Freedom is a synthetic enterprise, not a natural gift.

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If the pins are not damaged then you are good, try to open the carcass of the phone and gently press the exterior part of the microUSB port so that when you connect the cable it can “grab” it better. Be super gently, because if it gets broken you will need to do some micro soldering to change the port and you need a soldering station and/or some other expensive tools to change it.

No, because they are a mouthpiece of imperialist nations.

In the way that Amnesty International is a piece of shit and they do not deserve any say in anything.

Closed source bullshit built on Chromium, probably it’s not even anonymous.

I think no rule is going to prevent people from posting shit anyway, but I think that at least having something like a warning/recommendation that you should consider if the news in question at least has two countries involved would be a good idea. But as you say, it’s not a golden rule because a country can do something by its own that affects the rest.

IMO a flag emoji would be better since it takes less space, but it would be a nice idea.

I live in a poor country and we have agrochemicals so our food is filled with cancer and too tasty, we literally don’t have like local places where to buy food that’s not shit like there exists in most first world countries so I’d say no.

dIdD V knoU thAt XXPRzz BPN can netfliX othR kaUNTRY???

Lol, you get real advice from an expert and people give so many down votes.

Dude, this is like fucking awesome. Imagine that a big tech company is showing you how to disassemble their product, I can’t remember something like this ever happening. Like, don’t get me wrong, I know they’re still a capitalist company and shit, but at least they’re going for a far more open approach.

I don’t know, I’m thinking maybe he thinks China is good but he doesn’t want to say anything too good about it because he fears he will be banished in the West.

super confusing considering i dont use inches

I would love if the community name wasn’t so huge, at least it wouldn’t be so cluttery in the GUI. I do like a lot of the posts, though, but yeah

I also thought about some kind of rule but couldn’t come with anything. And while I agree that this may seem reasonable most of the time I’m sure it will prevent actual world news from getting posted. Maybe it could work as a consideration?

When did I say that all the news were regarding only the US? What I said is that more often than not, news that are relevant only to people interested in national politics get posted in a community that should be focused on international politics. /c/worldnews is way less usocentric than /r/worldnews, but still we get the usual post that is not.

To be clear, I’m not saying that we get way too many posts about the US but that sometimes we get irrelevant news just because people think that since the US is involved everyone should care about it.

[Meta] Could be please not transform this community into another shithole for Usonian news?

For fucks sake, lately it seems /c/worldnews is just like /r/worldnews, every stupid insignificant thing that happens in the US gets a shitty post here. Could you think twice about posting anything US/Europe related thing? I’m not saying there shouldn’t be any news regarding these places but some ti…

This Friday, 09/29/09, el Feo, content creator of the YouTube channel La Filmoteca Maldita, was arrested for illegal distribution of copyrighted material. …

If the AUKUS starts a war with Chine there's no way we are going to survive the climate crisis

Our chances of surviving are almost non existent with current capitalism, probably 90% of life on Earth will die. If these bastards start a war there’s going to be nuclear warfare, that would be a death sentence to us. I’m depressed…

Opinion on the Linux Professional Institute certifications?

So I found out about them today, and I was wondering if they have any value when it comes to finding a job and also if they teach you anything or if they a bullshit and I should spend my moneis into something else. …