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How good is retropi on 3B+?.I have a 3B+ and would like to use it for retrogaming instead of getting a 8gb pi4.How well does it run?It does depend on the game but what have been your experiences with using 3B+ for retrogaming?..


Are We Anti-Cheat Yet?

A comprehensive and crowd-sourced list of games using anti-cheats and their compatibility with GNU/Linux or Wine. …


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It’s still currently disabled by default with you needing to make a small adjustment to turn it on. This can be added to individual games by setting PROTON_HIDE_NVIDIA_GPU=0 PROTON_ENABLE_NVAPI=1 %command% in the launch options. Or you can try PROTON_ENABLE_NVAPI=1 %command% with `"dxgi.nvapiH…

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What is your absolute favorite FOSS game?

Like if you had to choose just one, which one would it be?..

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