Non reader that wants to become a reader

I am a slow reader and i can’t really get into reading because i find it quite challenging (i can read decently but the drive isn’t there). Any tips? thanks…

“A book must be the axe for the frozen sea inside us,” Kafka wrote to his childhood friend just as he was setting out on a life of making and honing axes of words. I have always been struck by his metaphor — by both the exquisite truth of its tenor and the awful violence of its vehicle. A good book …

Turn the Ship Around! (review)

The best book about empowerment. Turns a submarine from worst to best…

Book Notes: The Secret Life of Groceries

I was pretty bummed after reading this book but I guess it was about what I expected. …

Favourite books

Share some of your favourite reads - get a discussion going!..

Books on the topic of sleep

Outside of Matthew Walker’s brilliant Why We Sleep and Guy Leschziner’s The Nocturnal Brain, what other science-based books on sleep have you discovered and would recommend?..

Free Calculus Textbooks from the University of British Columbia!

As a UBC student, we actually use these textbooks in our Calculus classes. At least first-year differential and integral calculus books have source codes confirmed to be licensed under CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0…

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