Regarding blogspam

In the recent months, we’ve been getting more blogspam accounts, and the administrators have been discussing behind the scenes on how to deal with it. Blogspam is against the rules of this Lemmy instance and is treated the same as any other spam. That is, offending posts will be removed and blogspam…

Statement on Politics of

Recently there have been some discussions about the political stances of the Lemmy developers and site admins. To clear up some misconceptions: Lemmy is run by a team of people with different ideologies, including anti-capitalist, communist, anarchist, and others. While @dessalines and I are communi…

Available on Izzyondroid…

Heap Overflow - A place to ask programming questions and share free resources [New Instance]

A federated and freedom-preserving alternative to stackoverflow!

Based on the Arch distribution, Parabola is a complete, user-friendly operating system, suitable for general “everyday” use, while retaining Arch’s “power-user” charm. Parabola adheres to the [GNU Free System Distribution Guidelines (FSDG)](

Lemmy now has private instances, optional registration applications, optional email verification, and temporary bans! These are described in detail below. …

Announcing /c/ModelRevolution

Clearly most of us are still living in this capitalism system that we dislike. Many of us have read theory. But very few of us have participated in any simulation to practice that theory. This sub aims to change that. …

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It’s a community based around the building, set up, and use of home servers for a variety of purposes. All discussion is welcome!..


OPSEC is the process and practice of Operations Security. Although it has roots in the military, OPSEC can be applied to any venture requiring secrecy and survival, from business security to personal safety. OPSEC is a mindset of critical thinking and safe habits. Read the sidebar below for more inf…


Born as idea in peertubes matrix channel, i have created a new community to find, collect and sort peertube-instances drives by community to have a "list of “good” instances…

It is a community of tips that can improve your life in one way or another…


A community expanding Linux sysadmin knowledge…


So wie auf Englisch gibts jetzt auch für den deutschsprachigen Raum eine Lemmy-Community wo wir “gute” Peertube-Instanzen community-getrieben sammeln und sortieren. …

Lemmy is growing!

Good news…

New community for StumpWM

Ive created a new community for the StumpWM X11 window manager, for those who prefer Lemmy to Reddit. Feel free to join at

New community for Electric Vehicles

I’m the moderator of r/ElectricVehicles on reddit which has a huge number of people over 100k. I’ve been trying to make a move to lemmy for a while as well:). I’m a huge car nerd, but you don’t have to be to know that we are under-going an EV revolution and it’s happening today, from every automaker…

A community for Critical Mass

We increasingly find that having the first minimum number of users who interact amongst themselves is extremely important for a system to survive. …

A community for fashion

Pretty much self-explanatory. Interested people please join. …

Happy New Year!!!

Ye, just that Happy New Year!..

Lemmy Announcements

Feel free to announce new communities here.

Other than that, this is reserved for admin use only.

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