Game store exclusive to open source games?

If I ever made a game it would be under gpl. is there at least a way to sell those games?..

What are the benefits of open source games?

Just a general question. outside of, err… freedom. what benefits for let’s say, a game developer or gamers alike from an open source game?..


Hello everybody, just to let you know, SpaceNET is on sale (-35%) until Monday! If you are into retro space adventures, you should give it a shot :)…

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Solaris: HTML5 online multiplayer 4X

For slow play-by-mail type of sessions…

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QuakeVR is super cool

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Engine reimplementation for the original Baldurs Gate etc…


Pterodactyl: OS game server management tool

For easily managing game servers via docker containers. Supports various open source games and also commercial titles…

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    11d is testing our own IRCd

Given the situation over at Freenode, I decided to give self-hosting an modern IRCd a try. For now we still bridge back to Freenode IRC, but that will be a temporary measure. …

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Skyscraper is back!

Even after Ryan Thoryk shut down Skyscraper(sim), you can still download it here. …

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