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A good (non piracy) case for using VPN - users IP addresses were leaked. Although why the heck they were logging them for a subtitles website is maybe a good question for the owners.

The money has been flowing too easily for far too long, I agree.

“So there was market for techno-popes who peddle the seductive notion…” Thank you for this sentence it made me laugh.

Time will tell

Hopefully just a taste of the many bitter pills to come for big corp’s, as people start to reject the BS that’s been getting rammed down our throats for far too long.

Nice, and I like the Fat round logo! A similar tool someone mentioned on another post is LibreHunt I’m going to try them both and see if they recommend similar things

Ok, now I know reddit is the enemy…but click this when you are not supposed to be working

Shoot for the moon ;)

@mekhostoMemesAlright, if I have to...

Plot twist: the whole thing has been soaked in chilli paste for 48hrs prior.

Oh, darn. Thanks for the response.

Ask family and friends.

Keep a journal of things that upset you and look for patterns.

@mekhostoFedizensWe're web4*

We ain’t even on there ;s

I don’t think its an issue that lots of the traffic is on Lemmy.ml it will just take a while for communities to gel and move to more specialised instances.

But hey, how fricken cool that we have those options when we want?!

Hmm, does this mean video on raspberry Pi will become bearable?

Lists, lots of them (and apps to remind you about the lists). What are your feelings on piracy of books?..

No they don’t but at least they don’t add water to your air like some stand-alone gas heaters.

Past ominous

I wonder if Kryzsztof Penderecki (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Krzysztof_Penderecki) would fit here, specifically “The dream of Jacob” although it may be beyond ominous and more like fever dream :) …