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Language learning and linguistics nerds unite
We had some threads about languages recently. To be honest, it's one of my favorite topics and I thought it was cool to see so many people talking about it. So, I want to point out Lemmygrad communities I see about language for anyone interested: Linguistics: - somewhat active - not active Specific language learning: [September's Korean study thread on c/korea]( Translation: --- I'm not sure to what degree other people here are interested in seeing more language study topics be discussed around here but personally I would be very interested in more activity around this topic, such as helping each other study, producing translations together (I know that's a big project), studying topics like language revitalization, language acquisition, etc. Is anyone else here enthusiastic about this kind of topic?

What's your native language?
Mine is Danish

I don't feel human
I'm going to be complaining a bunch in this post, so if you don't want to hear the moaning of a labor aristocrat who should really not be complaining about his situation, feel free to skip this post. I don't feel like a human being. I'm unable to feel empathy. I'm unable to feel any sort of human bond, even with friends and family I've known my whole life. I've been in therapy and on meds for years but they don't help. This leads to a life of no joy or meaning. I'm also not moved by the suffering of others when I know I should be. I've watched videos of some of the Ukranian war crimes and read a post another user made that went into graphic detail about the Thai sex trade and felt... nothing. As far as I'm concerned, I'm an evil psychopath. But I don't want to be this way. But I don't know how to change. Because of this, the only emotions I know are anger and self loathing. I genuinely despise myself. Because I'm a fucking monster, I lash out at people sometimes and say terrible things. Hell, there was a post a few weeks ago here highlighting some evil unhinged shit that got my lemmy account banned. In fact, if the mods are worried I'm going to say some unhinged shit that's basically fed bait, I would fully understand if you banned me. I'm not even sure people like me should be allowed near communities. Because I have, I can't think of another way to put this, no soul, I barely do anything in life. The only reason I'm able to keep up with my job is that it's a barely monitored remote code monkey gig. I barely move and don't monitor what I eat. I spend an unhealthy amount of time on the internet, and often I'll go days at a time without sleeping. I don't have the guts to put a bullet in my brain, but I'm basically already doing a slow motion suicide. I'm posting this here because this community seems to understand what's going on in the world, is full of compassionate people, and has users who are experienced with dealing with mental illness. How the fuck do I become a human being? How do I stop being a psychopath?

I love the people I work with.
Just... Man. Sometimes in the grind, youre doing your thing and we take a moment to do kind things for each other. Fuck.... Solidarity is a beautiful thing. For those of you who are working, I hope you have a wonderful, productive, and friendly, and FAST shift. For those who are not working, I hope you are having a productive day and may you find good fortune and a workplace full of folks who care about each other in a very real way. And for those who arent working or not looking for work or cant work for whatever reason, I hope your day is uplifting, beautiful, and personally fulfilling!

Anyone have any experience using non western social media?
I know of VK and chinese social medias like wechat, baidu. There are probably very little english speakers there.. But I am at a point where I'm so sick of 7/24 western crap I'll learn a language just to see some sense from social media 😭

Thoughts on this?

Imma ask y'all, what would be the dumbest reason on why you became a commie?
In a nutshell, mine would be: * "My favorite color is red. Imma look up economic systems. Wait, what is socialism? Hey! The socialists like red! Oooooooh, their books are also red! I'm sure that these will be good reads-" * *A few hours later* * "Huh, I'm an ML now. I regret nothing." Though, I'm just asking what was the dumbest reason you get radicalized left-wards.

Anyone else disgusted by ppl having servants / maids?
Seeing wealthy ppl joke about not being able to do laundry or get themselves a glass of water, is so gross to me. For the love of Stalin these ppl need to be put in gulags / re-education centers asap.

That's it. I just found it funny hehe. (I post it on Freechat since idk where else to post it)

How many pages do you read a day?
I know this is a tough question as for fiction you might read more than something like philosophy or theory that requires a bit more thought. Just interested in how much you manage to read on a day and how much you'd like to read if you could. Some days I'm getting 100 pages in where others I'll be lucky to do 10. I'd love to be more consistent rather than reading the news or checking Reddit as I think it's a good habit to get into even if you aren't reading something particular enlightening.

Favorite emojis?
My most used are: 😑🤮😂🤡🤦👀🚩 I’ve really come around on 😂. I used to hate it, but it’s just the ultimate emoji (along with 🤡) for dunking on bozos.

The lament of the old GZD sub is sad and I miss it too but...
I feel I've gotten to know lots of people on here through comments more as the user base is smaller and that's really nice 😊 Like I recognise most users and I know how they role and it feels a lot more personal on here and I really like that 🫂 Some other benefits include: - we are like second gen trailblazers. It's up to us to help define this place and how we move forward. - we can bring back all the old shitposting and tomfoolery while also having a higher level of discussion on here as we set the tone. - it's our little space away from the reddit shitlibs and bs corporate rules. - it will only continue to grow and eventually we will have our GZD back while improving it I feel. I miss the old chaotic vibe and auto mod and flairs and pronouns and while it's sad we can use that energy to make this place the best it can be with all the xi-posting, weihua murders, nonsensical crap while educating and uplifting new comrades ✊️ In essence we can make this place GZD+GenZhou and more and I'm optimistic for what this place can be in a years time 🎉 In the meantime I'll try to post more stupid memes (in the appropriate subs 🤓) and I just wanted to say I love my tankie siblings ❤️ ![]( ~Soon~ ~I'll~ ~be~ ~the~ ~niche~ ~internet~ ~micro~ ~celebrity~ ~I~ ~always~ ~dreamed~ ~🥹~

