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it’s a company partly run and affiliated with corrupt oligarchs and is involved in money extraction and laundering schemes and other sketchy things, and in general their journalism quality is lacking at best, i guess you could say that it has the benefit of not being affiliated with the us government, but still, i would personally much prefer another source if there were one

lmao, not surprising tbh

nancy pelosi is the person that when asked by some guy at a public hearing about an extract from this harvard social study saying that 51 % of us citizens from ages of eighteen to twenty-nine no longer support capitalism answered I thank you for your question, but I'm sorry to say we're capitalists, and that's just the way it is

although it would be interesting to know if that’s the general trend or just an odd example

by the way, can fellow comrades provide any info whether the aforementioned forced labour accusations are true or not?

now we just have to wait until nvidia fucks up arm for everyone else with their traditional predatory tactics 🤗

i’ve unironically done all except the 2nd lol

i look at this and wonder

like who is rich enough to spend thousands of dollars to buy a phone for a single website that you could’ve done like 30 seconds of research to find out that their entire database and backend got taken down by the hosting provider and neither the website nor the app are working now 🤷‍♀️

why is this even considered piracy tho?

science journals that lock research papers behind paywalls appropriate the free research done by scientists and funded by taxes, peer reviewed by other fellow scientists, this shouldn’t even be considered piracy

kinda sucks that english doesn’t have that distinction and you have to specify every time :/

at last 🤗

finally, the 137 year wait be worth it :)


i’ve literally never heard of this social network, yet apparently people are selling iphones with the parler app still installed for thousands of dollars 🤔

POV 2024:

we are now desperately trying to get people off of signal because it turned out it was privacywashing (like greenwashing, but with privacy)

could you share the source pls?



Nothing on you though if you need Apple for FaceTime or iMessage, those are legitimate needs.

nah, literally never used these once, pretty unpopular here, it’s just a phone that i got 5 years ago and that works still perfectly fine, but i’ve heard that apparently people in the us miss out on things because they are not included in imessage chats because they have an android phone, which is perhaps the most bizarre form of discrimination i’ve heard of lol

oops, sorry, i encountered an extract from this paper book and thought to share

element is on the app store, i have an ios device and use it everyday, just haven’t yet updated to ios 14

pretty cool! are these labels in the app store alongside the apps before you download?

where matrix tho?

yeah, i’ve used some of the dev’s other apps and sadly it’s mostly abandonware as you mentioned

So to those who are considering buying this app

when i made this post the app was free, if it’s paid you probably shouldn’t buy it, yeah

your comments about torrents and tor and them being different are completely valid, but that’s not my point, which would be that random people are ready to put in the effort to host stuff for absolutely no benefit for themselves

yes, it’s not suitable for hosting your random stuff like pics, videos etc, but that’s because they are large in size and are of on use to anyone but the uploader

that’s different for git repos, which are either useful to a ton of people (in case of large public foss projects) and/or small, making desirable and/or easy to host by strangers (also there aren’t that many of them tbh)

i don’t have anything to back this up, this is just the way i see things in this area, i guess we’ll see how this works out