DeGoogle Yourself

I need to get payrange laundry app for laundry at my college, but I’m running a degoogled phone, and it doesn’t pop up in aurora store…

Was wondering if there was, if not ill use graphenes sandbox mode…

Get Your Phone or Tablet to Run Ubuntu Touch For the best Ubuntu Touch experience you need to start with the right phone or tablet…

Blackberry vs flashed rom.

Since BB10 support is ending is there anything I can do with a classic or passport? Would flashing a priv with graphene os be a legit alternative? Also has anyone tried the BB10 support alternatives?..

Looking for a degoogled android os/a mobile Linux OS that supports the Motorola Moto G stylus 2020

I can’t find anything, I am wondering if there even is any…

One of five blog posts where the author takes time to choose to get less Google on their phone…

Best de-Googled Android ROM for non Pixel phones?

I know that Graphene OS is the best OS for privacy/security on a Pixel, but I have both a non-Pixel phone. What is the second best ROM in this case? I know that Lineage still has some Google telemetry since it’s meant to be as close to AOSP as possible and not actually de-Googled. Maybe /e/ OS the…

Today I was greeted by this “Needs JavaScript. Google Chrome is a beautiful browser” error message at a website. Is it typical for the millennial generation that things need to look fancy before using it, or did the colorful Google logo make a very convincing argument ? How many years will it take …

Google photos officially gone!

Gphotos was the one service I couldn’t substitute, now it seems that google sabotaged itself by making me abandoning gphotos lol …

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Choosing my own server

Hi, I need to help choose server for beginner. I want to selfhost together for example : friendica, pixelfed, matrix, invidious, website (not for public), email, search engine and try different plugins and bridges It should be just somthing personal for me to learn how to use decentralized software …


DeGoogle Yourself

    Here you may post anything with the DeGooge movement!!! Enjoy killing Google’s Empire!!

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