An exploration of the ways in which the Biden Administrations Infrastructure and Social Safety Plans have been inadequate as Corporate Democrats and Republican Politicians Keep eradicating what goes into these bills in favor of Capital and the Owner Class. Popular programs and Necessary funding keep…

Eso, lo mejorcito que conozcan que les parece este bueno socializar. …


Que onda, puede ser que nadie milite un carajo? …

Pregunto mas que nada por si participa en alguna que este mas en el palo de lo tecnico. …

Let me know your thoughts! Just an informational video on the history of Black anarchism…

Sustainable creativity in a world without copyright

I don’t agree with some parts of the article (“work more if you want a luxurious house”) but it’s a very interesting take on copyright and capitalism: …

Thoughts on money...

We are doing the following thought experiment in the steps described below, with some instructions as well. …

Are you an Anarchist? The answer might surprise you!


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  2. Don’t be a nazi
  3. Argue about the point and not the person

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