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My account is dsh_videos@video.deadsuperhero.com; right now there are three separate channels attached:

  • Vlogs (vlogs@video.deadsuperhero.com) - personal vlog entries, not super exciting, but some people are into the more personable side of video communities.
  • Interviews (interviews@video.deadsuperhero.com - I’ve been involved in a number of interviews, many of which involve the fediverse. I keep a running archive of the ones I’ve been able to successfully preserve.
  • Browser History (browser_history@video.deadsuperhero.com - an upcoming show in the works, focused on the history of technology, communities, and movements.

If you're a creator on PeerTube, share your channel!

I think PeerTube has really come along as a project, but I think it’s caught in a situation where the technical aspects are advancing far faster than the communal ones. In order for PeerTube to actually succeed in practice, I believe that creators ought to reach out to one another to create a type o…

There are tons of updates coming to Pixelfed

Pixelfed is a federated alternative to Instagram that’s been developing all kinds of awesome new features in the past year. Here’s a look…