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what the fuck

lmao, this is super bizarre

i thought this was satire at first, but after looking into the channel, whether this person has any connection to DPRK, the entire thing is presented dead serious :)

Seen through a contemporary feminist lens the message feels a little weird to me as it has some implications of telling women how to dress.

sure, but I don’t think that was the intention at the time

the woman in the pic is presented in the positive light compared to the guy, even though she has a lamentable-ish expression for some reason…

this is a soviet poster lol

they did have a fucked up work culture in many ways, and this is not intended as a modern piece of art to discourage consumption, brand loyalty etc, i only posted it for it’s historical significance :)

translation-ish …


lmao there’s not way this person is serious, given the spelling and the tone, i just can’t imagine someone writing that with a straight face and some internal alarm not ringing loudly


wait, world record?

haven’t amd fx reached over 8ghz like a year ago?

both thumbs on EspaceBar

this is a very underrated point

at much higher speeds if you’re only using one thumb to press the spacebar, this will cause a lot of errors, somethin glik ethis :)

toTyping Manics Post Speeds

deleted by creator

wouldn’t this create an enormous potential for abuse?

and even with such a capability, objectively classifying things as insufficient and/or clickbait is impossible, imo clickbait titles just naturally tend to be downvoted by users and usually this is going to be mentioned in like the first comment under the post…


as much as I’d like it to be this way, bullying irl doesn’t work very well, activism is typically more effecient

this doesn’t mean that you should be the “pick me vegan”, who constantly tries to seek validation from omnis by telling them that you’re a “chill” vegan and it’s a personal choice or some other nonsense

be assertive, but don’t just pointlessly insult, not that ominis don’t deserve insults, but hostility generally turns people away; ask them how do they feel about all the suffering that they cause, try the analogy with pets and “other” animals

little things like calling “meat” of certain animals “flesh” or pieces of <animal> can elevate their disgust over time

also, you probably need to know the basics before you confront people, so that you are easily able to refute their arguments that a non-knowledgeable in that area person might come up with on the spot

even there is no such thing as a veganism for health or environment, you could use these arguments, i.e. how vegans live a decade longer on average, have significantly lower rates of diseases like certain types of cancer, diabetes, atherosclerosis, cardiac diseases etc, tell them how incredibly inefficient animal agriculture is etc

but, as others mentioned, it depends a lot on the type of relation that you have with these people, you need to adjust your strategy on the fly, it’s different for every person, also it’s much easier to start gradually and then pile up…

afaiaa liquid helium is used for that already

or do you mean specifically memory overclocking competitions? is that a thing?


this is a very good april fools joke in particular because this is a real thing that could easily happen lol

i don’t think this is necessarily an indication of the trend i described

if anything, things being more spoiled means that they are not as optimized for transport, and as such, closer to their tasty and original variants, or this could be something as simple as an inefficient supply chain, or the trend that /u/poVoq mentioned in their comment

Has anyone else noticed how fruits and vegetables have been getting consistently worse over time?

we have a small community garden in which we grow some fruits and vegetables in the summer, including tomatoes, strawberries, carrots, cucumbers, apples etc, some of these plant species are many decades old and they taste amazing …

also provide legal assistance to others using their licenses if their code is abused

damn, that’s pretty cool, didn’t know about this, i wonder what’s the track record outside of europe and north america for that tho…

reminds me of the chongqing metro station in china that’s literally built in the middle of nowhere

yes, you can format it using dd, but you’d have to manually partition it and install the file system etc

may i then recommend balena etcher for burning os images, it has a nice gui, worked perfectly every time i used it

and for formatting maybe gparted

both are very popular, and should be in the official repos of your os :)

it’s commonly used utility

burning an os image to a usb is as simple as sudo dd if=/path/to/input.iso of=/dev/? status=progress

where /path/to/input.iso is a full path to the location of the os image, and /dev/? is the usb device you’re writing to (you can find it using the lsblk command, and status=progress is to just see the progress bar

be careful tho, if you enter a wrong drive in the destination, you can erase your os or whatever there is, which is why the utility is sometimes called disk destroyer :)

the study evaluated 42 female chess players against 42 male chess players online …

the study evaluated 42 female chess players against 42 male chess players online …