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ah, yes. thanks

Love this question <3

Welcome! might answer in depth when i have more sleep. (sleep is important!)

what prevents you from trying to educate people about that? maybe a presentation?

@nutomic@lemmy.ml i think you could explain your experiences using the newest peertube version. As far as i know you complained about the lack of moderation features, which seems to be available in the newest version.

I disagree. To cite the website:

First-class support for UTF-8/multilingual text



so my experience with musl and glibc is based on running voidlinux. I once had installed the musl version and switched to the glibc version afterwards. Now i consider to switch to the musl version again and use glibc in a chroot for specific programs that don’t work with musl.


  • big software packages like eclipse didn’t work at the time using musl. I don’t remember the exact reason.
  • proprietary software probably won’t work since they target glibc and don’t care about musl.
  • i think telegram-desktop was another candidate to only work with glibc, but i’m not sure anymore.
  • i think on the server it works much better compared to the desktop. For instance, alpinelinux main purpose is rather a server OS than a desktop os.
  • some programs use specific parts of glibc, which makes it hard to use with musl, i think. Initially, i was thinking about profanity. But now i discovered that profanity works in alpinelinux witch uses musl. See llink. They don’t use patches, they just include glib-dev package. So i’m confused now.

Voidlinux is really nice, here is the documentation for things that won’t work with musl.

That means, if you want to experiment, on a desktop/laptop, i would recommend to use voidlinux. Then, you can slowly work on specific packages to work with musl.

For that, you can look at the package tree of alpinelinux, openbsd, freebsd, netbsd, etc. and see if the software you try to get to work with musl works there. If it works, they probably have some patches that will help you.

distributions using musl:

  • alpine linux
  • void linux

source for that, @contrapak@lemmy.ml ? or some example videos i can watch?

i have watched many of him an i never thought about that or noticed sth

Look at mastodon, for instance. There, you write @user@instance.tld to identify someone. That is the ID, so changing it would invalidate all those references. The same is true for communities and users in lemmy, or in general all activitypub things. as far as i understand.

Correct way is to delete and recreate.

absolute nothing for the future, but the already built ones can be used for some time.

According to a scientist i have watched, we have

  • ~7-8 years before the 1,5 target is reached.
  • and ~18 years before the 2 degree target is reached.
  • Probably much less because the accelerating factors like: extreme rain for one period and then long period of not much rain -> forsest is very dry -> forest burns down in summer -> releases CO2 -> accelerates climate change -> greenhouse effect causes permafrost in siberia to thaw -> releases frozen CO2/methane in form of ancient, dead plants and animals -> more CO2 -> ice in greenland melts faster -> less reflection from the ice of greenland -> more heat/extreme weather -> antarctica also melts (but slower compared to greenland, because the water under it doesn’t change from warm to cold) -> we have more water in the ocean -> more risk of floods -> more people fleeing from big cities and more people being killed by floods and in general extreme weather

also, i’ve read that the usual time to build a nuclear power plant is between 10 and 20 years. Which means its of no good use to prevent climate catastrophy: after the 2 degree target has reached, nuclear power plants will be destroyed by extreme weather effects. Which means, the environment, ocean, etc. will be radioactive because of the nuclear waste. Which means fish and animals will die. Which means CO2 will be released (from the animal bodies), which means the climate changes even faster.

in short: its bad.

There’s nothing wrong with having a slur filter if well designed, but Lemmy’s slur filter is not well-designed.

yeah, that’s true. The devs are aware of it and improving it is on the TODO list. low prio, but it is on the list.

if you have suggestions, i think you are welcome to improve the design.

The filter is hard-coded. It’s designed to control all instances.

basically, the approach of the devs is to make the lifes of people who want to write things like c*nt as hard as possible.

there exist many blog-websites which contain articles on BSD. but i don’t know how you can get from a generic website to a RSS feed

but the database library version doesn’t change that often, which means you could somehow cache that.

good alternatives: xmpp and riot/matrix.

@Chloe@lemmy.ml would you mind changing the title so it leads to merged into https://lemmy.ml/c/green ? i guess this would be the simplest solution to avoid user confusion