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Comrades, I have a confession to make… (you could win big, read this to participate)
I have been terrible and have hidden an alt account on lemmygrad! Spring is coming up soon in a few months, and that also means Easter. And Easter means Easter eggs! Anyway. As you might have guessed, your goal in this Easter egg hunt will be to find out my alt account! You could win a Steam game out of it! (Not any steam game but a specific one as I have some keys, but it's good I promise). Here's an FAQ to help you out during this hunt: # Why are you doing this? I got the idea from last time Wisconcom tried to infiltrate (not the discussion from a few days ago, even earlier) but never got around to it. I want to show him how easy it is to actually make a convincing alt if you put some effort into it, which he never cares to do. But I have full faith in my comrades to figure out my alt account in a timely manner! I must let you know that I taken care to make this alt account as ethically as I could, considering the circumstances. I can't say much more at this time though. # How do I participate? Everyone can participate, except the admins as they know which account I have hidden around if they look into our account requests. You will have to rely on your sleuthing skills as well as discuss with your comrades (edit: forgot to finish my sentence); As of now I will not be replying to DMs about the alt, but this could change too. When you feel that you have collected sufficient clues, drop a comment in the thread below! # How do I win? This is where it gets interesting. To win, you must not only correctly identify the account, but also explain your reasoning. Then, you must make that reasoning known in the comments below -- that's right, everything you say can be used by anyone else to help them so make sure you're right! This means you also can't just spam account names until you get the right one. The first person to figure out the correct account wins! But if you win, you get to decide _who_ should win the key to the game, it doesn't have to be you. That way, you all work collaboratively like communists instead of filthy individualistic capitalists. (we can change this if you also collectively decide it's a bad idea). There might be runner-up winners (2nd, 3rd place etc) as I had originally set aside one key for the game but I still have some that people apparently don't want to take. How ungrateful! # What do I win? I don't want to spoil the game just yet but it has good reviews, it's a good time waster and it came out not long ago on Steam. # What if the hunt is too hard? In the spirit of an egg hunt, I might periodically drop hints. I won't specify how though, you'll have to keep your eyes open. I have no idea if this is gonna be easy or hard, so we'll see how it goes. # When does the hunt begin? And when does it end? The hunt begins now, my alt could be literally anyone! Maybe it's not even created yet? 👀 Who knows! Certainly not me. And it ends whenever I run out of keys. However, if people find it fun, then we will not spoil the answer until everyone has had their fill. The remaining players will simply be playing for fun. If nobody finds my account for a month, let's say? Then the hunt still goes on! You will find this alt, or perish. It's an order!

Would there be any interest in a Furry Lemmygrad Community?
I'm just asking in order to judge interest in whether anyone would be interested in joining a furry/anthro community here in Lemmygrad. The community itself would focus mainly on art, suits/suitmaking, discussions of important topics within the community such as the LGBT element, along with memes, sonas, discussion/events such as furcons and meetings, and as a place to find general community with fellow furs. The space will take a staunch leftist stance, so all will be welcome without discrimination, and reactionaries, trolls, and negative elements will not be tolerated unlike places such as Reddit. Would anyone be interested in a community like this? : )

Gonna dunk on Vaush soon
cross-posted from: > On February the 11th I'll be posting a video dunking on Vaush. > > That's it, thanks.

im glad we can block communities now with the update
i joined right before the update and noticed we can now block communities from appearing. shit reactionaries say was taking up all the space in my tl im glad we can block them now.

Any subs about lemmygrad anthropomorphization / lemmygrad fan art?
I want to see a community where comrades are like antroporomorpizing lemmygrad in like poems or like art etc

I was browsing Twitter a little while ago and I was reminded of this "heartwarming" story of an old man who shot and killed a fleeing woman. First of all, even if there was nothing fucked up about that it's hardly worth bragging about. Secondly, a human doesn't cease to be a human just because they've commited a crime. We're raised from a young age to think gun fights are cool via action movies and guys murdering over property is portrayed as completely normal. This is why mass shootings are so common here and nowhere else: We've made it far too easy to not see other people as people, it transcends even the old "Us vs Them" mentality with regards to race and creed. Whites kill each other way just as easily. Oh and don't bother reading that thread, it's a sickening mix of chauvinism and mysoginy.

