What would you think of a hypothetical campaign to rename the term "American" when referring to the US?

“American” is the official English word when referring to people or things from the United States, but it heavily implies that it means either all of North America or all of North and South Americas. Most other languages have different words for American (country) and American (continents). If there…

How can we fix Wikipedia?

I LOVE Wikipedia, I think it’s one of the best websites of the internet. …

If a given free, clean energy was piped into your city and home, how would you use it?

Knowing that this would likely put a strain on other resources such as water and create light pollution, I am not sure what effects this would have on the planet. …

What sources do you use for news?

I always struggle with what sources I should be reading for news (particularly political news). I don’t want to read only sources that I agree with, but I also struggle finding news sources that aren’t sensationalist and put forward varied view points. Here are a few of the places I frequent (critic…

What language are you thinking in when reading Lemmy?

For example, I know a tiny bit of French from school, and when I read something like: “Le Brexit, une longue et difficile séparation”, I automatically translate it to English. For non-native English speakers, are you translating Lemmy into another language to think or do think in multiple languages?..

How to donate to lemmy

Yes friendly pop-up, i would like to donate to lemmy. I’m not familiar with any of the services linked though. Is there a bitcoin address i can transfer to?..

Getting other reddit clones federated

Has anyone discussed with admins of the notabug and saidit and the others, getting them federated with lemmy? …

Privacy question Twitch

Hi all, in these covid-19 crisis times I would like to support some streamers on Twitch by following and sub-ing, but Twitch does ask for a birthday (besides email address) with sign up. I did some searching and it is not clear to me what happens when I would fill in a well known 1st of January 1970…

How would forks effect federation?

For example, if someone forked Lemmy, and made an LGBT or POC instance with a different word filter how would federation work with instances with incompatible filters?..

What are your thoughts on nuclear energy?

Namely, do you think it has a future in the wave of next gen clean energy sources? If you support it, do you think it will always be viable or that it should only be a temporary measure to get us off fossil fuels while our renewable infrastructure grows?..

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