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Workers are never paid too much, they sacrifice their free time for the goals of others.

I’ll just pirate it :)

Maybe you can get some kind of assistance for paying for meds? Think about what you want to do in life. Try to enjoy your stable life and the little things that you can afford.

Investments no, you don’t have money and they only work if you have money.

wow you two are quite adventurous.

What does your wife think about this though?


That’s a very ok kink OP. Nothing to be ashamed of. Maybe it could be interesting to question its origins, but if everyone consents fulfilling your deepest desires is wonderful.

This somehow smells like a caricature but I can’t see the offense.

it’s so ridiculous. It’s 2022 for fucks sake

Oh no they allow all nfts and not just those that I want /s

It’s mostly animal agriculture that breeds antibiotic instances… …

not decentralized at all btw…

Asexual people can like cuddling I believe

Ah I had never heard of that