Thorium(beta) allows you to watch and browse videos on a server of your choice in the PeerTube network. …


An important peertube instance we are missing

I think peertube should be the video platform to go when researching digital freedom. In particular videos about libre software, creative commons, walled gardens, state surveillance, corporate surveillance, tech empires, decentralization, federation, piracy, user activism, privacy, piracy, DRM, righ…

Hello, there, comrades! I made a new, more casual PeerTube channel (some of you might have seen some of these videos), and would love it if you joined me there…

Found five options, of which two look identical. I only want to search or scroll and watch, nothing more for the moment…

What's the best instance to join?

I am looking for a instance with Tech, gamming, privacy conent and in english. Any suggestions? Thank you in advance!..

Finally, I am finishing my talking about the just world hypothesis! Just kidding! I will keep talking about it…

There are mishaps in the sound at times. I tried rerecording a couple of times, but couldn’t quite capture the mood. I ordered a simple mic; hopefully, there will be an improvement in the sound quality in my videos soon…


I am trying something new, comrades! I’m calling it leftist ASMR. Let me know what you think. Read the text here:


How can I find the PeerTube Instance for me and some people to Subscribe and Donate to?

I’m all for all of this, but I am having a hard time with PeerTube in particular. I want to move to it, but I can’t find an instance that isn’t loaded up with Politics. Is there an English, non-Political PeerTube Instance?..

A short documentary about Peertube’s development. It is in french but there are english subtitles…


TubeLab | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository

The #Peertube app, Tubelab has an update - Available on F-Droid…

Hey everyone, I figured I’d just share some guitar videos I’ve put up on PeerTube…

A huge problem with peertube is that it has no language settings.

When browsing peertube, every other video is in other languages than english. …

Live streaming is coming to peertube!!!..

A free software to take back control of your videos

Peertube is an open, federated alternative to Youtube without advertising or tracking. On this site, you can find a good Peertube instance, with good rules, good moderation and most importantly a friendly community.

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