cross-posted from: > You need to generate an openssl secret with: > > openssl rand -hex 32 > > and include the following lines into your `/var/www/peertube/config/production.yaml` file after the webserver section: > > # Secrets you need to generate the first time you run PeerTube > secrets: > # Generate one using `openssl rand -hex 32` > peertube: '[put output of openssl rand -hex 3 here]' > BE

What is the most decent instance right now? TILvids?
I checked instances with most users here: And I concluded that TILvids is the most decent instance if you consider userbase and quality videos/channels. At least for english-speaking folks. Am I right? Do you know other good active instances?

PeerTube is a decentralized and federated alternative to YouTube. The goal of PeerTube is not to replace YouTube but to offer a viable alternative using the strength of ActivityPub and WebTorrent protocols. Being built on ActivityPub means PeerTube is able to be part of a bigger social network, the [Fediverse]( (the Federated Universe). On the other hand, WebTorrents and related technologies help PeerTube to solve the issue of money, inbound with all streaming platform : With PeerTube, you don't need to have a lot of bandwidth available on your server to host a PeerTube platform because all users (which didn't disable the feature) watching a video on PeerTube will be able to share this same video to other viewers. If you are curious about PeerTube, I can't recommend you enough to check [the official website]( to learn more about the project. If after that you want to try tu use PeerTube as a content creator, you can try to find a platform available there to register or host yourself your own PeerTube platform on your own server. The development of PeerTube is actually sponsored by [Framasoft](, a french non-for-profit popular educational organization, a group of friends convinced that an emancipating digital world is possible, convinced that it will arise through actual actions on real world and online with and for you! Framasoft is also involved in the development of [Mobilizon](, a decentralized and federated alternative to Facebook Events. If you want to contribute to PeerTube, feel free to: * report bugs and give your feedback on [Github]( or on [our forums]( * submit your brillant ideas on our [Feedback platform]( * Help to translate the software, following [the contributing guide]( * [Make a donation]( to help to pay bills inbound in the development of PeerTube.

The first time this runs, it'll ask for details, but after that it should just upload your video. The information it needs is dumped into a file, to be sourced later, so if you want to change a variable, you can just remove that line of the file (`pt_info.txt`), and it'll ask for it again. A few notes: - The name of the file becomes the title of the video. - You *need* a second argument, which is the video's description. - You'll need fuzzy-finder (`fzy`) so it can let you select things. - If you don't have `pass` installed, it'll store your password in plain text. - If you do have `pass` installed, it'll remember what your passwords name is, and just use that. - It only takes 1 category ('education', 'sports', et c.), so all subsequent videos will have the same category unless you change that. - The default licence is CC0. (fuck copyright) Example: > ./ myVideo.mp4 "This is my description of my video." It's only been tested once, so I'd give it a 50/50 chance of working.

[Question] Add cheap HDD storage (from home) to a small Peertube VPS
cross-posted from: > This is the second try (original post: of me trying to get an answer, this time I'll be more specific of what I am thinking to do. I thought a more generalized question would be enough. Sorry for that. > > A peertube server needs lots of storage. Many of the videos will hardly get any views. Storage space on a vps is pretty expensive, storage space in general isn't cheap. So my thought was to > > have a disk at home (maybe external disk on a raspberry pi) and a VPS. > > The VPS only has a very limited amount of storage, but is otherwise totally able to run peertube well. So why not have a virtual file system on the VPS, which looks like it has the size of the HDD and it uses a specified amount of the vps storage for caching. So if someone watches a popular part of a popular video, the vps can serve the video content from the local disk. If someone wants to watch the video that nobody ever watches, it's not a problem since the uplink from home can easily deliver that as well, without the video taking the precious storage. > Block caching would be best, since file caching wouldn't be ideal with video files being really big in some cases. So a very long video would fill the cache, even if only parts of it are needed. > > The remote storage doesn't need to be from home of course, could be cheap cloud storage. I know that peertube works with s3, but it will only move transcoded videos into a bucket and then serve them directly from there. I don't want that from home, it would also not use the upload performance of the VPS for popular videos. > > Any thoughts? Good idea or not? > > I have worked with bcache in the past and was always very impressed with the performance, I think my scenario could really work.

Let’s improve PeerTube - Help us define PeerTube’s future roadmap
corresponding blogpost:
fedilink - A PeerTube instance for the Vietnamese blogger Linh
It's nice to see Vietnamese PeerTube videos and users.
4 - A PeerTube instance for the Vietnamese blogger Linh

The importance of vid quality controls
I often use YouTube/invidious over odysee or peertube due to my devices lagging either due to the device being low spec or internet connection or something else. A bunch of Odyssey and peertube videos are only available at 720p or 1080p. I'm consistently told I don't need a gaming computer and 100 Mbps to play 1080p videos without lag, but 1080p videos have been a problem across every device I've ever owned in my life, and the best device I've owned was a pixel 6, and on 75 Mbps connection. Inb4 I'm told this is my problem I should just deal. So videos of being automatically scaled down to 360p or 480p would help a lot with adoption.

I've been thinking a bit about the new analytics feature in Peertube, I'm curious what you guys think of the new features.

