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i always wanted to live in amsterdam anyways :)

yeah, i was referring to elector-magnetic radiation with the wavelength of ~400-500 nm, typically referred to as blue light, extended exposure to which of plants will produce short and and compact plants, which is the reason why i thought that it might be used when growing bonsai

do you have any beginner resources in mind that you could link to start growing bonsai?

sudden curiosity, is bonsai cultivation basically extended exposure to the blue spectrum and training, or is it something else completely different?

not really something traditionally thought of as “niche internet”, but hey, still internet and still niche…

oh yeah, federation here i come, free internet, fuck proprietary social media

that’s a pretty seamless strategy for something that just naturally emerged and wasn’t put together by a single person…

or better yet, just don’t read youtube comments 😉

does anyone actually have protection from tracking and ads and a non-unique fingerprint simultaneously? it seems mutually exclusive, given that the vast majority of people don’t bother to block either of the above

i see what you did there

aah yes, a ghost coming out of a mouth of a person with no eyes, just as i suspected 🤔

i mean, yeah, internet websites are super bloated, but are we really at a point where 1mb is a “small” size for a web page? 🤔

welcome to “headlines only possible in 2020” edition


this reminds of how last year i think some major exploit marketplace at some point stopped accepting ios exploits because their capacity to process them was overflown 😂

i hope at some point they will realize that security through obscurity is idiotic and hopefully open-source their crap in one form or another…

well, i’m sorry, but i don’t of any other methods to convey sarcasm via text, do you know of any that you could share?

please take into consideration that solar panel are not a viable solution in all countries…

could you link the research pls?

speaking of karma, it’s permanently disabled, right?

nah, don’t worry, vegans are practically immune to downvotes at this point lol, low b12 what can i say

Has anyone else noticed how it's getting progressively more difficult to browse reddit?

The clumsiness of the redesign aside, I’ve noticed that the experience on mobile is getting progressively worse as time goes on. …