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Design around human connectedness, community building, community collaboration, accessability (even for technically illiterate), detoxing.

excuse my ignorance, but how is Lemmy not doing this already?

i agree that linguistic imperialism is a major issue, but we can’t solve it by swapping one imperial language out for another. instead of making everyone learn an auxiliary language, we should devote time and resources to reviving endangered languages and promoting awareness of indigenous languages. the English hegemony is a symptom of the linguistic imperialism problem, not the cause of it.

not gonna lie i really like the sandwich building

i turned off autocorrect because i type in a language unsupported by my keyboard. its insistent correcting to English pissed me off enough to make me turn it off. if i ever mistype something, the suggestion bar is still there

wait, so country music wasn’t always terrible?

i use Déjà Dup to make daily backups of my home folder to a Raspberry Pi

no, it’s purely a concept. there aren’t any plans i could find to actually build a functional os

i got taught about the the United States’ Gilded Age in 11th grade history. that’s all it took for me

karma. one reason we have so much high-quality content here is because there’s no incentive to gain upvotes. upvotes aren’t displayed on your profile and no communities are locked to people below a certain upvote count. if karma were added to Lemmy, we’d get a lot of pandering to the lowest common denominator and the entire community would become stratified

last time i tried Aether, it was full of right-wingers spreading hate and disinformation about COVID-19. i sincerely hope the situation has improved, since this is a genuinely interesting concept and project that i’d love to see take off

don’t engage them in public. engaging them in public gives them a platform to spread their vitriol and gives them visibility, which kind of defeats what you’re trying to do. as for dms and other private settings, use your discretion. i believe nobody is beyond saving, but it’s not your job to fix these people. don’t expend too much energy on them.

i think the Free Software movement is lost. regardless of the truth of these accusations, the supporters of the Free Software Movement are mindlessly defending RMS, who’s just an irrelevant figurehead now. the Free Software Movement is looking less like a movement and more like a personality cult

Is anyone else getting "Websocket disconnected" errors?
I keep getting notifications saying "Websocket disconnected" "Websocket reconnected" every few seconds, and everything will refuse to load as well. It's making Lemmy near-unusable for me (it's a miracle I was able to post this). This didn't happen before the update to 0.11.3 as far as I know. Does anyone else have this problem?

you could even extend it further and allow any sort of key-value pair like Mastodon.

the last two things go hand-in-hand. i never want to see a karma-like system because that would incite people to post just for karma. the content on here is very high-quality, and i think that’s thanks to the lack of karma; your total upvotes are never displayed publicly, so what does it matter if your post doesn’t appeal to the lowest common denominator?

i had a similar experience. i made a post on r/Brave about the lack of sensible defaults for the news feed (it had just rolled out to me at the time) and got a ton of reactionaries in the replies. i switched to Firefox out of spite and never looked back.

that is definitely one of the aesthetics ever

I started my first playthrough of Rain World yesterday; this song is still in my head.

small suggestion for the community
i think vaporwave 美学 would be a better display name for the community. more aesthetic.

Laiqbun Matrix room
~~I forgot to put it in the sidebar when I made this community, but we *do* have a Matrix room for those who prefer it. It's end-to-end encrypted, so make sure to use an encryption-capable client, and it's not bridged to the Laiqbun Discord server.~~ We moved due to technical difficulties, the link is now updated.

this browser game has a tool to memorize toki pona words, tools to learn sitelen pona, and a dictionary.

i made a community for Laiqbun, an artistic constructed language.

a fantastic vr art gallery showcasing both historical and more recent examples of the y2k aesthetic. one thing: the ramps are a bit tricky; the trick is to stay to the left as you're going up.

is federation not working for anyone else? (solved)
~~some communities don't seem to federate. when i go to them, i see their details in the sidebar, but the user count is always 0 and no posts are shown.~~