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Russian system of governance bears no resemblance to Chinese system and it’s actually closest to US.

I find Zulip is really great for busy chats with lots of topics. Threading makes it much easier to catch up on things you care about. The UX takes a bit of getting used, but it’s definitely worth it in my opinion. It’s also really easy to run your own private server on a VPS.

Yeah, this stuff is getting better all the time and there’s a ton of funding for it. These things can navigate largely autonomously and deal with unexpected environments already.

Yeah, it’s kind of an amusing situation. I literally just treat Js as bytecode nowadays. I haven’t had to write a line of it in years.

Definitely, it’s sadly hard to avoid entirely with it being the main driver for the web. Stuff like ClojureScript is nice since it’s pretty much its own ecosystem and you can opt into Js stuff if you really need to.

I set up a NextCloud instance for myself using Digital Ocean. I used this guide using Snap, and it’s been running for a couple of years now without a hitch. It’s a really nice way to deGoogle since you can use it for file sharing, calendars, music, etc.

It’s really not a great situation with package management in Js land, and having two predatory companies own major tools and package repositories certainly doesn’t help things.

FP absolutely doesn’t require much brain. In fact, my team regularly hired students as interns who barely have any programming experience and are able to get productive within a week or two. The whole point of FP is to reduce complexity.

The cost of servicing external debts in 64 countries exceeded what they spent on healthcare… The situation is made worse as poor & middle-income countries are getting in more debt to buy vaccines…

I’m still amazed that NPM allowed people to just remove packages from the repo.

I actually think it’s better to learn a functional language as your first language because it teaches you to think about state explicitly, and it’s much easier to go from fp to imperative than the other way around.

Guy maintaining GPG email tools is another good example.

Yeah, the evidence that climate change is primarily human driven is incontrovertible at this point. That said, this may actually change going forward as we hit tipping points where natural processes could eclipse what we’re doing. For example, thanks to the warming climate permafrost is starting to melt up north releasing gigatons of methane which is some thing like 80x more potent greenhouse gas than CO2. This kind of stuff could create a runaway effect that we wouldn’t even be in a position to do anything about.

Yeah, robots will most likely be used as supplemental to humans. It’s also worth noting that quadruped robots from Boston Dynamics are able to navigate on their own and open doors already. It’s not a huge stretch to imagine putting weapons on them.

I mean there are tons of resources, NASA is a good place to start

However, whether climate change is human caused or not is a fundamentally irrelevant question. Even if it was naturally occurring, that wouldn’t change the damage it’s causing to life on this planet in any way. So, the only question that matters is what we can do to arrest it.

I agree that the problems are systemic and that we need to focus on heavy industry and energy production first and foremost. However, the only way that can happen is if there is public pressure to do that. So, I’m not advocating individual action in terms of reducing personal footprint, but mass action to force the governments to start acting and forcing these companies to start cleaning up.

What I was saying earlier is that 90% of the people at the bottom need to understand that unless their governments act, then they will be personally impacted. Right now this understand simply doesn’t exist, and without this understanding there is no pressure on the governments or the companies to act.

Different kinds of bots aren’t mutually exclusive. Each one has its own set of pros and cons. Walking bot can easily get past things like barricades, go into buildings, and so on.

True story