DeGoogle Yourself

Google photos officially gone!

Gphotos was the one service I couldn’t substitute, now it seems that google sabotaged itself by making me abandoning gphotos lol …


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Choosing my own server

Hi, I need to help choose server for beginner. I want to selfhost together for example : friendica, pixelfed, matrix, invidious, website (not for public), email, search engine and try different plugins and bridges It should be just somthing personal for me to learn how to use decentralized software …

Choosing my own server
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Internet Archive support for Google Sign-In

I went to setup an IA account today and was concerned enough at what I saw to track down the fact that although Dec 31 is recorded as not this way, beginning [Jan 21](

Wiki for decentralized web

Put together this post on our wiki with links for sites and resources on privacy and the decentralized web movement. …

The main goal is to improve battery performance and privacy by removing unnecessary and obscure system apps. This can also contribute to improve security by reducing the attack surface. The script has a menu that lets you choose what debloat list you want to use. I strongly encourage you to take a l…


Most “alternative” search engines to the big three (Google, Bing, Yandex aka GBY) just proxy their results from GBY. I took a look at 30 non-meta search engines with their own crawlers/indexers to find actual alternatives. …

Donate to microG

If you use microG, consider donating to support its development. …

I just stumbled across this and it seems interesting. Sort of like Brave browser’s model but for search. I’ll just post the marketing blurb I found here instead of rehashing what they wrote much more eloquently than I could: …

DeGoogle Yourself

    Here you may post anything with the DeGooge movement!!! Enjoy killing Google’s Empire!!

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