[Vent] I got Dx’d with fibromyalgia.
And I am so very tired. I have chronic pain and have been waiting on this rheumatologist appointment for like 6 months. I'm incredibly hyperflexible on many parts of my body (which causes much of the pain I experience) and my doctor suggested I may have hEDS. I don't really know what I expected. I believe fibromyalgia is "real" but its controversial status in the "medical community" makes me feel a little uneasy getting the dx for some reason. A major reason, I believe, for the claims that it is an entirely psychosomatic disorder or even that it's entirely fictional is its prevalence in women and an insidious misogyny permeating our understanding of pain. Idk. Prognosis is fine. Treatment is eating healthier and getting more exercise. It's stuff I've been doing anyway. It all feels like such a waste of time and money, doctor to doctor, x-rays to MRIs to CAT scans to CT scans and on and on and on, all to be told "your disorder makes you feel tired, in pain, and depressed all the time, and there's no remedy other than pulling yourself up by your bootstraps". Ok. I guess I'm glad to have a diagnosis. It doesn't make the pain go away, though.

Looking for good commentary about the strikes in France and the UK
Hey everyone. I'm looking for some more information about the strikes going on in France and the United Kingdom right now from a Marxist prospective. Are there any prominent individuals or news outlets discussing this right now? I'm very interested in how they managed to coordinate such a feat. Thanks

I think being hostile to liberals is counter-productive
I know that liberals are a pain to deal with, always parroting the same made up crap over and over again, but hear me out. I think we should at least try to keep in mind that most of these people just don't know better, they have been propagandized 24/7 since they were born. I'm sure a good chunk of the people here were just the average liberal until learning what socialism really is about, and I doubt many if any at all of the people here decided to become a socialist after getting insulted by one. Insulting liberals might feel cathartic for some people but we have to remember that, in a sense, they are also victims. Obviously I'm not saying that we should be nice to fascists that knowingly make other people suffer, but I'm pretty sure most liberals actually want to be good people, and end up hurting others and themselves not because they are evil but because as I said earlier they are propagandized 24/7, and they actually think that what they are doing is good. I myself am a socialist today partly because someone linked me to a debunk on r/GenZedong about the supposed Uighur genocide. At the time I was still a baby leftist, so I didn't really trust r/GenZedong, but I decided to trust the person who gave me the link and I read it. What do you comrades think?

The new mobile ui sucks
I have several problems with it. First of all, where are the margins? Secondly, the UI buttons are *supposed* to be in the top RIGHT corner, arranged horizontally, not on the LEFT one on TOP of the other, can we get the old UI back?

Venting: I just came out to my family as being bisexual and partially non-binary. Feels like a weigh
And they took it slightly better than I thought they would! I was born and raised Catholic, and so were my grandparents. Due to multiple reasons, such as having a cocktail of mental disorders or conditions, I live with them. My grandparents are from a different era, and they used to be vehemently homophobic. But they've told me that across the previous decades and numerous social movements, their views have softened and changed. My grandfather is agnostic and my grandma is a moderate Catholic, but because of my knowledge, love, care and my passion, I have actually converted both of my grandparents into being hardcorre communist sympathizers. My grandpa loves Fidel Castro, Stalin, and even got a Che Guevara shirt because of me. They were stunned today when I came out. While people often say they will love and understand no matter what, its different when its your own family, and actions speak louder than words. My grandfather was in tears, but not because of me being bisexual. He was in tears because I had been "hiding" or not talking about it for so long, and that I was never upfront about it, and he feels fucking ashamed and guilty that I was ever afraid of telling him and that I shouldn't keep shit to myself. I feel like I climbed fucking Mt. Everest. Imagine telling your Southern and Texan former Latino gangster grandfather that's covered in tattoos and with a criminal record and a dark past and previous intense homophobia that you're bisexual. Or your German immigrant grandmother that was abused and forced to become a perfect Catholic, now feels thankful and non-judgmental, and how it feels to feel safe around your family. They both have lots of questions, but they don't want to pry and they don't know where to start, and they know I'll tell them more when I feel like it. I'm still fucking reeling, but I think I'll be able to sleep moderately better tonight. I'm so happy and fucking tired.

I just got an idea
Would it be possible/practical to convert all your money into yuan to avoid inflation? I’m pretty sure most places in the us accept virtual payment that converts yuan back into dollar or whatever.

