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Go read up on Deng reforms in China which introduced aspects of capitalism into the system. It’s worth noting that nothing equivalent would be possible in a western style democracy. It’s absolutely unthinkable for any western country to integrate aspects of Marxism into the system.

Once again, I’m asking for the actual study. You may not be aware of this, but study methodology matters a lot and depending on how polling is done it can produce wildly different results. It’s important to know what demographics were polled, what sort of questions were asked, and so on. You keep linking articles that just throw out a number, but don’t actually explain how this number was arrived at.

However, one clear sign that these articles are full of shit is the fact that US backed coup failed. If the government actually had 15% support it would’ve been incredibly easy to topple.

That comment shows such an infantile understanding of democracy. Having a single party simply means that Cuba decided on the approach how to do things, which is communism. There are lots of different approaches you can take towards achieving the goals within that scope.

Elections with one party have exact same purpose as elections with multiple parties. The citizens select candidates based on their ideas and proposals. The main difference in a multiparty system is that people still haven’t figured out what the right way to run the economy is, and each time a different party gets elected they pull things in a different direction. This is why it’s practically impossible to do any large scale projects in the west.

Where’s the poll buddy, also why do you keep lying when you know full well the west seized the assets that Venezuela legally owns and put sanctions on the country. At least lie about something more believable.

If there is a world war it’s almost certainly will turn into a nuclear conflict at which point all of humanity loses. Not gonna have to worry about global warming though, so there’s that I guess.

The Economist is a literal propaganda paper of UK oligarchs. It provides no actual source for its claims, and it relies on people simply accepting such statements because they fit with their preconceptions. https://www.sott.net/article/331691-Dont-believe-the-propaganda-Venezuelans-support-for-Maduro-increasing

Meanwhile, it’s pretty weird how the Economist fails to mention the fact that UK literally stole Venezuela’s gold reserves that were in British banks after they didn’t like the outcome of the election. That’s the rules based world order you support in action right there. But you keep on pretending it’s all Maduro’s failings because engaging with reality is evidently uncomfortable for you.

The fact that US has been destabilizing the region is in fact very much relevant. Once you read up on the subject you’ll understand why.

Meanwhile, if you get your views on Venezuela from the economist, that explains a lot.

I’m curious, are you genuinely ignorant of what US has been doing in Venezuela long before Maudro?

Here’s a little primer you might want to read. Then go read the book I linked in the previous comment and learn at least a smidgen of history of what your regime has been up to, and how it translates into the horrors people of Latin America experience today.

You’re blaming the government of Venezuela for the conditions your regime is directly responsible for. I’m simply addressing the misinformation in your comment.

Venezuelans are fleeing the conditions that US sanctions created. The whole region has been destabilized by your murderous regime, and now its putting people who are fleeing the conditions your fascist government created are being put into concentration camps.

Anybody who actually wants to know why Latin America is the way it is today need to read Killing Hope to understand the kinds of crimes against humanity US regime has been committing there.


Looks like China has decided that productive dialogue with US is no long possible
> President Joe Biden said last month after a U.S. fighter jet shot down a suspected Chinese spy balloon that he planned to speak to Chinese President Xi Jinping about the episode and clear the air between the rival superpowers. > Five weeks later, the call still hasn't happened. > ... > Instead, after two months of diplomatic sniping and Xi's trip this week to Moscow where he and Russian President Vladimir Putin jointly denounced the United States, U.S.-China relations have slid to what some say is the worst since the countries normalized ties in the 1970s. > ... > Blinken did meet with China's top diplomat Wang Yi at the Munich Security Conference last month after the balloon incident, but this did not soothe tensions. A source familiar with that conversation called it the most antagonistic U.S.-China engagement since contentious talks in Alaska early in the Biden administration. > The person said China had declined to coordinate the meeting, forcing the State Department's top East Asia diplomat, Daniel Kritenbrink, to personally track down Wang Yi at the conference center to ask whether it would happen.

Under the new Restrict Act (“ban TikTok act”) VPN users face 20 years in jail and a $1mio fine if they evade US internet censorship.
![](https://lemmy.ml/pictrs/image/82f2bab4-b68f-4097-b0b4-b3dedfd4ac92.png) ![](https://lemmy.ml/pictrs/image/b6ab2818-228c-463d-a683-21aa696584a4.png) ![](https://lemmy.ml/pictrs/image/3d21bfcb-03ca-4051-afe6-c85be7fc3eae.png)

Absolute clown shit

However, let us be clear on what Russia’s draft resolution was, and what it was not. It was an attempt to discredit the work of ongoing national investigations and prejudice any conclusions they reach that do not comport to Russia’s predetermined and political narrative. It was not an attempt to seek the truth.

