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My toki pona guide: …

I compiled a master dictionary of all the unique words from pu and ku and made an Anki deck to use!

Last month, I set out to collect all of the unique words in the toki pona language, including new words from ku and a few common combination words, with thorough definitions tied to each word into one master list. This deck is compiled from the dictionary section in pu merged with 2 other dictionari…

XMPP Toki Pona Chat Room

Toki! …

Toki Pona / English Dictionary (Gemini link)

"A simple dictionary for everyone’s favorite conlang ;) …

this browser game has a tool to memorize toki pona words, tools to learn sitelen pona, and a dictionary…


pipi lili (2018)

pipi lili li kama ni …


Translation Request

I tried to use Toki Pona and made this phrase: …


toki pona in comparison with Blissymbols - special needs in education

It is not the first time I see toki pona language and some variants of its writting system. …

Toki Pona is a philosophical artistic constructed language known for its small vocabulary. It was created by Canadian linguist and translator Sonja Lang for the purpose of simplifying thoughts and communication. It was first published online in 2001 as a draft, and later in complete form in the book Toki Pona: The Language of Good in 2014. A small community of speakers developed in the early 2000s. While activity mostly takes place online in chat rooms, on social media, and in other groups, there were a few organized in-person meetings during the 2000s and 2010s.

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