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Actually already a few weeks old, seems like I forgot to post about them here…

Second meeting 30th of Jan.

Hello everyone, you’re all invited to only the second meeting of, a community focused on playing and developing libre games. Please join us on Mumble voice chat on 2022-01-30 at 20:00 UTC by connecting to Some things we might be discussing: …

LibreJam 202202

Two more weeks to go until LibreJam 202202. This will probably be the first LibreJam running for two weeks instead of one(2 weeks creating, 1 week playing/rating), so that there is more time for making games(will try to update the website regarding this in the coming days). …

Many are only partially open source since they use Unity3D, but there have been some strong contenders using Godot this time…

A Libre Multiplayer FPS Game built with Godot game engine and a fully FOSS toolchain…


Made by Zughy If you want to follow us, pick your favourite social/community on! (it’s a free software linktree :D)…

LibreJam 202112

Next LibreJam upcoming! …


Recording from today’s OnFOSS event…

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