We should make a weekly thread for stuff that doesn’t deserve/belongs to a thread
Lets vote/discuss and let democratic centralism do its thing

What’s the most revolting word you know?
Similar to words like "moist" that people seem to find really disgusting. If you know some in another language that would be interesting too.

The thing with wisconcom is…
He left prolewiki of his own accord. He told us he disagreed with where we were taking the project (that he joined for 5 months, far after we started it), and logged out by himself. We said okay, that's your choice. Then his messianic tendencies overtook him and he came back to prolewiki with a lengthy petition to make him into an admin, give him auditor positions so he could double-check our editor applications. Just a whole list of things that we had no reason to grant him. At this point he got into a huge debate with forte and afterwards was banned because, once again, he would not budge on anything. We _owed_ him everything he asked for, on the basis that he was an anti-revisionist. He even came back _exactly 3 days later_, I shit you not, like some kind of Jesus. Somehow he deluded himself into thinking that prolewiki is a catch-all marxist encyclopedia and should be run as such. But it was never -- I was there from the start, I should know. But the thing is. If he had made his own wiki, his own Hoxhaist wiki with his own rules and ran it however he wanted after he had left? We would probably have helped him and kept in contact. I think he doesn't have the technical skills to do this kind of thing. But he can ask people on discord to set this up with him. And then he can run it however he wants. He could have even asked prolewiki for help. He's been harassing us since November, imagine if in that time instead of trying to make alts that we catch in seconds and make twitter threads and a HUGE article on leftypedia or rationalwiki to smear our name, he could have even taught himself how to get a mediawiki website running. But instead he decided to burn all bridges and then, when we didn't magically forgive him (messiah complex strikes again), he started harassing prolewiki and lemmygrad -- nonstop since November. He seems to think ProleWiki reaches millions of users. We register 150-250 visits a day and have 2k followers on twitter. Not bad? Yes, but remember there are communist content creators that drive much more traffic (Lady Izdihar for example has 20k followers on twitter). Instead of focusing his efforts on trying to infiltrate and bring down a wiki that barely gets noticed, he could be building his own. This is clearly unhealthy obsessive behaviour. Anyway, tell me if I'm posting too much about him and you'd rather see less content like this. There's a lot of contact going on with him these days and he says really funny stuff (totally seriously too). I know he also obsessively checks on Lemmygrad and Prolewiki so, hi wisconcom! Please open your own wiki!

I had my first dental operation yesterday, dentist fear is kinda overblown.
I had my first serious dental operation yesterday, it was a devitalization, they needed to kill one of my teeth because it got infected. I was scared af before goijng there (you know, I was, until yesterday, very phobic of the dentist) I sat, they anesthesized half my mouth and proceeded with the operation. It lasted two almost uninterrupted hours, they put some kind of hooks, syringes and other stuff inside my tooth (and obviously they used the Drill) then they closed it all with some kind of molten wax. God, Allah, historic materialism or whoever rules this world bless whoever invented anesthesia, I can't even imagine how much it would have hurt without it.

And if it was fair
Imagine a lineup of 8 billion runners, all of identical stature and clothing, with no discerning features at all but just a natural number from 1 to 8000000000 on their sports uniforms. All of them are in high spirits, aiming to compete at the very top. On this track, everyone is equal. No tricks, no traps, this is everything everyone of them ever wanted. Running is their life. An electronic signal heralds the beginning of the race. Everyone runs in a straight file, protected from mutual interference by smooth, clean concrete bollards. The race is set at high noon of March 21 and the track runs along the equator, such that the sun is casting exactly perpendicular shadows from a perfectly blue sky; the air is fresh and of excessively neutral taste, Copland's ecstatic *Fanfare for the Common Man* plays from a tape, and everyone enjoys the new, pristine, pedantically flat track. The one-kilometre mark passes in a flash, those for 2, 3, and 4 kilometres are also quickly within reach. Upon the fifteenth kilometre, some of the runners begin to wonder: How long is this track? We can't see the end just yet. Maybe it ends on the beach! The kilometres pass. The bollards seem to finish off in the distance, but the end must still be hidden behind the curvature of the earth, and the race goes on. At 20 km, pressing matters begin to take over their minds. The first of them choose to empty their drinking bottle to relieve themselves in it. By the way, they think, where do I get a new one? I mean there has be a booth *somewhere,* right? But the race goes on. At 30 km, some of the runners begin feeling proud of how smart they are, realising this must be a marathon and rationing their water for the final stretch. The first runner collapses, but no one sees him because of the bollards. The race goes on. At 42 km, the length of a marathon, many runners have broken down and silence lies over the track. Those who hear the silence but cannot see its cause now know that something is wrong. They scream for help, but no one comes because everyone is participating in the event. The race goes on. Way beyond in the distance, at the 600 km mark, the last participant collapses. He, too, is dead. The race goes on.

