Having some hangups about shoplifting

I’m having some major hangups about shoplifting, specifically how it affects employees and members of the proletariat. What do you think about shoplifting? Don’t waste my time answering if you’re not a socialist…

imo they are both useful frameworks that compliment each other, usefully in different times and places, insurrecto tends to be more individualist, and plats are more explicitly collectivist/communist, but these are two parts of the whole. They both have their own flaws, like reckless terrorism on th…

Why are we called idealists (as an insult)?

MLs and some Marxists in general think we’re too idealistic and utopian. Isn’t expecting the state to wither away by itself when it ceases to be useful pretty idealist? I really don’t understand why MLs think that would happen when it hasn’t happened at all in history…

Is owning private property under capitalism unethical?

I have family members who are our landlords, and others that own second houses. Is this a “no ethical consumption under capitalism” moment or what do I need to do about this?..

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Community post for /c/anarchism

Hi everyone, …


What is everything I need to know about fascism from the very beginning?..


[Veganarchist]: Thoughts on dating a non-vegan non-leftist

Basically title. I might be having a crush on a non-vegan who’s quite possibly also not a leftist. Do you have any advice on this?..

Thread of sources on Uyghur oppression

I haven’t read a lot of these sources myself yet, but the first one at least by the Communist Party of India is worth a read…

dedicado a las compañeras Anarcofeministas Ánimo en la Lucha!!

Desde Hackerñol y Hispagatos dedicado a las compañeras Anarcofeministas del 8 de Marzo en la plaza de Lavapies, Madrid. Ánimo en la Lucha!! (A) Quitamos el video y dejamos el sonido cuando se podia identificar a compañer@s por lo cual hemos dibujado un logo para las compas hackers anarcofeministas q…

Anarchists being hard to work with

Hello, the other day I was talking with a local activist who told me about the challenges they had when trying to have anarchists work with other organizations, they is currently working on minority rights, and he told me how their organization is too far away from anarchist ideals and it’s hard to …


How does mutual aid work with expensive things?

I really want to start a mutual aid service where I give people free tech, like Google Pixels pre-loaded with GrapheneOS, but I haven’t seen many examples of how mutual aid works with expensive stuff. Does anyone have any ideas of how to equitably distribute such phones?..

Drivers Cooperative in NY

Seems like an interesting alternative to Uber etc. Would be even better if their software was open source. At least I can’t see a link to the source anywhere…

Interesting article by Scott Alexander (as usual), but not to be misinterpreted as me endorsing everything included within ;) …

Revolution everywhere when COVID stops?

Hi fellow comrades, I’m not you, but I often dream of the end of the COVID19, and people jusr learned and decided to riot, create union, try to make a better society. …

Yet despite all the unprecedented recent events, 2020 and 2021 also feel very familiar to some of us. The mood has been similar to that of Anonymous’ highs in 2010, 2011 and 2012. Instead of groups like LulzSec, we have people like Keyser Soze and groups like APT-69420. Documents and source code s…


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