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As for me, in mid December I’ve accidentially broken back glass of my smartphone. It was a not huge thing since it is could be quite easily fixed, but still makes smartphone usage uncomfortable. So I decided to leave my smartphone till back glass will be fixed, then placed a sim into an old feature phone for sms and calls in urgent situations, and for the rest I decided to use laptop instead. After several weeks I understood that I havent’ missed nothing and that smartphone just brings an artificial feeling of importance 🙂

one of currently popular/active posts regarding funding of privacy oriented tools staggered me. I have never heard of OTF and BBG before and was really surprised that briar got funding 3! times from them. What do you personally think, is this fact corrupts briar itself?

you know, after reading several posts on c/privacy I have such an impression that one can trust nothing: either closed-source servers or OTF funding or wrong location :)

why there is no tutanota in your list? Do you know something compromising it? upd: tutanota is among recommended by https://www.privacytools.io/providers/email/

it is just kinda gamification tool that could encourage some sort of activity…

btw Crypto AG story increases chances that some services and companies even marketed as super secure and NON-US could be secretly owned by us government :) https://www.forbes.com/sites/daveywinder/2020/02/12/cia-secretly-bought-global-encryption-provider-built-backdoors-spied-on-100-foreign-governments/

ahaha definitely understand your situation, my gf tried to convinced her relatives for a year.

it is adding up to the point and makes things even worse :)

A missed momentum.

A mass exodus from Whatsapp created a great opportunity to change a whole landscape of communication tools, but seems it is already missed though. Instead of switching to wonderful self-hosted (rocket.chat, element) or even p2p serverless (briar etc) alternatives, millions of ex Whatsapp users stuck…

read just few lines below comparison pic ;)

why centralized telegram that even has no encryption by default belongs to valid alternative?