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[OC] Beware of sharks!

A podcast introducing permaculture in German. It contains an automatically created Transcript.

Update of channel rules
Hey pixel fans! I have added some posting rules to the sidebar. I kindly ask you to mark original content as such, credit other works that aren't yours and generally be a decent person when talking about other people's art. Thank you kindly!

And what’s the message when the spokesperson of an organisation is not helping the organisation anymore because he alienates people participating, deterring newcomers and keeping others from participating is reinstated in the org’s board?

Free Software is there and can live on without the FSF. That has been the whole point of this exercise.

And if they welcome back RMS I don’t think things will change for the better. Good riddance to a stale and aged organisation then.

And no, I don’t think a better logo, fancy videos or a social media person will remedy this. That’s just covering up the rust with paint.

It will probably and up as a painting on a wall in a map

I am using an extended and more modern version available from https://github.com/deadpixi/sam/ which comes with several extensions such as configurable key bindings and a somewhat modernized code base / protocol

It has a simple yet powerful command language that let’s you do all kinds of neat tricks. There’s an older plan 9 paper http://doc.cat-v.org/plan_9/4th_edition/papers/sam/ and a tutorial for its language here http://doc.cat-v.org/bell_labs/sam_lang_tutorial/sam_tut.pdf.

deadpixie/sam emacs, vi, nano in that order of availability. But then ed(1) also served me well.

The advice to use RSS feed readers to follow accounts if you do not intent to reply to them is a much underused one. It is a great suggestion for following project announcements for example. Of course this is missing a lot of the fediverse shenanigans one might enjoy.

If you like interactive fiction there is a lot of work out there that’s freely available and runs in free implementations of their parser engines.

For example: Anchorhead a Lovecraftian text adventure

pipi lili (2018)
pipi lili li kama ni ona li moku e kili kili li ike nanpa wan sike la pipi lili li moli

I found these pretty neat to watch, especially as it explains a lot of the workflow. Please be aware that this is just one of a myriad of different approaches but it has helped me a lot.

Hey readers! I have created a new community for creating, sharing and discussing all things about pixel art!

It is a nice way of doing tutorials that haven’t occured to me yet. Thanks to abbienormal for creating this!

Has anyone tried to build this?

I own a loongson lemote laptop and apart from the crappy battery life it has been a nice machine for its time

Despite being a emacs user and using acme/sam when emacs is not an option, nano is really an underappreciated piece of software. It is everywhere, accessible and tells people how to quit it :)