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Seems to be fixed!

Probably there is any open and live leftist instance there

Looks really too big :)

Each time I reload the page, in a bottom left corner small red pop-up “websocket disconnected” appears.

Just noticed that they have chosen an intersting legal form : gGmbH (gemeinnützige GmbH) - not for profit limited liability company.

Good idea! Teach me communism, not a favourite one, but sometimes fun to listen.

Honestly, looks like spoiled 1st world people have yet another caprise, now they want greens to look like crab meat and taste like it… As for me, such manipulations lead to more resources waste, than simple catch and consumption of crabs.

Are you sure you have no choice? Has someone put a gun to your head? If yes, call police.

Idk what you mean, I’m not a part of rocket.chat team. You can just visit their website and ask all your question directly via their support (bottom right button ;) ), or join their support server on rocket.chat

To make such discussion serious we need to understand if taking baths by people is a sufficient or major factor of water waste. If it is not and major water waste happens during production of useless shit, your sacrifice would be vain. So if you want to solve problem of water waste, firstly find the main reason of it, if you just don’t like to take baths, stop doing it.

rocket.chat is also provide e2e encryption, also open source, so it is hard to say objectively. The thing I like in rocket.chat is that it could be very easily setup and hosted on raspberry pi in minutes.

if you cannot visit rocket.chat website by yourself, it is free open source self-hosted alternative to slack/discord, ie communication platform.

I see your point.

But in my perception “user/month” still may look like only 77 users from 833 subscribers visited community at least once per month. And such metric may make a feeling for users, that our already not that a huge instance consists of ghosts - inactive users and is even smaller than it is in reality. Reddit is huge, but I have never seen that they demonstrate amount of “active users among subscribers”.

To check my point, you can simply ask someone outside a dev team and active contributers: “What does user per month in communities list mean?”. Of course it is just a friendly suggestion.

In my eyes, such metric is pretty good for mods or developers, but at the same time may scare away regular and especially new users. People may think that from 833 subscribers of c/lemmy, only 77 users visit this community per month. It is a usual thing for any social network, that minority - content creators and majority - passive consumers. So, such metric may lead to wrong perception, instead of showing a liveliness of a community it just shows share of content creators, ignoring passive consumers.

So, that’s why I propose:

  1. to hide “users/month” parameter from list of communities for everyone, just display it on a community page;
  2. to add a new parameter “last activity” (that shows when the last post or comment was made) instead.

as far as i understand, there is no sorting feature right now. So in order to implement such sorting, “last active” column should be added anyway. Sure, sorting could be an option

they don’t want to stop spam, they want to get access to your emails to remove all dangers for you :) such approach targets lazy or naive users :)

How welthiest avoid taxation

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Bought Bio-Apples today, poured them with boiled water and found that they are wax-coated. …


They tell you it's your fault.

Hope it belongs here

Happy Victory Day!

Today marks 76th Anniversary of the Victory over Nazism. С днем Победы!..