FF 89 - remove cyan border around the URL bar?

Does anyone know a way to remove or at least change the color of that cyan border around the URL bar? I’d prefer to remove it but if that’s not possible, a change of color would be nice. …

Nice looking article to help to move your Apple products using friends, family and colleagues over to Firefox ?..

Firefox CSS Store

A collection site of Firefox userchrome themes, mostly from FirefoxCSS Reddit community…

This release brings Proton, the new design system for Firefox, to the stable channel!

I was born and raised in Zambia and came to the United States for university. Even though growing up, I had almost no exposure to computers, I chose to study computer engineering. Fortunately for me, this leap of faith proved to be a great decision, as I’ve been very blessed with the career that c…


Will the site isolation feature increase memory usage? Also why is this not in the mobile version?

Recently I read the blog post on the new site isolation feature coming to Firefox. As I understand, two different websites will be isolated from each other and they each site will have its own operating system process. Site isolation will increase the security…

Introducing Site Isolation in Firefox – Mozilla Security Blog

To enable Site Isolation on Firefox Nightly: …

Why no projects use Firefox as a base and prefer Chromium instead?

Before you come at me with stuff like Librewolf, Waterfox and IceCat; those don’t count. They are just tweaked Firefox distros with mostly basic low level changes. Not every Chromium browser is super unique either, but I feel like there are more differences between them then there are with Firefox d…

I think it’s a clear improvement to the old interface, and makes the feature more discoverable…

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