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an ortholinear layout?

edit: oh wait, “keyboard layout” apparently means the software layout, not the physical layout 🤦‍♀️

so uuuh, i’ve been going through the sources in the study you’ve linked, which is an interesting study btw, it relies in many places on Iztestiia (which is a CPSS run newspaper btw, so idk how much we can rely on it to truthfully convey whatever happened if it painted them in a bad way) and also Spravochnik partiinogo rabotnika

i’ve searched for these online, and i can’t really find free archived versions of, i could probably go to the local library and possibly find the necessary exerpts there, but before that i wanted to see if i could get it online :)

do you by any chance have access to archives of them?

liberal propaganda

yoo, could you share your treesitter config file?

after tinkering around with treesitter, at some point i broke it accidentally, and i can’t return to the previous working iteration 🤷‍♀️

holy shit 😲

if this ends up being successful 😁


international container shipments are actually super efficient, no? i’ve heard that the last few kilometres of delivery actually cause more emissions than the entire trip they take from mexico or some other country to wherever you live…

i’m not quite sure how the modern geolopolitics of ukraine, how long this happened and how many countries recognize it as genocide affect how it is/should be perceived… millions of people died and people commemorate those who died in those awful events…

yeah, i agree partially, i don’t see the nobel prize committee going on stage be like “yeah, so there’s this woman who basically illegally pirated all of the articles in the world and it turns out that this shit is actually pretty good, and this model that we current have where scientific journals appropriate public research that they contributed nothing to is really shitty, bye 😎👋”

but i disagree that nobel prizes are purely co-opting mechanisms, there are fields that are completely apolotical, like, say, physics and biology…

Some bring up massive grain exports during the famine to show that the Soviet Union exported food while Ukraine starved. This is fallacious for a number of reasons, but most importantly of all the amount of aid that was sent to Ukraine alone actually exceeded the amount that was exported at the time.

could you provide a source on that?

like yeah, there was a lower harvest at the time, but the blame is still put on the ussr planners for overextracting food supplies from sovhozes as well as rejection of foreign aid

wdym? it’s alexandra’s tweet…

still kind of weird to compare them though

that’s kinda cringe bro

at least get something proper and not this cheapo whatever thingy 😬😎

ppl be like

excuse me, why is this completely new tablet that runs linux designed by small startup in china not price competitive and isn’t as good as this tablet from a company that’s worth trillions of dollars and has been designing tablets for a decade 😡😤

i’m not really sorry for these ppl, if you buy a internet connected toasted you deserve to get it bricked in the morning when you want your toast the most 😡

damn, that mush have sucked 😬, although there’s a weird sense of security in only having to know and use a single set of tools and being able to solely rely on those 🤷‍♀️

but i’m glad we have open source tools now :)

hey, that’s cool

i’m not even looking for anything open source necessarily, just a powerful desktop computer that doesn’t idle at 50 watts and consume more power than a toaster

didn’t swift have support for all desktop OS from the very beginning? iirc the primary issue was not the availability of language itself on any particular os, but rather the fact that all remotely useful applications of swift rely on proprietary frameworks and proprietary toolchains, like swiftUI, iOS emulator and xCode all of which is proprietary and absolutely necessary for iOS development, and neither of them work on any operating system besides macOS 🤷‍♀️

damn, i’m impressed with the ability of us military to recruit people when the service is NOT MANDATORY, like how?

i know that their military recruitment partly depends on people who have no other way to pay for education, but isn’t that a relatively small portion of recruits?

military service here is mandatory and everyone fears it like fire, people go through long and complex processes to avoid it 😬

where arm linux desktop though? 🤔