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Probably not. There are quantum phenomena and other multi-dimensional questions that we can only approach via flawed metaphors and vast over-simplifications.

Just disable swap? It works perfectly fine without it if you have more than 8GB RAM or so.

Telegram is officially head-quartered in London and has their operational centre in Dubai. Just the founder is originally from Russia. Edit: looks like the original article doesn’t claim it to be Russian?

Cheap PR stunt to claim it is Russian and also to not cooperate with Russian authorities under the current circumstances.

for Windows, macOS, and Linux! Made with the Godot Engine.

See also: https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2022/nov/24/green-technology-precision-fermentation-farming

They are not going to federate ads onto other instance and who cares if they show ads to their users on their instance? Sometime the fediverse really makes strange proposals…

Feels a bit like a marketing ploy, but lets see. Would be good I think.

Friendica is actually the better equivalent as it speaks ActivityPub (and also has great Lemmy compatibility).

The entire video is so laughably uninformed and misleading (and “geopolitics” is a 19th century pseudo-science of questionable origin and with little actual facts backing it up), that I don’t even know where to begin criticising it ;)

Depends on the movement (vague questions get vague answers :p )

According to the main Pixelfed developer it did see a big increase in users though. I guess typical Twitter users are less interested in platforms like Lemmy that prioritize sharing 3rd party links and group comments over self-promotion like Twitter/Instagram do.

The only good games on your list are Dreamcast (later ported to PS2) and PSP titles though 😅

I admit that is part of why I immensely dislike the PS2/PS3 era, but that is only part of the problem. That era was dominated by AAA games catering to a mainstream audience with extreme market access barriers for any other type of games.

Yes, there were a lot of PS2 games, but except for some rare Japanese titles that never reached the western market it was all the same expensive but boring mass market crap with fancy graphics.

I suspect you remember it differently because you were a teenager easily impressed by fancy graphics at the time?

Edit: I recently did the experiment with PS2 emulation, as cheap mobile devices are now able to emulate it well. But I literally could not find any PS2 games other than Shadow of the Collosus that I was interested to even try, and that game also got boring really fast.

Any of the Lemmy instance admins noticed an uptick in registration on their instances? I had a few more during the initial media reports, but it has quieted down again. For now I guess only Mastodon and maybe Pixelfed are getting the Twitter refugees? I initially thought the general Fediverse media coverage would have a broader effect.

I couldn’t disagree more. That generation started out well with the Dreamcast, but when the PS2 took over and dominated the market it was all the same dull console AAA titles for years and years. The Xbox 1 didn’t make it any better with Halo being pretty much the only good game on that console.

The PS2 era started the long dull AAA period (with lots of bad console ports on PC) lasting pretty much until mid of the PS4 generation when finally quirky indie games were allowed on these platforms and PC became a big hit again with cheap (indie) games on Steam. On the console side the only good console was the Nintendo Wii during that time and for hand-helds maybe the original PSP.

But to answer the original question: Either the last couple of years with more nice indie games on steam then ever before (and cool VR titles), or the last 16bit generation (SNES, Megadrive) as it resulted in some of the nicest 2D games ever made.

edit: the PS1/N64 era was a bit of an odd one. Lots of innovation with 3D and some cool games as a result, but hardly any of it aged well, so I don’t think it resulted in particularly good games.

I wonder what they use instead. The article doesn’t say. OnlyOffice is the only more or less drop-in replacement that is GDPR compatible.

The Single Board Computer Database, a comparison website for SBCs and SOMs (formerly known as Board-DB), has relaunched!
cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ml/post/604086 > > Thanks to [@MartijnBraam](https://lemmy.ml/u/MartijnBraam): https://blog.brixit.nl/finding-an-sbc/

A right-wing rag from the UK declaring a EU-China alliance? Lol… try reading between the lines.

Open-source what exactly? If you mean hardware then no. Doesn’t exist.

For Software down to the firmware/bios level the old Thinkpads with Coreboot are AFAIK still the most open.

I have one of these (With ISO keyboard). They are a bit under-powered to be honest and the USB-C display output doesn’t always work (I think it needs some custom kernel patches or so). It’s also not upgradeable.

I like that they have “regional” as a category for servers. I guess it is more meant for languages, but it is a good idea to have regional Fediverse instances for your town or similar.

A bit like join-lemmy.org, now with a much improved instance browser.