Regarding blogspam

In the recent months, we’ve been getting more blogspam accounts, and the administrators have been discussing behind the scenes on how to deal with it. Blogspam is against the rules of this Lemmy instance and is treated the same as any other spam. That is, offending posts will be removed and blogspam…

Regarding blogspam

Statement on Politics of

Recently there have been some discussions about the political stances of the Lemmy developers and site admins. To clear up some misconceptions: Lemmy is run by a team of people with different ideologies, including anti-capitalist, communist, anarchist, and others. While @dessalines and I are communi…


New Community - Really Interesting

I will need help with this community. If you find anything interesting, please post it here. …

How to lose weight faster without partaking in any exercises

Have you been wondering about how to lose your weight to what you expected? Or your are thinking of the severe pain you will pass through during exercise? Then this article will help you in step by step in how you can lose weight with no exercise. [

Helloa! I poped open a community for all things Ukulele, come join if small lute-derived instruments with a funny vibe interests you :)…


Learn Mandarin community created!

Hello looking for moderator! someone Chinese/experienced also active!..

Link to community: !

New community: Liberal World News!

PSA: Sharing links on sites where they are blocked

Some websites block links, for example Facebook as you can see in the screenshot below. …

new community -> Gryph the Gryphon

u can also talk about things like …

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New conmunity: Unix!

I made a new community for discussion of unix, unix-like, and unix-based operating systems…

New conmunity: Unix!
  • @YSU
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Apologies for Lemmy being down last night.

Our server went down last night, after we received some messages from our provider that someone had uploaded illegal pornographic photos. …

New Community -> Steam Play (Proton etc for Linux)

Since no one made one yet. A dedicated community for Steam Play Proton on Linux…

日本語247 - Japanese Immersion

Hey there. I made this community for learning Japanese. A while ago I’ve gotten a bit sidetracked on studying language but now I’m going to give it another go. …


New community: !communities

In this community you can talk about new communities you created and communities which are communities created by communities. You can also talk about communes and commune-related and community-related stuff…


I made a new community to discuss video game rpgs as it appears that lemmy was missing one. Discussion about both console and computer style RPGs is welcomed!..

New community - Tattoos

Hello, there! …

Well, I know this may seem like something stupid, since the community over all isn’t that big, but I feel it needs its own space, and if it’s not active I’m okay with it, as long as its there if someone wants to participate…

here is the community for Onmyoji and related games players. please share your Onmyoji game things here!..


Lemmy Announcements

Feel free to announce new communities here.

Other than that, this is reserved for admin use only.

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