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i have to admit, this is pretty creative: a self perpetuating/promoting website

iirc they still haven’t undergone a security audit on that, and they’re obviously focused on security, given their target audience…

yes, which is why bitcoin bad, which is what I was saying in my initial comment 😅

i rather meant other cryptocurrencies…

but if you’re a billionaire trying to move a billion to another address, 1MWH doesn’t seem that much

uuhm, i’m confused by what you’re trying to convey: mining is quite literally the process of processing and validating transactions…

sure, but you could also send billions globally using significantly less energy…

yeah, it’s a ton of energy, but keep in mind that the entire btc mining operation consumes the same amount of electricity as a country like austria, and has a throughput of only a few tx per second

😎 1 megawatt hour per single btc transaction 😎 (useful for paying for things like your electricity bill 😉)


i’m always jealous from seeing all the cool UI and internal changes on /r/firefox that android gets, while ff on ios has always been meh to say the least

people complaining about bad UI on desktop? checkout ios version of firefox ☹️😎

this is such a bizarre thing 😯

i just can’t imagine the cultural shock for someone black migrating from the united states in the great depression era to the soviet union in the 1930s… there have definitely been and definitely currently are bigger cultural gaps in the world, but they’re mostly on the axis of human development, like for example modern humanity vs uncontacted tribes that have lived in isolation for tens of thousands of years, but this is different in an interesting way

also while watching the whole thing, with some people I couldn’t shake this very weird feeling, not quite sure how to describe it… it’s like a discrepancy between the person’s appearance and their demeanor, language, mimics… probably because I have until now exclusively seen caucasian and asian people of this culture

well great :/

from some shitposting sub on reddit, can’t remember unfortunately…


i was literally rewatching this movie yesterday and thought of this moment lol

their april’s fools “you have exceeded your daily text copy limit” may not be that off after all ☹️

now when some company will have an actual bug or human error that causes some bad shit, nobody is ever going to believe them

it’s a website called avito, analogous to craig’s list if you’re in the us, basically a message board with stuff people are selling 👌

rice waffles with vegan mozarella 😋…


the report, timed to the 35th year since the Chernobyl nuclear reactor accident, contains a lot of interesting previously unknown information …

so glad the FREEMARKIT^™ graced our sinful souls with this heavenly hydrogen tiddy juice 🥳🥳…

credit to /u/Wataru_Watanabe for the art…

Monero turns 7 today! 🥳