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I’ve never looked into it, so not sure what their process for contributors is like. I did sign up to send a few bucks their way though to help keep it going.

Using FF here as well, and I’ve been using it for years. It’s a great browser.

Yeah, Gemini is an interesting experiment and completely agree it’s a very good solution for text based static content. Protocol being restrictive ends up being a feature in this context.

I wonder if at some point it would just make sense to have a split between commercial and non-commerical web. Chrome could become just an app you use to do things like banking and online shopping, while Firefox could be a browser you use to access things like the Fediverse.

Specifically, FF will maintain support for blocking WebRequest in MV3. And that means ad blockers can still be injected before content is rendered.

If you’re not aware of rampant sinophobia in US then really don’t know what to say. Here’s a concrete example of US doing witch hunts.

US has been demonizing China for close to a decade when US began to see China as a rival. The public was driven into a frenzy through a relentless propaganda campaign. You can see how in a short period views of China went from being overwhelmingly positive to overwhelmingly negative. Crime against Asians in US has spiked as a result. US government manipulates domestic public opinion masterfully.

Cost of living is far lower in China than in Europe, especially now that there is a huge energy crisis unfolding in Europe.

liberal media conspicuously missing from the picture

It boggles my mind that smooth brains in Washington are actually trying to open up a second front with China when their proxy war with Russia is turning into an utter disaster.

Yeah, we’re done here because Russia hasn’t massacred over 6 million people in a war on terror last I checked. I’ll gladly accept your ignorance and lack of skill to detect propaganda. 😂

All this from a guy who recognizes that the crimes NATO is responsible for eclipse anything Russia has done. Another basic fact you refuse to accept.

If that’s the definition of a coup, then US did a coup on the whole of EU a long, long time ago. All EU politicians answer to US masters and do their bidding over the interests of their own people.

And, no only an utter simpleton would frame things in terms of two sides where one is bad and the other is good. This is a childish perspective that anybody past the age of 8 grows out of. Real world is complex and messy with all countries having their own interests.

Meanwhile, Euromaidan was a coup by every definition of a coup. It wasn’t a secret it’s a well documented thing that again, plenty of experts I’ve linked repeatedly discuss at length. The fact that you continue trying to pretend it wasn’t a coup shows how desperate you are to ignore reality and live in a black and white world that your simple mind can comprehend.

The coup doesn’t happen overnight you understand that right? Coups take time to build, to install NGOs, groom extremists, take over politics, and so on. If you don’t even understand this, what else is there to tell you.

Well, this is one big lie. Russia certainly was not fine with Ukraine doing its own thing. From Wikipedia:

Euromaidan are western sponsored color revolution my dude. This is precisely the event I’m referencing here. Hilarious how you expose yourself here trying to claim that I’m lying.

Western experts also say it’s a mistake or a lie to call the past eight years civil war. Pure disinformation. Who is saying otherwise?

I linked world renowned experts like Mearsheimer and Chomsky who call this a civil war. Which experts claim otherwise exactly?

You also continue to claim Ukraine is a victim of a violent coup.

No, that’s not me claiming it, it’s people like Mearsheimer saying this.

Ukrainians wanted closer ties with EU, not Russia, but their government failed them

Now here’s an actual lie.

So, what would you say Russia is trying to do now? Invading regions, removing citizens, starting false elections and voting…

Russia is just following the NATO template used in Yugoslavia here. It’s a precedent your favorite terrorist organization set.

And they even said Ukraine shouldn’t exist and the goverment must be replaced. Smells like a violent coup, but that seems to be ok for you?

Russia has been perfectly fine with Ukraine doing its own thing until the 2014 coup, now that it’s been turned into a NATO puppet state they have a problem with it. Wonder why…

I don’t care on iota what a lying ideologue thinks about my face to be honest.

Well that’s the danger with gambling on provocations, you can always miscalculate catastrophically as US has done this time. However, that doesn’t change the fact that Russia tried to resolve this problem diplomatically for whole eight years.