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Whatsapp dependency on Google Play Services?
This isn't a rant like last time I swear (but in a way it kinda is). I have a technical question. So I'm pretty sure whatsappshould in theory work without google play services, as in it's only optional. But I recently debloated my samsung (still using One UI) via ADB and deleted my google account and all of this nasty stuff. As you know, I can't ditch WhatsApp so I had to keep it, but it turns out that after debloating I couldn't enter the app unless my phone is disconnected from wifi, other than that it would crash instantly. If I reinstall Play Services, the app works fine even if I disable PS and freeze it and strip all of its permissions; it just has to be present for WA to work. I'm suspecting it might have to do with gdrive chat backup because I used to use that feature a year back? As I said I deleted my google account and prior to doing so I removed Whatsapp's access to drive and had the cloud backup option set to "never". Or is it something to do with notifications? I'm not sure anymore but it's kinda frustrating to have Play Services on my phone when in theory Whatsapp doesn't need it to function. I tried doing a fresh install of WhatsApp but to no avail, tried it from Aurora store, Apkpure and also Whatsapp's official website.

This is a rant
Before updating my phone to android 12, I made an effort to eradicate google from my life, so I pushed through one last time, switched from gdrive to filen (and made local backups), completely left gphotos, switched all of my commercial accounts to a tutanota email address and deleted unused ones, debloated my phone, and here I am finally degoogled. I'm free, I guess. BUT WAIT! I still have an instagram account. Isn't this supposed to be bad? Whatever, I only use it to connect to those people you only meet once in your life, I open it once a month. BUT WAIT! I still use whatsapp on a daily basis. I think this is bad and... I must begrudgingly accept it. Why? Because everyone uses whatsapp. And why is that? Because of igonarance, they don't know how bad whatsapp is, they don't know how better other services are for privacy. If you suggest for someone to switch to say Briar, they'd say "why? We already have whatsapp, it can't get any better". Meanwhile, those same people (basically everyone) will go blame and attack the government, "self-criticize" our broke country because "wHy tHe WeSt can Do aLl Of ThiS but We CaN't" Because you keep **giving your money and data to foreigners**, rich, greedy ones. You can't bash your country because it magically just can't give you your needs when you greedy bastard eat Burger King for launch, wear Louis Vuitton clothes, buy the newest iphone to show your prestige and praise a former empire to recolonize your country because they certainly weren't the reason for your country's demise. Even big businesses here use whatsapp for work, for contacting customers, even schools use it to teach children (sending agendas, homework, pre-recorded lessons and also live calls). Assuming whatsapp is e2e (and I hope it f*cking is or I will chop my hand and roast it for dinner), it's still miserably better than the public institutions' email servers whatever the hell they're using. ![]( I will stop here here because going any further on a degoogle community is an overkill. Have a nice day.

Crossgeposted von: > Yattee is an alternative YouTube frontend for iOS, tvOS and macOS built with Invidious and Piped.

Google’s main strategy is to give you great and easy to use products for free and at the same time have you pay with your data!

I need to get payrange laundry app for laundry at my college, but I'm running a degoogled phone, and it doesn't pop up in aurora store

Was wondering if there was, if not ill use graphenes sandbox mode

Blackberry vs flashed rom.
Since BB10 support is ending is there anything I can do with a classic or passport? Would flashing a priv with graphene os be a legit alternative? Also has anyone tried the BB10 support alternatives?

Best de-Googled Android ROM for non Pixel phones?
I know that Graphene OS is the best OS for privacy/security on a Pixel, but I have both a non-Pixel phone. What is the second best ROM in this case? I know that Lineage still has *some* Google telemetry since it's meant to be as close to AOSP as possible and not actually de-Googled. Maybe /e/ OS then?

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Choosing my own server
Hi, I need to help choose server for beginner. I want to selfhost together for example : friendica, pixelfed, matrix, invidious, website (not for public), email, search engine and try different plugins and bridges It should be just somthing personal for me to learn how to use decentralized software and be independent from big tech.

cross-posted from: > Lots of people have been spreading the often-unnecessary advice to add a Permissions-Policy response header to their sites to opt-out of Google's FLoC, and some have been going so far as to ask FLOSS maintainers to patch their software to make this the default. When discussions got heated to the point of accusing webmasters who don't implement these headers of being "complicit" in Google's surveillance, I felt I had to write this. > > Everybody: please calm down, take a deep breath, and read the spec before you make such prescriptive advice about it. > > FLoC is terrible, but telling everyone to add a magic “opt-out header” in every situation conveys a misunderstanding of everything you need to know about the opt-in/out process.

Wiki for decentralized web
Put together this post on our wiki with links for sites and resources on privacy and the decentralized web movement.

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