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moreover , such articles with description of basic encryption methods could cause interest to this topic among broad audience.

the lines are unfortunately blurring :/

you definitely made it more clear

They tell you it's your fault.

Hope it belongs here

Meanwhile Elon Musk made a u-turn and started criticize bitcoin for energy waste.

Much better without karma mining thing

yes, but amount of usd is determined be peoples estimations how much bat costs :) And nothing prevents it from sinking to 0 one day.

upd. not sure though, ca a year ago I tried brave , got ad and bats, but there was no withdrawal mechanism or it required phone number and kyc

Exactly, it is astonishing how easy to sell garbage appealing to greed. And how easily people consent to believe that something useless has value. Brave not paying in USD, it pays with useless token, so literally people got as much money for watching brave ads as they believe the value of bat token is.

Lol. Probably Brave users think they gonna be rich by earning tokens for ads :) brave just uses peoples greed

Happy Victory Day!

Today marks 76th Anniversary of the Victory over Nazism. С днем Победы!..

scam is everywhere :) but this particular community aimed to report scam posts on lemmy to make life of admins a bit easier.

upd and more mods needed to remove outdated spam alerts for ex. And i can assign mod if user replied in community :)

New community -> /c/scam

The idea behind this community is to provide people an ability to report scam posts to make them easily discoverable in a single place for mods and admins. …


What if we meanwhile create a community like /c/scammunity or c/scam :) where everyone can publish links to scam posts etc and where admins or mods can see them in a single place to remove?

Do you know any working non-custodial doge wallet? Multidoge won’t sync for weeks, dogechain is web one, don’t think it is secure, multicoin wallets do not let you import keys.

Does lemmy already have merch? A T-short with such print would look nice :)

I have also noticed that gas price is lower during utc morning time .

haha russia is totally not a socialist country nowadays :)

but i don’t think it is good to throw such persons into the prison.

agree with that. looks like overreaction. But still final decision on her case will be on 11th May, let’s see. (still her final speech in the court was awful looks like some liberal cookbook exists).

As for Germany, I know how it goes :) I heard from my friends that some big plants have already for more than a year have shortened working time (ie Kurzarbeit) because of a crisis.

How it is connected to socialism ? Wasnt it on pro-Navalny protests?

UPD. Querdenker Jana from Kassel also recently compared herself to Sophie Scholl

Monthly General Discussion - May, 2021

Experiment, let’s see how it goes :)…

Requesting c/crypto

In this field there are big amount of scams/get-rich-quick schemes and promo attempts. Moderator seems inactive for months…

Discussion: open links in a new tab by default?

I’ve noticed, that links are being opened in the same tab and after reading you should all the time return to the lemmy page back. Should be easy to change that. What do you think?..

[Solved] Any illustrators/graphic designers out there?

I need 1 illustration (not complex). I have a reference for the style and sketch that gives a clear idea of the result. Ready to pay an equivalent of 150 USD in any low-transaction-fees crypto for the high resolution illustration incl. source file…

What will happen to bitcoin in case of global internet kill switch?

Imagine internet kill switch is in action around the world due to some lets say major conflict and previously global network becomes local in some territories or even turned off in others. So what is the bitcoin destiny in this case? Will people in some areas continue to mine bitcoin that will lead …

Feel free to join a test instance hosted on a rpi

BTW I’ve managed to setup a node on my raspberry pi, want to stress test it to understand if it is possible to host any community with it. So feel free to join my test instance …

New opportunities with a new release (v0.9.0) - Lemmy instance on a raspberry pi. Have you succeed?

With a new release 0.9.0, arm build is finally available. It is not a big deal to properly install it following instructions, but problem is with exposing your instance to the internet, bc of 2 open ports requirement (1235 for ui and 8536 for a server). I have tried to use tunneling services like ng…

A missed momentum.

A mass exodus from Whatsapp created a great opportunity to change a whole landscape of communication tools, but seems it is already missed though. Instead of switching to wonderful self-hosted (rocket.chat, element) or even p2p serverless (briar etc) alternatives, millions of ex Whatsapp users stuck…