Which websites should we link to?
Recently there was kind of a discussion, with one user being a bit mean towards the other regarding the latter posting a link to Amazon. While I do not agree with how they brought the discussion, I think it would be great to read everyone's opinion about what should be link, and if linking to specific websites should be forbidden. For example, we have Open Library, BookWyrm, Inventaire, etc, if you only want to link to a book's information, and while it is harder to find a replacement to a web site where you can buy books, users can always search for it if they want. What are your thoughts?

Let's revive this sublemmy, comment (any number of) your favorite books
mine are: * Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir * Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie

A book about the sexual desires of a girl.

"I'll be good, I'll be good for goddess' sake!" A crazy woman kidnaps her favorite writer. How do they relate?

A book about a dystopian future where pleasure rules above all else.

This book introduces relativity results to the general public. It invites people to think about the mathematical results and discusses the different forms of mathematical transformations. It's basically an extended version of what we read in science news about relativity, but written by Einstein himself.

David Eller talks from a point of view which he calls 'natural atheism', which means he was born an atheist, I guess to an atheist family. The book talks mostly about philosophical and social reasons to be an atheist.

La cultura es libre: Una historia de la resistencia antipropiedad
Este libro es una traducción (todavía incompleta) del libro en portugués [A Cultura é Livre: Uma história da resistência antipropriedade]( Me gustaría poder publicarlo también impreso en el futuro cuando termine la traducción, pero aún no sé cómo hacerlo.

cross-posted from: > **[German book]** > > Deutschland existiert nicht mehr. Nach einem mysteriösen Erdbeben ist fast das ganze Land mit seinen Bewohnern spurlos verschwunden und zurück blieb ein mysteriöser, außerirdischer Urwald, der von der NATO zur Sperrzone erklärt wurde. […]

read it? is it worth a read? it doesn't seem to mention the two most obvious types * agents - people whose only job is intermediating, forwarding emails between a business and a customer, but not letting then talk directly. like employment agents who won't reveal the name of the company, because they know you could just talk to each other directly: the agent knows he is useless. * police, military, bouncers - people who spend 99% of their time doing nothing, standing around on street corners. when they do anything, it is only to fight, beat or kill normal working/productive people.

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