Are there any Marxist-Leninist instances?
I can't seem to find any ML PeerTube instances. If there is no ML PeerTube instance, then that could be a potential Lemmygrad project. [Also someone made a good point about giving tons of initial storage space.](

Sustainability of peertube long term?
Creators who upload frequently can't use a non self hosted instance for long, because most of the instance have like 5 gb limits. It's pretty easy to upload over 5 gb of footage. What do creators have to do if they're not making enough/any revenue but want to upload more than 5 gb of content?

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Does peertube need an algorithm?
If it were up to my opinion. the short answer is yes. if the topics/genres that I were interested in, i.e. I searched for, I clicked, gets recommended more. For a privacy perspective it might be a bad thing depending how it was implemented, it's quite unlikely that the algorithm is is done externally, or locally on a users machine, it would likely be from the server and stored there too. unless we have something like a peertube client that could sync the preference data between devices. either that, or we'll have to encrypt it. if we so care much about privacy. but decentralization definitely helps. Now on the topic of addiction is a whole another discussion, it may vary for user to user. I'm not an expert in this but for me I can control what I want to do fairly well. I tend to scroll through the recommendations at leisure, when I want to look for useful information like guides, tutorials, advice on a skill i'd use the search bar, categories, or try sift through the recommendations. *a while ago I was mindlessly scrolling and quickly made aware of it, I despised the feeling and avoided doing the same thing. other might be still stuck in a loop. i'm... not sure.* the recommendations from algorithm are the ones that had "gems" aka information that would helped me tremendously that I wasn't specifically looking for and higher quality videos. It's like a double edged sword, depending on the user's intent, or.. control of their intent. that is definitely a problem to some people, so we should give them an option to make it more adhd friendly. --- I'd like to say in defense of algorithms if it were something I knew what it was doing. I'd be in favour of. it's more of a discoverability function, like what's poppin on peertube y'know? I haven't found anything good for a while, it's very rare and like mostly found on accident or via youtube. maybe it's just that we haven't seen any massive adoption here, but I don't really know, what do you think?

So basically I'm sat here with a server that has been running for almost a month. an html website, pleroma, and peertube. basically everything I need for content creation, but I haven't done nothing, not a post (that has any value). I don't really know how to make videos, I kinda have some ideas, I have like a script writing software that I'm in the middle of figuring out.. but.. I have no idea how this thing really works. I have a set of interests already established so that's that. how does someone start out as a video content creator?

Best instance to upload content by vtubers?
Currently odysee is being used here: It’s just difficult to find a decent instance that will not auto-delete every video just because it’s technically under copyright.

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who do you follow on peertube? & which instances should I follow?
I have a instance, with one person, which is I alone. I also don't follow any instances. Thought it might be a good idea to ask people who they follow for a suggestion.

Add Your Peertube instances lists here!
We have to get sepiasearch to list all instances this will also bring new content to Newpipe as they use sepiasearch for video search!

The video seems to be fine... how is this possible?!?!

Decomposing peertube into a spectator service
When I use peertube, I interact in limited ways. I dont like, I dont subscribe. And Im not commenting. I usually only watch. I also find it slightly inaccessible. And that's not because I don't want to interact. Rather, it is because I don't think there are convenient and meaningful ways to do so as of now. On the one side, if you use your peertube account to interact with content from the site itself, it will work well. However content abroad is inconvenient and requires insight. For example it requires several clicks and typing in your federated account to interact with a video. Secondly, it isn't attractive for passerbys to create an peertube account, because the software is primarily targeted toward video creators, and not the spectators. Thirdly, it will increase the responsibilities of admins and moderators. Not only would they have to keep track of videos following terms, but also that users are interacting well. I believe Peertube should outsource interaction and subscription to a new federated software. Let's call it Duckling just for the sake of making it easier to reference. Duckling is somewhat of an interaction service. Here you can subscribe to channels and instances, renamed to idols and pubs respectively, just to make it more human. If you find a joyful instance, you can add it to your pubs. Pubs should be visited to find new idols. One of the reason I find this idea quite interesting is because it would decompose peertube into smaller and more meaningful projects. Peertube could focus on making the best video hosting service, whereas Duckling could focus on becoming the best spectator service. For example, Duckling could experiment with how to display threads and sort comments. Or make it easier to discover relevant content. As the development progress of such software, it could be meaningful to expand the scope of Duckling. Perhaps to make it more of a general purpose federated subscription service.

He just closed this issue in favor of nutomic's issue which is the basically the same issue

The Dutch national museum of "Beeld en Geluid" is experimenting with a Peertube instance where they archive their extensive collection of historic video content related to the Netherlands. It is very encouraging to see this development, and I hope they'll take this initiative further than just an experiment. Their old image archive server is 'dying' and this effort is part of investigating alternatives. Here's the Museum website: And the Peertube instance: The linked URL to this post is to my toot about this. Please boost if you like this development. The more people use the instance, the more these institutions realize that Peertube and the Fediverse is a viable and attractive choice to just choosing YouTube, the advertising and targeting nightmare of Advertising giant Google.

The instances list has a lot of conspiracy instances listed
Most of them in German language, two examples: but English as well: The density is shocking, considering that many of the normal instances are badly connected to other servers.
The instances list has a lot of conspiracy instances listed

Is there a peertube client/app that remembers my preferred quality settings?
Because default peertube doesn't have this feature and nutomic requested it in 2019.

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