It took the poor guy a while, but Pluto just completed a whole rotation around the Sun! The last time this happened was 1774 and the next time this'll happen will be in 2271! It takes Pluto nearly 248 Earth years to complete a single rotation!

comrades how do i get a pfp
i see many comrades with a pfp next to their name, how do i get my own? or is it just for some people

Let’s just do it. Let’s start a Revolution in America
I really think it's time, Comrades. The events going on in Atlanta, groups like Letzte Generation and Extinction Rebellion organizing demonstrations, the events in Peru, and the ongoing labor movement in the U.S. and Europe, and many others of late have more or less solidified my belief that we have a shot as Marxists to actually start a global revolution, not just in America but we need to lead by example. I truly believe that we can do it without violence, the people are fed up and if we can organize a large enough strike, get a large portion of the workforce to leave indefinitely, educate the masses at concerts similar to Woodstock, and declare a total war on capitalist economies, we can ultimately save humanity from capitalist pigs who want to destroy the world for profit. It won't be easy, but I really think now is the time to act. We need to overcome our pretty ideological differences to translate our revolutionary thoughts into revolutionary actions. The people, especially in America where I'm from, are so fed up and they need a true vanguard party to help them. I know we can win this as long as we focus on the points mentioned before. America's economy is very weak, and the more people we get to drop out and or strike, the more pressure we can put on pro-capitalist politicians to capitulate and surrender power to the Proletariat. I'm not of course talking about simple strikes approved by employers though, nor am I suggesting we all go into poverty by quitting. It seems very unlikely that the United States or many countries in Europe could deal with even a small portion of working class individuals leaving the work force indefinitely in economically important industries like logistics or food production, nor could it withstand mass defaults on loans or lost income tax revenue. The working class is in the perfect place to call for mass inaction, that is simply quitting being an economic benefit for the capitalist economies that keep us in chains! We can do it, and building a vanguard party to educate more people is the first step! Let's get started and safeguard our future!

Thoughts on Rubik’s cubes?
I like that they’re good puzzles and one can always get better at doing them. They’re also pretty hardy, and can be taken apart and cleaned, good as new. There’s also a sort of puzzle in putting it back together. I also see a bit of consumerism in them. Organizations often make crappy ones that are given away as “free stuff” for promotion, like a stress ball or pen that no one ever uses. Also, with people who do like to do them there’s constantly some new fancy speedcube or size, or accessory that can be bought. With all the crap westerners possess these just get lost buried in a pile of other stuff as soon as something new comes along. So, what do you think?

