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i think smartphones don’t need to be powerful. That only means short battery lifetime. I only need my smartphone to communicate with people and some organizational things. I don’t play games, etc.

@jonuno@lemmy.ml basically, i don’t like seeing a bright red attention gaping swastica on my timeline and i think that this is completely fine.

the picture adds no value to the lemmy post

some person on mastodon posted this and i keep thinking about it and i like it a lot.

imagine: “they” is some politically conservative group of people who warns you about this new neighbor, who is really non-mainstream in every possible way (anarchist, communist, gender-atypical/queer, nerd, etc.).

And now this person uses exactly that as a way to describe herself and make fun of this.

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close enough

the only thing that worked on a big scale in the fediverse so far is the campaign promoted by isolategab, all other right wing accounts are only known to a small amount of people and those have difficulties to share their knowledge in a big scale.

fediblock.org was the best solution so far but failed

the main problem i see is that antifascist defense against nationalism in the fediverse seems to be a very difficult problem to solve. not impossible but very hard and still unsolved

hm, you have crossposted this post 6 times to the same community?

i feel like you are trolling since gramatically ‘they’ refers to all genders, so adding he/she pronouns doesn’t improve the situation and makes the readability worse.


In the PR, i found 8 cases where only male pronouns were used. So i think this is obviously sexist? I guess you sure would think this is sexist when only female pronouns would be used?

see https://github.com/neovim/neovim/pull/14582/files#diff-39ce7fc6897bf0e742a197cdeee45ecef2d3590ece65cce1047b6864d0e4efa8R1878 for one

it could be the case that one of the linked lemmy instances uses that and lemmy retrieves its data to show what this linked lemmy instance has posted

Thinking about about gender while writting technical documentation should be a second thought (as it is here too).

Yes, exactly!

If someone thinks that they can’t do something, unless it isn’t clearly specified so, the fault is in education of such person.

Yes, this is also exactly true.

In my country there is also that “stereotype” about nurses. But when 99% of nurses are female, and language forces me to use one or another I would shoot and ask “where is she” not where is he as I would only got 1% to hit. That’s why I don’t agree with your example.

but this is not what i meant. I was talking about more general cases, for instance when you talk about the general job a nurse does and not the concrete person. A general job has nothing to do with gender and therefore it makes logically no sense to use gendered pronouns.

Maybe some additional context is useful here. I noticed that originally in chess videos, where some person explains a theoretical position, some random imaginative position which never occured and is just made up to explain theory.

In this chess example gender should not matter becaue there are no players. And still this person who i watched used “he” pronouns when talking about for instance the attacking person in this theoretical position.

Yes i agree this person thinks probably of a male chess player and therefore usess male pronouns.

And at the same time, a recent chess study (lemmy post( has revealed that there are so few female chess players because of gender stereotypes. Women play much better when they think they play against women.

And using male pronouns by default when gender should not matter is a very subtle way of giving women the impression they don’t belong in chess.

So the gender stereotype is what you mean with education. Men are much more likely to play chess because society educates Men that brain work is for them. In many movies men solve difficult problems but very few women do solve difficult problems.

yeeees it is.

I am always very annoyed when i read a sentence using male pronouns when obviously the gender doesn’t matter, because it promotes gender stereotypes. for instance, in this case it subtly promotes the idea that women can’t be technical/computer scientists.

If it would be very obvious that computer scientists can be female, obviously people wouldn’t use male pronouns because it would feel very obvious to exclude people.

I assume you probably haven’t thought about that first, but would you use male pronouns for a nurse whose gender you don’t know? At least in my country it would be very common to use female pronouns because many nurses are female. But since some nurses are also male, this example illustrates that the usage of pronouns is based on gender stereotypes on not “use always male pronouns if gender is unkown” which might some people think

so basically what i am saying here is the same as @blue_penquin@lemmy.ml in their post just using different words. My intention was to add some background to it.

yes. and traffic shaping is (as far as i understand) on the level of the operating system or the kernel which controls the network usage of programs.

usually a bit more complicated but it could work. so the browsers, for instance your internet browser tries to go full speed but the kernel/operating system says: “full speed means for you 500kb/s” or something.

example sentence:

the user will be asked if they wish to save the buffer first (yes, no, or cancel)

i think this is very good. the “generic masculinum” is very sexist

not sure if helpful but one technical term which could be useful to understand things is “traffic shaping”: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Traffic_shaping

reducing the bandwidth of some programs is part of that.

see also https://wiki.archlinux.org/title/Shorewall and https://wiki.archlinux.org/title/Advanced_traffic_control

“linux traffic shaping” seems to be an interesting internet search term.