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Made a thread and cross-posted a bunch to promote Lemmygrad. …

Interesting. To be fair, Wikipedia is generally good for non-political stuff, even if it simplifies things too much (but of course, sometimes you have to start with the incomplete “simple” explanations before you can move on to the more in-depth ones).

Actually, yeah, this helps. Thanks!


…What is Chromium? Google Chrome?

Is Mozilla Firefox any good?

Are these any good?

What does Linux do exactly?

Must have asked this and not understood the answer hundreds of times now.

MakantoMath HumorSus


What happened to your previous account?

Which one is it!? Pick one!

Don’t know if I should be posting a PSL article, but eh, it seemed like they did alright work here. …

Worth a listen-to while you’re doing other things (keep the tab open, is what I’m saying)…

Wasn’t sure if I should put this in Latin America subcom, but Haiti is in the Caribbean so… …

Video is about an hour long (around 58 minutes)…

Yeah, yeah, Jacobin sucks (at least when they’re talking about “enemies” of the United States), but still, it seemed like an interesting article…

Is Bay Area415's Uyghur debunk video saved somewhere?

Please help me find it. …

So, has anyone been keeping up with the drama on Twitter over the role of patriotism, ML, and decolonization?

In my opinion, the people like Maupin, Jackson Hinkle, and especially the Infrared YouTube channel (people like Haz) have not engaged in the debate in good faith AT ALL. …