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Have you ever had a conversation in real life in Toki pona?
What was the context? Was it like with a friend, or like with a stranger? Since it's so simple to learn I am thinking about learning it just as a networking activity, since it'll pop up eventually

toki pona guide / resources
My toki pona guide: ## Learning the language - [jan Lentan's lessons]( By far the best guide for learning the language. - [jan Misali's 12 days of toki pona]( Not as good as jan Lentan's lessons, but serves as a speedy introduction to the vocab. ## Vocabulary - Download a client for the spaced-repetition software, [Anki]( - [AnkiDroid for Android]( - [Shared Deck of all the current popular words]( (~137 words as of 2022, known as *pu + nimi ku suli*). - [Shared Deck of all the phrases from jan Lentan's lessons.]( - You can find other shared decks [here]( ## Listening / Fluency - [Youtube channel - ma pi toki pona]( . Has lots of fluent speakers having conversations about different topics. ## Other resources - [ku - the toki pona dictionary]( - [pu - toki pona: the language of good (first book)](

I compiled a master dictionary of all the unique words from pu and ku and made an Anki deck to use!
Last month, I set out to collect all of the unique words in the toki pona language, including new words from ku and a few common combination words, with thorough definitions tied to each word into one master list. This deck is compiled from the dictionary section in pu merged with 2 other dictionaries I found online: - - - I also pulled a couple definitions from jan Misali's video on ku: Finally, the master list itself is available in text format here if you're interested in that instead of the shared Anki deck: - [toki pona ku.txt direct download]( _Note that the list and deck do not include country names and other proper nouns that had examples given in pu and ku, only the distinct toki pona words._ (I tried posting this the other day, but the original flashcards service I was using,, stopped working for sharing decks, so I figured it was high time I just used the correct software—it was much easier than I expected!)

XMPP Toki Pona Chat Room
Toki! I started a chat room for anyone here using XMPP. All of the offical toki pona chats and forums are on platforms I don't care to use, so I thought I would create a room for anyone else in my shoes. [tomo laso]( Drop on by! I am new to toki pona myself, and the room is young and quiet. Feel free to come make some noise :)

Toki Pona / English Dictionary (Gemini link)
"A simple dictionary for everyone's favorite conlang ;) The dictionary is a simple word lookup and does not provide results for compounds. So the word car, in english, will not be found in toki pona because you would be required to speak multiple toki pona words to express the idea. Both searched _do_ support multiple words being searched for: separate the words with spaces."

this browser game has a tool to memorize toki pona words, tools to learn sitelen pona, and a dictionary.

pipi lili (2018)
pipi lili li kama ni ona li moku e kili kili li ike nanpa wan sike la pipi lili li moli

Translation Request
I tried to use Toki Pona and made this phrase: > **mi lukin sona toki lon ni ike nasa toki taso ni li ala sama soweli toki** But I think it's missing something, so I'm asking you guys to translate it so I can see if it's understandable.

toki pona
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    Toki Pona is a philosophical artistic constructed language known for its small vocabulary. It was created by Canadian linguist and translator Sonja Lang for the purpose of simplifying thoughts and communication. It was first published online in 2001 as a draft, and later in complete form in the book Toki Pona: The Language of Good in 2014. A small community of speakers developed in the early 2000s. While activity mostly takes place online in chat rooms, on social media, and in other groups, there were a few organized in-person meetings during the 2000s and 2010s.

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