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the most infuriating aspect of electron, is is that multi-billion (and even multi-trillion) dollar corporations think it’s ok practice to release desktop clients using electron, like wtf, each one of them can hire ten teams to build ten completely new desktop toolkits, let alone just design their applications to use native system tools 🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️

yeah, i didn’t mean that anything bad is going on, just that it’s a somewhat controversial topic and heated debate is taking place hehe

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uh oh

edit: seriously tho, 👌 writeup

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дарова 😎😎

нужно какой-то сюда дельный контент начать постить

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hehe that’s pretty cool

pretty sure white supremacists also use rust and c lmao


more like closedAI amirite…

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in additional to all the stuff people already mentioned i wanted to add visibility

most of the threads you start are likely to receive attention, comments and votes, whereas on reddit it’s mostly your post either blows up or goes largely unnoticed

hmm, i see your point, maybe we should ask pm themselves at /r/protonmail what would happen in that case 🤔

it’s not helpful to compare to the way this works in the rest of the world, because it doesn’t determine what’s exactly true in this case; I’m not an expert on swiss law by any means (lol), but I suspect that protonmail does have a lawyer proficient in swiss law, probably more than one, and i really doubt that what they tell is a lie

if we are operating off of the assumption that they are bad guys only interested in money (which i personally don’t think is the case), they would very much care about pr, and to not fight the case and then lie about it is pretty much the worst pr they think of

and if even if they did this foolish move, wouldn’t there be at least a few people who understand swiss law who would point out that this is a lie?

as a wise person once said “just build a fucking train”

i hate capitalism so fucking much help me

but i have to admit, the idea of dividing the world into 3x3 meter squares and annotating each one with three words is a pretty ingenious idea, i really like it, and it’s not too complicated, so in theory someone could make a better version of that without all the flaws rightfully pointed out in the video

from my understanding it’s a legally binding order that they legally literally can’t appeal

from their comment on reddit, it seems there wasn’t much they could do

In this case, Proton received a legally binding order from the Swiss Federal Department of Justice which we are obligated to comply with. There was no possibility to appeal or fight this particular request because an act contrary to Swiss law did in fact take place (and this was also the final determination of the Federal Department of Justice which does a legal review of each case).

what did you expect them to do?

this sucks, but I also can’t blame them too much

most people seem to have an unrealistic expectation for protonmail to function as an underground criminal organisation, providing email services to drug dealers, and wiping their asses with subpoenas, which runs contrary to their goal of providing user-friendly private email to as many people as possible, not only the ones that would go to extremes no matter what

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now banned, thank you 🙏

oh hey you’re back 😄

i really don’t want to discuss how much of this is propaganda etc; just observe the beautiful photographs…