How can an investigation that leaves Russia, the major stakeholder, out be considered in any way credible?

The competent national investigations by Sweden, Denmark, and Germany are proceeding in a comprehensive, transparent, and impartial manner. As many Council members have said, they must first be allowed to conclude. That is why we did not support this draft resolution and voted to abstain today.

This is a flat out lie because German MPs have complained in the parliament that the opposite is the case. Even the politicians in these countries aren’t allowed to see the results of the “investigation”. Calling that transparent is a lie.

We must ask why, despite having failed to make its case to the Council, Russia still chose to bring this resolution to a vote. It is difficult to accept Russia’s posturing that it only seeks an impartial, independent investigation.

What we really must ask is why the west is opposed to having a transparent investigation of the sabotage that includes all stakeholders.

Let it be clear for the record that the first draft of Russia’s resolution clearly implicated the United States, based on mischaracterizations of statements made by U.S. officials. The first draft criticized the investigations of other UN Member States.

Doing a transparent UN investigation sure would be a great way to demonstrate that Russia’s implication of the US is false. Weird that US doesn’t want to do that.

Over the course of many rounds of consultations, Russia failed to provide any credible new information to justify a UN investigation at this time.

The fact that Russia is shut out of the current “investigation” seems like a pretty credible reason for justifying a UN investigation to me.

Definitely, I’ve been using Tusky and Pixelfed app on my phone and both work great. Seeing Pixelfed app on the official stores will definitely be nice.

Agreed, there is a higher barrier to entry for the fediverse at the moment. I do imagine this will get more polish as the fediverse gets more popular. We’re seeing this happening with Linux where it’s becoming a lot more accessible over the past few years even though it’s still only around 3% of overall OS market.

Non commercial internet never did go away though, it’s just become more niche. I think these things ebb and flow. The pendulum swings one way and then the other. :)

So far, it seems like a lot of fairly large instances are doing well with the donation model. Only a small percentage of users have to contribute to pay for the hosting costs. Again, this worked the same way with the old internet as well. I don’t think the outcome of the fediverse being commercialized is inevitable or even likely.

I expect to see growth of non profit social networking where people run servers as a hobby without a monetary incentive. This is what we saw happening a lot at the dawn of the internet with people running BBS boards, IRC channels, and small personal sites. I think platforms like Lemmy and Mastodon capture some of the same appeal and a lot of people are starting become disillusioned with profit driven models. We’ll see how things develop I guess.

If there is one thing we learned over the past year it’s that the people running the west are utterly clueless.

Both theory and practice are necessary for effective action. Unfortunately, a lot of people in the west completely discount reading theory and history leading to ineffective action.

I absolutely agree, we can see how the internet completely changed once it started becoming commercialized. We got to the point where most people just visit a handful of websites like Reddit and Facebook. That said, I’m very optimistic about the emergence of the fediverse because it brings back the way the internet was meant to function. While the fediverse is still tiny, it is steadily growing, and it provides a serious alternative to corporate internet.

That’s fair, I guess a more nuance statement would be any meaningful action helps no matter how small. You are completely right that it’s easy to end up doing things that don’t really accomplish anything, and feel like you’re contributing.

The promise of the internet would help people see different views and then we’d come to find common truths sort of the way scientific consensus works. Instead, what we got are echo chambers where people are only exposed to opinions that they agree with. I suspect that corporate ownership of media platforms plays a big role in that. Pretty much every corporate platform uses some sort of an opaque algorithm to decide what content people see, and these algorithms are designed to maximize engagement. So, people end up seeing what they want to see.

A capitalist hellscape that resembles the west in many ways.

It does, Huawei mostly deals with telecom equipment, and 14nm chips are what’s typically used for that.

Well that’s weird, since the paper proposes that US could try extending Russia in Ukraine. It also literally warns of the risk that the conflict could turn into what it turned into. And of course, it’s not just the RAND paper that we have. I’ve linked you countless sources time and again. Yet, you just keep ignoring them. The fact that you keep on pretending that US had nothing to do with provoking the conflict in face of all the evidence you’ve been presented with repeatedly shows utter lack of intellectual integrity on your part.

The only person choosing propaganda over reality here is the one who thinks that US altruistically protects any nation from invasions.

US is responsible for majority of the invasions that have happened since WW2 that US massacred countless millions of people in. One has to have a brain as smooth as a bowling ball to think that US is sticking its rotten dick into Taiwan to help people there. You’ve already done enough helping in Syria, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, and countless other countries. Your regime massacred millions of people around the globe while people like you justified these atrocities claiming you were just helping. The blood of millions is on your hands. You are personally responsible for what your despotic regime does because you help spread its propaganda that facilitates these atrocities.