![]( How can you even buy stuff with faces of two of the most racist people in modern history on it🤮

Feels like I'm acting.
Content note: I'll be talking about personal issues regarding relationships, fighting, depersonalization and derealization. Feel free to skip interaction if it's harmful to you or it feels like I'm asking for free therapy. Feel free to just comment "get therapy" if you want lol. I don't know how to start this train of thought or necessarily articulate it properly, but I'll try. My partner and I broke up recently because they think they are a lesbian. We still live together and will for the foreseeable future. We'd been together for about 4 years. My sibling lives with us and I had two more roommates who have since moved out. That's just context. I have been... not very good to the people around me for the past year or so. I became jobless and carless in February and had been trying so very hard to get a job and a car, but never really communicated how hard I was trying to my roommates or partner. At times it was all I could do to apply for one job a week or beg my family for money. I was going to doctor's appointments back-to-back to deal with my disabilities. I stayed up all night disassociating or playing video games and slept all day. I got lost in a lot of niche theory/history and spent hours doing nothing but reading and listening to podcasts. Sleep. Disassociate. Isolate. Sleep. Where did the weeks go? The months? Where the hell am I? I continued scraping by enough to pay rent and utilities, and bought my own food with food stamps but couldn't afford household stuff. I mostly stayed in my own bubble and cleaned after only myself. My roommate approached me about not helping with chores, very annoyed, and I got *angry*. We got into a shouting match where he accused me of not doing anything and of being rude. I felt like I was doing as much as I possibly could with the unending fatigue I was feeling. I isolated further. Anytime we saw each other, it was a shouting match. My partner and I began shouting at each other, too. Social interaction meant shouting and crying for me. But the weird thing is, and the point of this post, is it was all also just so very... *funny*? I was angry and I was sad, more than I ever have been in my entire life, probably. But a combination of study, psychadelics and mental illness have sort of forced my brain into a permanent birds-eye view of my life. Everything, *everything* has systemic roots. The personal is the political. The issues I was having boiled down to poverty, unemployment, and disability, all symptoms of a larger societal sickness. Literally millions of people go through the same and worse. Every fight I was having was happening *literally* concurrently with thousands of other fights around the globe over petty shit like dirty dishes or unbought paper towels. My partner told me our roommates were moving out. I laughed and said something like "isn't that a bit of an overreaction?" It all seemed so silly. When my partner and I started fighting it was over my isolation, alleged rudeness and lack of proper communication. Even with tears streaming down my face there was this lingering sense of non-urgency in the back of my mind, a sensation of utterly mundane, banal absurdness to the whole ordeal that made me feel like we were just stealing lines from TV dramas or scenes from movies where couples fight. We were playing the part of the happy couple for years and now we were playing the part where it all collapsed. It meant nothing even though it meant everything. "Couples break up all the time" was juxtaposed snugly with "my world is disintegrating." The systemic, empirical lens I view everything through was battling for supremacy over the part of me that gave a shit for my and others' emotional well-beings, and I think it won. The minutiae of our suffering meant nothing to anyone but us, and it pales in comparison to the collective suffering of humanity, which also goes unseen by the universe writ large. It's all unimportant unless we make it important. So why does it matter if I isolate? Why does it matter if I'm rude? These thoughts won't leave me be. I guess I'm just stuck in a perpetual thought loop where, for instance, me being depressed is so insignificant that it makes me more depressed, which I then view as insignificant, which makes me *more* depressed, ad infinitum. The systemic supercedes the self. I feel like an actor in a play that no one is watching and I'm begging the void to let me take a smoke break. The "actor" metaphor itself is so cliché that it reminds me of how manufactured our thoughts are by our environments and our media. The systemic supercedes the self. Thanks for reading my rambling if you did. Thanks for skimming it. This may sound strange, but I want to know what pains you, comrades. Do you feel like you're acting? Are you okay? Do you think that thinking about whether you're okay or not is an act of futility and insignificance? I can't replace a professional and I may suck at giving proper advice, but anyone can feel free to DM me anytime about any of the emotional nonsense we have to deal with as people. I am the void you can scream into, and I will listen.

Found out my best friend is an ultra. Literally shacking and crying right now.
I feel a bit betrayed, not because we have very different ideas regarding Communism but because he was too much of a coward to tell me he doesn't agree with me and only told me his ideas because I wanted to encourage him to get organized. For two years this divide between us existed and he is telling me only now? I don't want to end a lifelong Friendship but I feel like I can't trust him anymore. If he kept his true political views hidden what else is he not telling me?

I want to destroy this place and I feel insane.
I hate the United States. Simple as. The weirdest struggle for me comes in the form of a thick line between the masses' reality and my personal experience. I am currently pretty removed from the more severe aspects of capitalism failing (working as intended) but I also have the knowledge that the majority of people in this country (and the world, really) are just barely getting by. This causes some fear to strike in my brain. The fear comes from: a.) The possibility of having invested so much time studying politics and Marxism-Leninism just for it to be wrong, capitalism really does work and this was for nothing. Things aren't really that bad, and (to paraphrase from DankZedong's post similar to this one a few days ago) we Marxists are just missing the point. Conclusion: I am the insane one. or b.) The possibility of us being entirely correct and everyone else around me having bought into the game, this weird cult of capital. Conclusion: The society/system is insane. Which is it? Are we really just batshit crazy? Or are we the few who have the time/capabilities/desire to understand Marxism and dialectical materialism? Why are we such a minority if what we fight for is directly in the interest of the majority? I'm scared, send help and hugs

Commie Astrology
I would love to see a sub for astrology, anyone interested?

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