEDs after efficiency was that they last way longer than any other type of light, but the new ones we've gotten don't even last as long as an incandescent anymore!

Public Transit orgs: Hey commuters, what do you want most?
Commuters: Better service frequency Transit: Do you want Wi-Fi on all the busses and trains? Commuters: We want more busses and trains Transit: You want RGB accent lights at the stations? Commuters: Just don’t make me wait an hour at that station Transit: How about colour LCD screens displaying the next stop? Commuters: Spend that money on more vehicles! Transit: We could have a McDonald’s right at the platform! Commuters: Fuck it we’ll just drive.

Something I found really interesting was that a lot of the techniques resembled modern code injection, where user input was being mistakenly interpreted as a control signal from the system itself, kind of like forgetting to escape your SQL statements.