GnuPG signature spoofing via status line injection
How many nails does that coffin need?

Question/Opinions About My CPU Options
I am trying to save up to go with a Libreboot desktop and laptop down the road but in the mean time I have my Ryzen 5 2600X; an i7-6700; i5-4590; an FX-9590 and an FX-6100. Would it be the best idea, from a privacy and security standpoint, to go with the FX-9590 and FX-6100 over the i7; i5 and Ryzen 5 ? I would still be on a closed source BIOS but would be free of the PSP and ME and allow me to try to sell the rest to use towards the Libreboot systems. Thoughts ?

The [release post]( specifies the spec changes. I'm not entirely sure what the entirety of the change regarding metadata reduction is, but this MSC seems relevant: - Deprecate the sender_key and device_id on m.megolm.v1.aes-sha2 events, and the sender_key on m.room_key_request to-device messages, as per MSC3700. (#1101)

cross-posted from: > Reporting that piegames forked warp the gnome app to windows, currently it's in early beta.

California CCW Data Leak? Anyone know if the files got posted online?
California this morning had a massive data leak of all current ccw owners in the state. Myself included as others would like to know if people are distrubuting our info. Does anyone know if these files are being posted online?

Serenum: a weather service that respects your privacy
When I was finished with [Serenum API](, I started over with the website Serenum to show the data from the API with style. I built the website with no JavaScript first, building for an example the bar charts with HTML and CSS by hand. After everything was done, I added 2 features with JavaScript: getting your current location 1 time with GPS and adding a map from Leaflet for choosing a place with it. Thanks to this strategy, Serenum works perfectly with and without JavaScript. The website are far from done, though. Both astronomical calculations and light theme are missing, more features with JavaScript will be added, and more.

Put together this brief overview to the basics of stylometric fingerprinting resistance. TLDR: obfuscate your language patterns with a good style guide.

Which file-sharing programs are safe to use without a VPN?
I think for torrent they are a must in most places. I've read many people in the US saying that they've been using SoulSeek without VPN for a long time without trouble. Fopnu works the same so it should be safe too. And MuWire is the same using I2P so it would be the safest but very slow. Tribler uses tor and makes you an exit node and there's people who have gotten in trouble because someone else downloaded child pornography through their network. The thing is I want to share a 50 TB library without VPN and I would like to know in which programs is safer and which ones to avoid. What about DC++, eMule and others you may know? I'm looking only for programs in which it's simple to share the whole library.

> The Digital Advertising Act is a bold, promising legislative proposal. It could split apart the most toxic parts of Big Tech to make the internet more competitive, more decentralized, and more respectful of users’ digital human rights, like the right to privacy. As with any complex legislation, the impacts of this bill must be thoroughly explored before it becomes law. But we believe in the methods described in the bill: they have the power to reshape the internet for the better.

Would a Napster-like program survive using onion routing?
I've been thinking for a while of how to make a [program like this]( distributed but I've found no way. So I'm thinking of implementing a client-server model with the server behind tor. Would the server be sued out of existence?

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