PSA: If you don't need it disable accessibility services for better performance and RAM usage

It’s probably well known at this point, but it doesn’t hurt to spread the word further. Disabling accessibility services in Firefox (both on desktop and mobile, but specially on mobile) helps A LOT with performance and RAM usage. …

Not necessarily the focus of the article, but it’s great to see Mozilla finally hiring more staff to work on the browser’s performance again, amongst other positions: …

Rant: Can Firefox please stop randomly losing my extension data?

I don’t know if this has happened to anyone else or if there’s something wrong with my setups, but ever since I started using Firefox, there have been numerous times it has cleared the data stored in the extensions. A lot of times it happens when I sign into a new Firefox instance and the sync featu…

How to add youtube to FF push notifications?

I was looking for an extension that would show me a notification one any of the channels I’m subscribed for uploads a new video but I couldn’t find any. Then I found that Firefox has “Notifications” setting but youtube isn’t in the list and IDK how to add it. Any suggestions on how to do that?..

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