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Agree, it should be possible to reply with a comment to somebody who blocked you. The comment should just be hidden from that user.

Besides suppressing discussion, the current behaviour also makes it too easy to tell that someone blocked you. I think it should be as hard as possible to figure that out.

Could you please include a link to the source?

compiling subreddits for AHS helps a lot, definitely do that if you want to fight hate)

That sounds useful, but trolling Lemmy and calling everyone you dislike a nazi is completely useless. If you dont stop it, you will get banned.

Your trolling wont do anything against bigotry.

I dont know if you are trolling or not, but either way you need to stop calling everyone nazi. You have been warned.

Actually I cant, must be a bug.

Yes treasure island is a book for teenagers i think, but black sails is clearly for adults. With prostitution, violence etc.


I did ban + remove content, but the remove part doesnt federate yet.

The current rules look good, expect for “Legal under US law”, that should go. We have a code of conduct for the site, so there is no reason to refer to the laws of some random country.

Treasure Island should be public domain. After reading it, watch Blacks Sails (TV show which plays before the book). Both are quite good. Also books by Jules Verne (Around the World in Eighty Days, Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea).

Edit: Just found out that there are two cool looking movies of “Around the World in Eighty Days”.

More evidence that copyright law sucks, why should his grandchildren make money with his books? Just get a job like everyone else.

I tried to read that but it was way too drawn out. I think I made it to page 200 or so and he didnt even leave his village yet. And it has 1000 pages. That was years ago so numbers might be wrong.

It seems like every cult is generally hated. I have never heard about any exception.

falun gong was started in the 90s as a scam martial arts/exercise movement. There are a ton of similar but smaller quack qigong cults that was started at around the same time. Initially, the Chinese government supported these because they were thought of as a harmless way to get old people out and exercising.

falun gong is anti-medicine, telling cult members to avoid going to the hospital when sick, leading to deaths. It teaches that there is a “falun” or “law wheel” inside the body, leading some sick cult members to attempt to dig it out, leading to deaths. It is a doomsday cult, and believes only master li can save the cult members from the coming apocalypse with super natural powers. It is against homosexuality and race-mixing, saying mix race babies are evil and is a plot by aliens, which is super offensive to western liberals (in addition to the recent fervent support of Trump)

Eventually a physics professor He Zuoxiu started writing articles denouncing these qigong frauds for what they are, including publishing an article in an obscure science magazine called “Science and Technology for Youth” criticizing falun gong in 1999. The falun gong saw this and was outraged, and they staged an unauthorized 10,000 people barricade of the central government offices demanding that the central government apologize, silence He Zuoxin, and give falun gong legal recognition.

from here

I really wouldnt trust a religious cult (Falun Gong) when it comes to news.

Thats not implemented, but contributions welcome.

It doesnt say where you meet him. Maybe its in the middle of a warzone, or during zombie apocalypse?

No reason to delete it, other people might wonder about the same thing.

Community subscriptions are private, only the communities you moderate are listed publicly.


A “Lemmy federation map”, showing linked, allowed and blocked instances. …


Ruqqus announcement: Pivot - Phase 1

Its interesting to read, especially these points: …


Hola desde lemmy.ml 👋

Edit: Parece que algo esta roto en el lemmy de nogafam.es, el post no aparece alli…

Promoting Lemmy

I think most of us agree that the main problem which Lemmy has today is its lack of users. This is not for technical reasons, as we know it is quite stable and usable. The main cause is that the project is not widely known yet. In this post I will propose what we can do to change that. …


How can we make Lemmy easier for new users?

I’m curious to hear if you have any thoughts or ideas about this. As a developer I understand very well how Lemmy works, and cant tell at all what might be difficult or confusing…