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Israel is doing ethnic cleansing in Palestine.

I love how western media spent years moaning about surveillance in China while the same and worse has been happening in the west. It’s as if the whole narrative about China was specifically designed to distract from what was happening at home this whole time.

Zulip is really nice. It takes some getting used to, but it’s much easier to track conversations with it because everything is threaded by default. It’s also fairly easy to set up and maintain.

No worries, it’s a valid question and I agree that the fact the genocide is now recognize is progress.

I think that if US breaks up there wouldn’t be a single unified military anymore. Plenty of states hate each other, so it’s far more likely that there would be a bunch of states pursuing their own interests as opposed to a single nation projecting unified power globally. Collapse of US would certainly lead to the end of global hegemony as well.

We can also look at what happened after USSR collapsed, and that was a far more civilized process than what will happen when US collapses.

The problem is that this federation of mostly independent states has one giant military with over 800 bases around the globe.

You could train it on a different data set though from somewhere sunny to get a different feel. I actually see this as a feature since you could design the levels, and then easily apply different themes to them without actually having to put a lot of work into it.

Basically a retaliation for Turkey buying s400 systems from Russia.

edit: and of course Armenian genocide happened, I’m simply pointing out that US is just cynically using this as a political bargaining chip

Pretty much all the problems described in the article are artifacts of capitalist model driving web development. Websites are constantly looking for ways to monetize their users, to create lock-ins, and so on. And, as always, capitalism leads to consolidation and monopolies, so we now have a handful of websites most people visit.

Good news is that we’re now seeing a new model with Fediverse that’s largely run non-profit by volunteers and activists. I think this is facilitated by VPS hosting prices having come down significantly and containerization technology like Docker making deployment and maintenance easier.

I see Fediverse as the future of open web that’s bringing back all the nice things that have been stomped out by the commercial web.

Yeah, the amount of stuff you can infer from a single sensor nowadays is pretty insane. I think this really highlights the importance of open source solutions. We need devices that we own and we can trust.

It’s just pure greed, and a perfect illustration of how capitalist ethic is fundamentally incompatible with healthcare.

not if wealthy countries are going to hoard resources and knowledge

Yeah same, but I do like the concept and perhaps it could be done better as a cooperative from the start.

I love how every single thing capitalists told people would happen under communism has actually come true under capitalism.