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60€ for a pine time?? :(

I think it’s normal to miss people that once were in your life. Shouldn’t be missed every day, but on a sad day I can get quite some nostalgia as well.

What the hell how is this happening. Why aren’t people rioting over this?

They also could double battery capacity. This would lead to somewhat larger and thicker smartphones, but the battery would last much longer, because it is used at much lower rates.

I get the feeling that it’s working pretty well

As I understood it the department has to pay this? Maybe the staff has to pay this?



and probably traffic jams most of the time

I honestly don't entirely understand what's going on here but I hate it nonetheless

We’ll see what it will be capable of in the future.

could be more, could be less, we’ll try to deal with it.

Look back in history and through what kind of injustice activists before us had to live through. Or look to other places in the world where people still are in those situations. There is no value in feeling horrible about yourself, in going crazy.

Naja, wenn dafuer das Wissen gestorben ist, wie in einer Enzyklopaedie nachgeschaut wird, dann ists wohl ein fairer Tausch.

yeah and even the Netherlands have quite a lot of cars and some related problems.

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