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In German we use the term “US-American”, much better I think.

Even a 1 KB password might be enough to ddos a server if enough people do it, cause password hashing algorithms are very slow by design.

I tried that once but didnt the design of the Android app at all, very different from other apps. Since then I didnt try it again, because I have better things to do than trying out messengers all day long 😃

It might work if there is a delay of some days before the takeover takes effect. Plus new mods might not be allowed to vote for their first days or weeks.

I think that needs to be added to the docs.

Does that make any real difference?

Done, you’re a mod now :)

Lemmy Development Update 2021-01-22

This week we were mainly busy to prepare Lemmy version 0.9.0, which we plan to release on Monday. That version will include the database rewrite which @dessalines worked for over a month, as well as some breaking API changes. We will also provide ARM builds which many people have asked for. …

You could setup external authentification such as LDAP which handles accounts for all services in a single place. But I dont know how hard it is to setup, and if all the projects you mention support it (Lemmy doesnt have it yet).

Relevant section in the Peertube docs

I have never heard of it before, and with 10k downloads it seems extremely small. Matrix has way more than that and is fully open source and federated, so I would just use that.

The way wikipedia chooses its sources is also very problematic. Many good sources are not allowed at all. This comment has some details.

Wow this is very interesting, in the first years they barely managed to spend 50% of their income, and even now its only 75%. So their net assets have gone up by double digit percentages every single year. I wonder which bank holds all that money.

That they cant say why the user was suspended because of privacy reasons sounds like an excuse. All they have to say is which specific rule was violated, no personal details needed. Unless they want to keep something secret, maybe a court order?

Eventually they wrote back, explaining that it was disabled "as part of an investigation into the OGUers forum." (I censored it because it is an illegal site (?) ) I didn’t remember ever being a part of OGUsrs, and a search in my inbox revealed no emails from the forum.

This is even worse. It sounds like the user was identified based on a data leak from that forum, and not due to activity on protonmail. So it likely went through a government agency. All without giving the user a chance to defend themselves, guilty until proven innocent.

Overall this makes Protonmail even more suspicious than it already was. I wouldnt be surprised at all if the CIA was behind it.

Are you saying I’m a ghost or a zombie? 😵

Edit: nevermind, recently I started to turn off my computer by cutting the power, cause I’m too lazy to wake it from suspend, login, and wait for it to shutdown. So it seems that I am still hanging on to live.

But why cut off the electricity when you can use a cronjob and not risk disk corruption?

The layout/ux is really complicated, most people would probably not use it for that reason alone.

I would say the main problem with Wikipedia is the fact that it is all controlled by a single organisation in the United States. So no matter where someone lives or which language of Wikipedia they want to contribute to, in the end that organisation in the United States can decide whether or not it is acceptable. That might not be so bad for things like math or science, where an objective truth exists. But when it comes to topics like politics, there are many groups who hold different opinions, and it is impossible to give an objective truth.

The best way to solve this problem is likely with completely separate wiki instances run by different countries, organisations or political groups. These could use ActivityPub to federate with each other, and share some of the articles. For example, articles about math could be shared across most instances, while each instance might have its own version of an article for a controversial political topic.

Implementing something like that seems very hard though, and so far I dont think anyone has tried to implement a federated wiki.

Huh, is there any particular need for buckets in Finland, or is it just some strange tradition?

Is it because you host your server at home, and dont want people to know your home IP? Then you can just setup a reverse proxy (like nginx) on a vps, and have it forward the traffic. Many providers also have ddos protection for free. I can recommend hetzner or ovh.

You mean like a bucket of alcohol, or just an empty bucket? Either way, I take the weed 😁

The Tyranny of Stuctureless

A very interesting read. The article is specifically about feminist groups, but I think the same problem is also common in other leftist groups…

Lemmy Development Update 2021-01-15

We forgot to write a development update last week, so we are including last week’s work in this update as well. …

“When authorities found suspicious cases before they even showed symptoms, they mobilize those people to receive a test and quarantine at the same time. Authorities race ahead of the epidemic,” Wang said. …

Many elderly WWII vets in Russia live alone and haven’t the ability to improve their living conditions. Volunteers hear their dreams all across Russia starting projects to help WWII veterans improve their living conditions for free. The wave of civic engagement came after Anton from Ekaterinburg, Ce…

Its a very interesting video. Disclaimer, I dont agree with every point that he makes. But the account also has many newer videos which are more specific, and more accurate…

Also much easier to learn than I thought. Just half an hour yesterday and half an hour today, and already I can go 20 km/h without a problem, or take tight curves. …

I wrote a new introduction for our Federation docs

What do you think, does it explain things well who dont know anything about ActivityPub? Anything that is unclear or missing? …

Are there any public instances of Calibre Web?

It looks like a very useful tool for a use case I have, but I would like to test it before setting up a server myself. And are there any other ebook libraries that work in the browser, which I might give a try? …