Channel Zero is an english-based anarchist radio/podcast network run by radical media makers. We are here to present anarchist analysis & context to deepen peoples understanding of the situation and broaden the struggle. We share stories from the front-lines, lessons from history, and battle-teste…


Hi, friends and comrades. A few other anarchists and I put together this leftist arts and literature e-magazine over the past couple months, and our first issue finally released on Friday. It’s available for free to download (or pay-what-you-will), and I just hope you all take a look, enjoy what we’…


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What's your take about lemmy users who support the Taliban?

Unfortunate that does include dev of lemmy too. …

"During the 1930s, many communists and socialists from Germany and Austria sought refuge from the Nazis in the USSR. But in a shocking betrayal, the Soviet secret police handed over hundreds of them to Hitler’s Gestapo…

The View from New Orleans [interview with a nurse]

An interesting interview with someone in New Orleans right now how is lucky to have power and internet due to working at a hospital…

Is this a good philosophy to follow?

'But under the current capitalist society, I would say take out as little loan as possible. Pay all your debt and work as little as possible to starve the upper class of labour. Use your spare time to organize and help your community."…

If you find out that lemmy isn't suitable for you anymore, where would you/we go and why?

this question aims to look at alternatives, not why we should remain using lemmy or any lemmy instance. …

Left/anarchist principles are the only way to have a good relationship?

Romantic and platonic-friendship. Valuing voting on solutions, no one dominates X position (ex managing finances for the relationship due to gender) unjustly, mutual aiding each other etc. …


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