How should admins, mods and users deal with sockpuppet harassers and downvoters?

I assisted admins, caught and got banned over the past week a user noobda, who created accounts noobde, noobdaREBRN and now noobrao. …

Can i suggest features to Lemmy? If yes, where it is?

I have some suggestions for Lemmy devs, related to communities…

What will happen to bitcoin in case of global internet kill switch?

Imagine internet kill switch is in action around the world due to some lets say major conflict and previously global network becomes local in some territories or even turned off in others. So what is the bitcoin destiny in this case? Will people in some areas continue to mine bitcoin that will lead …

Favorite Personal Finance Management Software?

My credit union recently shut down their in-house personal finance management site because it was too much work to maintain and they don’t see it as competitive with freely available sites like …

Best approach to software extensibility

What approach to software extensibility pleases beginners and power users the most? Does there need to be separate software for the two groups?..

Why are typical pseudo intellectuals, xenophobes and racist trolls leaking into Lemmy recently?

They are not only shitposting but also mass brigading, running down discussions to the ground…

Has anyone else noticed how fruits and vegetables have been getting consistently worse over time?

we have a small community garden in which we grow some fruits and vegetables in the summer, including tomatoes, strawberries, carrots, cucumbers, apples etc, some of these plant species are many decades old and they taste amazing …

I'm looking for a package to turn interactivity with my customers faster

So, i’m working on a small store for printing documents, but most of time i need to ask my customers to send me the pdf file through Bluetooth to my phone and so i print it from Epson app. The major issue is that doing that takes a LOT of time, probably because my phone has 1 gbRam, this could speed…

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What is a good email provider for a custom domain?

What I have found so far: …

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