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It will happen that the posts you try to create on this community do not make it through to `lemmy.ml`. In this case, you can inform the community about them by commenting this pinned post.

Do your commenting tests here.
While posting tests can obsviously be made on this community without further precision, commenting requires a post to comment on. This is what this post is for.

at-mentioning two forums on Friendica
[@feditolemmy](https://lemmy.ml/c/feditolemmy) [@test](https://feddit.it/c/test) Trying to post to two communities at the same time from Friendica.

at-mentioning the forum on Friendica

Abstracts, CW and spoilers

Does it still happen with Friendica 2022.06?

Crossposting from a Friendica forum
cross-posted from: https://nerdica.net/objects/a85d7459-5362-5452-589b-c4d757475669 > [!helpers](https://forum.friendi.ca/profile/helpers) > Maybe it makes sense to reshare this here? (in relation to the questions in the comments) > > [♲](https://nerdica.net/display/a85d7459-1162-5082-b221-7d7671174230) @[liwott@nerdica.net](https://nerdica.net/profile/liwott): > > > > > > ### Post from Friendica ### > > > > > > [!fediverse](https://lemmy.ml/c/fediverse) > > > > If I understand correctly, the new release allows me to publish this? > > [lemmy release v0.16.3 - federation bug fixes - lemmy](https://lemmy.ml/post/222735)

cross-posted from: https://framatube.org/videos/watch/4294a720-f263-4ea4-9392-cf9cea4d5277 > Help us translate the subtitles [on our translation tool](https://weblate.framasoft.org/projects/what-is-the-fediverse-video/subtitles/). > > > > **Animation Produced by** [LILA](https://libreart.info/) - [ZeMarmot Team](https://film.zemarmot.net/) > > **Direction & Animation** by Aryeom > > **Script & Technology** by Jehan > > **Voice by** Paul Peterson > > **Licence**: [CC-By-SA 4.0](https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0/) > > > > **Sponsored by** [Framasoft](https://framasoft.org/) > > > > **Sound by** ORL - [AMMD](https://ammd.net/) > > > > **Music**: "Dolling" by CyberSDF - [CC-BY 4.0](https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)

cf [this recent problem with comments](https://nerdica.net/display/a85d7459-6462-8bce-46d9-0e8008737833)

federation test from another instance
I am sure it works, have done it thousands of times

A link in the title?
Would be nice to understand if it's possible to attach a url to post. I tried as an attachment in my first [post to Lemmy from Friendica](https://nerdica.net/display/a85d7459-1162-5082-b221-7d7671174230) and simply by having a link in the text [last time](https://nerdica.net/display/a85d7459-2162-619e-3da3-75b608501423). Let me try with a hyperlink in the title this time. [!feditolemmy](https://lemmy.ml/c/feditolemmy)

Here we are
So here is the community that I talked about in [that other post](https://nerdica.net/display/a85d7459-9262-6029-68aa-550236192028) [!feditolemmy](https://lemmy.ml/c/feditolemmy)

    Create a post

    We like to describe the Fediverse as this wonderful place where you can sign up on a microoblogging server and seemlessly interact with content from link aggreators and video platforms.

    The truth is that this Fediverse is still a work in progress. This is a place where users can play around from various fedi platforms to witness some of this progress.

    The intended way is to:

    • try publishing various forms of top level posts
    • link the posts who do not make it through to lemmy.ml on a dedicated pinned post
    • try publishing various forms of comments on a dedicated pinned post
    • comment the aforementioned tests to give feedback about how it comes through to you

    This community does not have its own set of rules, and is rather submitted to the lemmy.ml instance’s rules.

    The icon was realised from

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