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Released my first solo made video game

First of all if self promotion / advertisement is not allowed please remove this post. Or if I get too much backlash due to this being my first game etc I will remove it :) …

While I am not very excited about Rift support itself, this opens the door for PSVR support on Linux. And that is probably the most affordable solution right now…

I personally got a used HTC Vive Pro relatively cheaply a few months ago and can confirm that (on Manjaro with a AMD GPU) it is quite usable. A few nice games sadly have issues, but most work just as expected…

I have good experiences with this for games that are a bit troublesome to run on regular Proton…

I am requesting to take over moderation of this community

The original mod has not been active for 9 months. Any objections?..

Gaming on the GNU/Linux operating system.

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