Which websites should we link to?

Recently there was kind of a discussion, with one user being a bit mean towards the other regarding the latter posting a link to Amazon. …

David Eller talks from a point of view which he calls ‘natural atheism’, which means he was born an atheist, I guess to an atheist family. The book talks mostly about philosophical and social reasons to be an atheist…

La cultura es libre: Una historia de la resistencia antipropiedad

Este libro es una traducción (todavía incompleta) del libro en portugués A Cultura é Livre: Uma história da resistência antipropriedade. Me gustaría poder publicarlo también impreso en el futuro cuando termine la traducción, pero aún no sé cómo hacerlo…

read it? is it worth a read? …

BookWyrm is a federated social network for tracking your reading, talking about books, writing reviews, and discovering what to read next

Federation allows BookWyrm users to join small, trusted communities that can connect with one another, and with other ActivityPub services like Mastodon and Pleroma. …

I loved this book when I was a child and I still have a printed copy here 😊…

All you need to know about the Internet and what you can do in under 30 minutes to use it more safely and privacy-friendly. Including 20+ worksheets and checklists to help you improve your own Internet safety and privacy. …

Fated to Meet You by Kemeridou, Despoina

“I love you with every fiber of my being, Eleanor, but this love won’t keep me alive, nor will it be able to protect you.” …

Agatha & Poirot Partners in Crime a Biography: Agatha Christie is one of my all-time favourite authors and her first book was published 100 years ago

I have every one of the 100+ books she published and have enjoyed rereading them over the years (I’m blessed with forgetting the ending of books). Nothing does justice like reading the actual books though, as the mind is way more powerful of conjuring up the imagery than any movie or TV series. Even…

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