Starfinder: Pirates of Skydock—Coming August 2022

In the second title developed as part of a multi-game partnership between Gale Force Nine and Paizo, you attempt to commandeer a prototype Immortal-class starship filled with top-secret tech. Can you escape Skydock aboard the vessel, or will you be caught red-handed?..

A great question!..

This is my method of constructing ‘adventures’, and it’s been working really well for the past few years…

I made a TTRPGs Gemin Capsule

It has a couple of reviews, a few articles on RPG theory, and a few open source resources like brush-sets. …

Classic old AD&D module from Gary Gygax: …

d20 v 3d6 - where do you stand?

I am a big fan of 3d6, but it makes higher DC rolls much harder. …

Way back when Star Trek Adventures was ramping up, the organized play campaign that Modiphius started specifically mentioned the Shackleton Expanse, a region of space between the Klingon Empire and the Romulans…

"If only there were a single, streamlined product we could point new players to, a concise entry point that explained the rules, introduced the setting, and made it all effortless to learn and play. Something that showcased what makes this fantasy RPG unique. Oh wait, now there is…

Iron Arachne

This site lets you randomly generate content for tabletop role-playing games and other fictional works. I’m always tinkering with it, so come back every so often to see if something new’s been added…

T1 “The Village of Hommlet” by Gary Gygax was TSR’s tenth “Dungeon Module” (not counting the special collector’s edition of “Lost Tamoachan”), and was originally made available for sale at Gen Con XII in August, 1979, (along …

D&D Walkthrough Maps

These art prints depict classic Dungeons & Dragons module as cartoon walkthroughs, so you can follow every step of the adventure…

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