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as for incompetence, for media is a normal practice to reason any market movement with any event. It could be like price up because Elon mentioned it, next day market drop could be attributed to the exact same reason.

Interesting point, not trying to defend the Guardian here, but probably they talked about hashrate decrease since the 2nd of January and attributed this to internet shut down in Kazakhstan on 3-7 January.

definitely lemmys growth contributes to the growth of any community. But I think other factors such as crypto hype also influence our growth, if lemmy.ml added ca. 54% (users) since May, c/crypto added a bit more 66%.

900! c/crypto is growing

A bit of yearly stats on our community growth: …

Basically, when users can interact with blockchain on your webpage.

Just created a twitter account for /c/crypto. If you are on twitter let's give it an initial boost!

It is just an experiment and there is no confidence that it would work, but still there is a probability that it could give lemmy an influx of a fresh blood…

Great stuff - a good candidate to media

Cool stuff! Haven’t looked at the industry from this angle before.

I got mine with the last attempt

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Pretty fun word quiz game :) …

Is there a way to get historical data on subscribers count by community?

I think it would be a great metric for mods to see the growth dynamics of a community.

you can get free nft’s on forums and reddit, there is no tx fees associated since many creators just send them to people who provide their addresses. If you participating in minting of nft’s even if there is no price, there will be fees for sure. in this case you can consider either second layer solutions like bsc or even another blockchains like cardano or solana etc…

is this an opinion you are defending https://lemmy.ml/post/151029 ?

If its really misinformation like you say, it should be no problem to debunk it with actual arguments.

you just opened a conspiratorial box of Pandora on lemmy.ml

What I’m talking about is just to come up with a position and indicate it in rules.

lol how this comment could get downvoted :)

Request to remove c/antivax

Communities that promote misleading information and conspiracy theories should be not allowed. …

I don’t think that way. NFTs are currently used to artificially limit the supply of a practically inexhaustible resource. There is demand that isn’t satisfied on purpose to create a high number on the price tag.

whatever way you are thinking, price determines in a way I described you above. A bought NFT for 1USD -> wish to Sell it for 2 -> if there is B that ready to pay 2USD - new price is 2USD, if no one is ready to buy it even for 1 and A sold it to B for 0.5 - then price of NFT is 0.5 USD. Cheap NFT means no one is ready to buy it for a something you consider as a HIGH price. PS there are even tons of free NFTs - just participate in one of many giveaways of NFTs on rarible forum or on reddit.

Because reddit is overwhelmed with useless stuff which melting down my cpu :)

Very strange question. A price of any asset determines by willingness of someone to buy it with higher price. Cheap NFT is just NFT that no one wish to buy. Market already flooded with NFTs without effective demand. So, do you really want to flood the market with something without demand?

Oh. Why it is important? Is there a risk that miners would mine partly to bitmain’s wallet?

yet another US billionaire goes mining. Smells like government’s contracts near where :)

How do you see the future of c/crypto?

As a mod of c/crypto, I have several questions to our small but actively growing community: …

Community Knowledge Base: Crypto Media

Please feel free to share your favourite crypto media such as news outlets, telegram channels, youtube channels, podcasts etc in comments! …

A TREZOR 10% discount promo code for most appreciated wallet recommendation.

It happened so, I got a promo code with my wallet purchase and ready to share it. …

Community Knowledge Base: Wallets

Inspired by post, I’ve decided to start a new series of threads devoted to different important topics around cryptocurrencies where we can accumulate and share community knowledge, experience and recommendations. Something similar to awesome lists on github. …