Freedom is a synthetic enterprise, not a natural gift.

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I mean, even though that’s probably the way it’s going to take if one day they decide to make a desktop client, right now it’s just javascript and css. Syphon looks pretty decent and their desktop version won’t be built using Electron, so I’m waiting for that and switch from Element desktop to Syphon desktop.

Foxit Reader provides a tarball for Linux, I don’t want to install that with WineGUI, and what if I wanted to? I didn’t came here for someone to give me a lecture about libre software, I know how it works. It’s his first time into Linux, if he wants to install shitty fucking Foxit Reader I’ll do it, as long as he doesn’t switch back to shitdows. BTW he wants it because allows for PDF edition and also allows to insert images and text within the highlights.

Well, I meant when you download it from a project’s repo, which is pretty much always the code.

I am trying to install Foxit Reader and WineGUI for a friend on Manjaro, I found the latter on the AUR I think, so I should run yay install wine-gui-git?

What if it doesnt have any instructions?

What do you mean about using the AUR?

What am I supposed to do with .tar.gz?

Some projects only give you .tar.gz, what am I supposed to do with them? Is this what people call building from source? Am I supposed to move it to /opt and extract it in Debian based distros? Does this also work on Arch based ones?..

See how the extension repo says it is outdated? It is not libre anymore.

Oh, cool, I guess I’ve just never interacted with something like this or maybe the situation isn’t as bad where I live so I didn’t even know what an academic tutor is.

I use it quite often so this is basically what I do, but since there isn’t that much activity it’s not like I get a lot of them.

Well, I dont think the open part is what conveys the meaning, but the word after it is what does. For example, Open Street Maps the Open is irrelevant since you probably find it on GitHub or F-droid, I already know it is libre.

I always kind of hate the lack of imagination for the libre software community to name projects, it’s always LibreSomething, FlossThis, OpenThat, and so on.

When you contribute to the code and add it yourself. /s

I think they don’t want to add that feature cos it would imply adding something like a push thingy which will most likely be proprietary.

A matrix client that looks like an email one would be awesome, it probably could replace it for registrations if enough web sites start to adopt it.

Of course we need them to, but we need left wing automation or else we fucked.

The Great Hack, Laura Poitras did another one about Assange that also discusses his rape allegations.

Is there an easy to use Wine GUI to install .exes?

So I’m install Manjaro for a friend and it’s the first time he uses a Linux distribution, but he still needs a couple of Windows applications so I was wondering if anyone could recommend me an easy to use GUI to install .exes (not for video games, but for applications) so that he can install them wi…

How is it hard to find them, though? If you look by ISBN you have a unique and precise ID to search for them, the only case where this could not help is if the book is a bit niche and does not show up on Amazon but on some more local place, probably where it was edited.

Let me ask around and I’ll try to find you an invite, send me a DM if I forget to reply here.

Any idea where can I get some Imperial Boy’s drawings in good quality?


Metagaming: Playing, Competing, Spectating, Cheating, Trading, Making, and Breaking Videogames

The greatest trick the videogame industry ever pulled was convincing the world that videogames were games rather than a medium for making metagames. Elegantly defined as “games about games,” metagames implicate a diverse range of practices that stray outside the boundaries and bend the rules: from…