And finally, I know you are utterly and completely full of shit when you do your hand wringing about self determination of Taiwan because if you cared about such things you’d be talking about independence of Hawaii that your regime occupies https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hawaiian_sovereignty_movement and where your military is poisoning the land https://www.leftvoice.org/the-u-s-navy-poisoned-hawaiis-water-and-covered-it-up/

Or perhaps you should worry about the people of Bikini Atoll where your military ran human experiments exposing the people to radiation from atomic weapons to see the effects https://www.theguardian.com/world/2014/mar/02/bikini-atoll-nuclear-test-60-years

The sad part here is that you don’t even realize just how deplorable your nation is and how much harm it’s done to the world. You are not the good guys and you never were. You’re an extractive empire that’s destroying humanity and whose ideology is driving us towards extinction.

The article just says they have the capability, and being able to hit US is a good deterrence.

US warnings were 100% correct because US intentionally provoked Russia into taking military action using the method that a RAND paper outlined with the intent of extending Russia. It’s so easy to predict that things you’re actively trying to make happen will happen.

Now, US is trying to repeat the stunning success it managed to achieve in Ukraine in Taiwan. I sincerely hope that your economy collapses before that happens so you finally leave the rest of the world alone.

Secretly to a lot of people living in Europe who have been convinced that Europe is completely independent of Russian energy today.

Yeah, it’s definitely trying to create a particular framing there. Still an interesting data point. It’s also in line with this article I saw a little while back https://asiatimes.com/2019/12/75-of-young-want-to-escape-south-korean-hell/

Yeah, UN is a completely toothless organization in the end.

hmm loads for me, here’s the text

South Korea is investigating the case of a North Korean defector who became a celebrity refugee in Seoul, but recently appeared on Pyongyang television to claim she had returned home from the “hell” of the capitalist South.

Lim Ji-hyun, a female defector in her 20s, arrived in Seoul in 2014 and soon became a public figure after starring in several South Korean television programmes featuring escapees from the North.

But on Sunday, Lim abruptly appeared in a video on the North’s propaganda network, describing how her “fantasy” about the wealthy South had been shattered.

In the video, posted on the North’s Uriminzokkiri website, Lim says she had “returned home” last month and was now living with her family in the western city of Anju.

It is unclear whether Lim returned voluntarily, with South Korean media speculating she might have been kidnapped at the Chinese border with the North while trying to reunite with her family.

Seoul police sources who probed Lim’s home and financial accounts in Seoul told the South’s JoongAng daily there was little sign of her trying to wrap up her life in the country and move elsewhere.

“Relevant authorities are investigating the North Korean defector Lim Ji-hyun,” said Lee Yoo-jin, deputy spokeswoman of Seoul’s unification ministry handling North Korea affairs. Seoul’s spy agency declined to comment.

In the video, Lim identified herself as Chon Hae-song, which she said was her real name in the North.

Wearing a traditional silk hanbok and red badge bearing the images of the North’s two former leaders, Kim Il-sung and Kim Jong-il, Lim tearfully detailed her “miserable” life in the capitalist neighbour where “money is all that matters”.

“I went to South Korea harbouring this fantasy that I would able to eat and live well there, but the South was not the place I imagined,” she said, adding she wanted to become an actress in Seoul.

“Every single day in the South was like hell. Every night … I cried thinking about my motherland and my parents in the North.

“I viciously slandered and spoke ill of the DPRK as I was told to.”

Lim also accused a Korean TV station of pushing her to lie about her life in the North to make it sound more miserable than it actually was.

“Everything I said on TV was scripted … to make North Koreans look barbaric, ignorant and stupid,” she said, describing herself as “human trash”.

Lim rose to prominence in South Korea as a result of her appearances on a cable network talk show known as Moranbong Club and a reality programme called South Korean Men and North Korean Women.

She thanked her fans in April for arranging a birthday party, saying it was “possibly the happiest birthday of my life” and the affection “pushes me to live with more courage”, the JoongAng reported.

Other defectors who have reappeared in the North have been displayed on similar programmes, prompting speculation they had been kidnapped by Pyongyang or coerced into returning by threats to their families.

Many defectors who reach the South hire brokers to take their remaining family out of the North through the border with China, and some even visit the Chinese border areas themselves – a dangerous move in a region monitored and frequented by North Korean agents.

The North has tightened border security since young leader Kim Jong-un took power in 2011, sharply reducing the number of defectors and increasing the cost of hiring brokers.

Robert Kelly, an associate professor of international relations at Pusan National University in South Korea, said people who defect from North Korea often shunned the limelight for fear of what might the authorities might do to family members back home.

“I’ve also heard rumours, though, that they tracked down and threatened her family,” he said. “As I understand it, that is a big reason why defectors shun publicity if they make it to the South, or even return to the North.”