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Checked this game out for the last two days and it is quite a blast; one of the best 4x experiences I had since Civ V. The whole thing is FLOSS…

Acid Flight is a free (pay what you want, revenues are spent to an afghan women’s organisation) infinity Jumper inspired by retro game “Icy Towers”. Available for linux and windows…

Huge news for CS:GO players, as per this latest update you can add -vulkan to your launch flags to run the game with the new Vulkan renderer! …

No exact date yet other than sometime hopefully in early 2022. …

You do need the original game assets, which you can grab easily with a DRM-free copy of Caesar III on or Steam. Find the project on GitHub. You can also play it easily from Steam using Luxtorpeda!..

Mesa 21.3.0

New games supported …

Gaming on the GNU/Linux operating system.

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