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Nice, congrats to everyone! :3

Firefox spell checking now checks spelling in multiple languages. To enable additional languages, select them in the text field’s context menu.

Oh finally, I’ve been waiting for this for the longest time hehe

Ireland is a western country, just not very anglophone (though it is more so than most other Europen countries, for example).
Like others have pointed out, if you read and write in English on the Internet, you’re most likely visiting anglophone platforms, thus it is natural to never get to know, let’s say, the Portuguese Internet “culture”, with all its popular websites and quirks. I’d say every country/language has something like this, with varying degrees of richness and popularity of course.
It is true, however, that the USA’s influence on the western Internet “space” is way more significant than any other country’s, which can be attributed to a myriad of reasons, like how they had a big role in its inception and how their economy has evolved to flourish the tech industry.

Exactly what I was going to point out. You might not mind your own smell, but other certainly will, and deodorant can be a good way to mitigate that problem.

Couldn’t agree more. The whole tone of this piece is rather depreciative, and the author steps over multiple key points. Not a good post, imo.

Exactly. If batteries are somehow replaceable, then these could be really really neat!


P2P on Matrix is far from being a basic feature imo

Great answer. Context, tonality and people’s mood/feelings vary wildly and are fundamental aspects of how someone will take such a thing.
Your last point is key - when unsure (e.g. not talking to a close friend), choose the most polite words.

That’s very nice of you, thanks! :3

ahah, thanks! I’m curious why you picked me though, I barely post, mainly just read/lurk 🙃

"Tabacaria"1 by Álvaro de Campos (a Fernando Pessoa heteronym). Here’s an English translation.

It’s regarded by many as one of the best poems by him, and it is also a favourite of mine. The original version conveys so much in a brilliant flow of words, which, unfortunately, gets a somewhat lost with translations.

1 From the “official” archive.

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That isn’t true. BitWarden is a very good password manager. Great apps on all platforms (even terminal) with perfect sync.

I’d you don’t trust the main server, then you can run the official server, or the lighter and community recommended vaultwarden server. It’s tiny, easy to deploy and effective.

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Se o Harry Potter fosse feito em Portugal

Incrível, muito bem feito xD…


Most likely :P

Oh, and happy cake day! :D

Was completely unaware of this, it’s pretty cool!

I just tried it and it’s still a bit wack, but it’s also still just a beta.

Dunno, but you can take a look at and sort by the metric you find most relevant

Eu sei que o /r/place é do Reddit, mas a ideia é engraçada e o trabalho que o pessoal do /r/portugal fez no nosso cantinho está bem porreiro, portanto aqui vai uma imagem de como está agora: …


Encontrei esta ferramenta do Observador, que achei bastante boa. …


What's cooking on SourceHut? January 2022

New update on sourcehut! …


Feliz Ano Novo

Boas! …


Felix Natal! :3

Boas pessoal! …


Announcing a persistent IRC session for sourcehut users

I’ve tried it already and it’s really neat. Drew was also very nice and explained me a lot of stuff :3
What are your thoughts?..


The second episode of LTT’s Linux challenge is out…