[Rant] The ‘is Russia imperialist’ question is pointless bullshit and I’m tired of pretending otherw
Sup comrades, I was at a decently sized protest today and this Western Maoist lady came up to me and some other comrades and immediately started ranting to us about Ukraine, Russia and our org's position towards them. Russia is imperialist, China is imperialist, yadda yadda, you know the drill. "It's so important to discuss this question these days" You know what? It's fucking not. Our enemy is at home. The Russian comrades - the Russian people have to figure out the question of Russia. Whether Russia can be called imperialist in the Leninist sense is entirely irrelevant to our praxis at home. Endlessly wanking ourselves off about this question does nothing but distract us from building class consciousness at home. Being a good, brave purist and fractionalizing due to muh Russian imperialism does nothing to aid or guide the working class. Bourgeois media does a good enough job talking about this anyway. It is nothing but a convenient excuse for people, especially non-communists, to stay home and not fight the real enemy here, in our communities. It does nothing but distract us from fighting NATO, demanding peace and fighting the MIC at home. It's a pointless, masturbatory exercise in liberal individualism to make dogmatic fuckers feel smug about themselves. "B-but Mao said, b-but Lenin said, b-but Liebknecht said" First, I don't give a fuck, think for yourselves, adapt theory to changing material and historical conditions and direct it in a way to advance the cause of the working class. The Russian question has literally no impact either way on our strategy at home and in our specific localities. Call for peace, that's it. Second, if you want to refer to Liebknecht, he said it best: The main enemy is at home. "Why don't you demand x, y and z of Russia" Because I'm a Germany communist in a local org and I'm neither chauvinistic enough nor do I suffer from Main Character syndrom to such an extent I'd *demand* anything from a country like Russia. How fucking deluded are these people? The 2 communist parties in Germany have about 2k members each, it's fucking pathetic and delusional for any of these fuckers to demand anything from a country of almost 150mio people. Wasting our scarce energy, resources and human potential on shit like this is counterproductive at best, subversive at worst. Shut the fuck up, sit your ass down and organize your community, school, uni or workplace in a meaningful way. If you want to have discussions like this, have them behind closed doors with your comrades at chapter meetings and stop annoying people organizing and taking to the streets in real life every chance you get. Fuck me, I'm tired of this sectarian bullshit ::: spoiler PS Just to be clear, I'm mostly venting here. Discussions about theory are important and I believe there is a need to talk about the concept of imperialism, but not everywhere all the time and especially not as priority #1 ffs :::

Has anyone here read it? I’m listening to the audiobook and it’s kind of interesting, and I’ve picked out a few things (at least I know a tiny bit about Hegel, Fanon, Sarte, and Bergson), but why is it so jargon-y and confusing? Is there anything else I should have read first? I feel like all I’m getting out of it is what I already know from ‘Oppose book worship’ by Mao, or the bit of ‘wretched of the earth’ by fanon that I remember. What are your thoughts on the book?

What are your thoughts on the Climate Crisis?
Greetings everyone. I was just wondering what your personal thoughts as Marxists are on the Climate Crisis? I can confidently state that capitalism and its push to force the world to compete in the global economy by industrializing at the threat of losing sovereignty make it a failed system. I'm aware that China and other non-capitalistic nations also pollute heavily, but as of late, it seems to be China and other Marxist states who are actually doing more about it because they have much better control of their nations' industries among other things. In America, Biden's Inflation Reduction Act and the climate goals that came along with it have been met with severe backlash internally and internationally, with the EU even calling it "uncompetitive." It and other measures will certainly be undone by the next Republican president if they can survive the flurry of legal battles against them, the same fate other efforts to stop climate change have been met with. It's absurd. I believe that the only solution to the crisis is to plan ecomonies run by science, not greed. It should be obvious that capitalist nations cannot reform themselves to stop this global crisis, nor the myraid of others we've faced—most solutions are not profitable to big oil or big business at large. They are willing to kill off the world in a mass genocide for their profits and I really think it's time for the younger generations to reclaim our stolen future before it's too late. That's my two cents on the issue, but I'm very interested to hear where you guys stand on this crisis and what solutions Marxists could pursue.

Shalom my beloved Comrades . Good work again for banning this khanzir ( pig ) , Why is he even trying to infiltrate in here what is they're problem ? . 🤣

I need some help debunking Vaushism (Updated Masterpost)
cross-posted from: > I'm making a video tearing it down soon. > > [Click here for script](

Every time an English person says the letter “H” it sounds like they’re making a dig at whatever the
Hate-ch BO. I know its not very good, but the whole archipelago doesn't have to make the same dumb joke. Likewise, "whilst" isn't a word. Its just something people say because they think it makes them sound smart.

The Pig got Banned !!! Let's go !!! 🤣🤣🤣 🍾🥂

I have found a pig again !!! 🤣

Thoughts on the Velma show?
Seems to be getting a lot of criticism. But I'm skeptical about whether it's not just a bunch of alt-righters angry that they made a character black.

Does anybody have that video?
It’s a video of some guy, I believe he was some CEO or politician or something, and he was talking about how there was a group plan for massive layoffs, manufactured unemployment, to keep workers desperate for any job no matter how shit the pay was. I remember seeing this some time last year but I can’t seem to find it. It’s frustrating because I’d like to share it with my friend who’s job is currently laying off a shit ton of people.

What languages, other than English, do you know/want to learn?
I'm monolingual, but I'd like to learn Portugese.

Of course, it came with the 🇺🇦paper and bow.

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