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Actually already a few weeks old, seems like I forgot to post about them here.

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LibreJam 202206
cross-posted from: > Next LibreJam upcoming! > > Jam Version: 202206 > Theme: Heist > Theme announced at: 2022-06-01 00:00 UTC > Submissions end at: 2022-06-14 23:59 UTC > Ratings end at: 2022-06-21 23:59 UTC > > More info at: > IRC: ircs:// > Webchat: > > InfoPage also on gemini: gemini:// ;)

Some nice improvements to online multiplayer lately.

Sadly quite a few Unity3D games, so not all of them are really open-source.

So I created an Unciv Matrix Room
Feel free to join if you want someone to play multiplayer games with. Here's the link:!

0 A.D: Empires Ascendant Presentation
Includes suggestions on how to contribute.

Hi everyone, I love Unciv and I was wondering if there's anyone around here that loves it too and would like to play multiplayer games with random strangers. I was thinking about a matrix/element group to eventually organize that, let me know if interested.

[Announcement on Patreon](, and a [gameplay video](

The game is being developed with Godot (and other free tools such as Krita and Blender). For more info check out (you'll also find the link to our repo)

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