A website asking me to “disable ad-blocker” has the balls to tell me I should turn off Firefox Tracking Protection. That’s like saying “yeah, we absolutely want to track you across websites, would you do us a favor and let us do it? Please :)”…


Firefox needs a "close tabs to the left" button.

Because new tabs are placed to the right of the tab they were opened from and new tabs opened from the new tab button are the on furthest right, it means that tabs further to the left are probably older, and therefore more likely to no longer be needed. I think it would be good to have a "close tabs…

I’m sad to see this, it’s a really cool project. Still I respect their decision and it’s not entirely dead but instead going into “hobby mode” where it’s just maintained as the author needs, no more release dates for updates or planned features. …

It’s really simple so if you have 5 minutes give it a shot…

Changes in Proton Design System:

  • New “hamburger” menu that is purely text-based, no icons, with rejigged entries…

How do you postpone tabs or links for future reading?

I used to bookmark the pages I’d like to read in the future, but I’m loosing track of them. Sometimes I even forget about them. So how do you organize or postpone the links you want to visit later? Is pocket a good solution?..

Integrating Rust and C++ in Firefox

Written by Manish Goregaokar, one of the lead developers of Servo team…

From the perspective of Mozillla’s platform team, an area of particular interest for such an architecture change on macOS is Firefox’s use of macOS APIs. Firefox and Gecko’s roots go back to the Netscape codebase, which already supported the Mac as it was in 1994…

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