Asus ROG Falchion Wireless Gaming Keyboard || Robologic Lab

The Asus ROG Falchion is a marvelous 65-percenter with numerous useful keyboard features, such as wireless connectivity, a touch slider, mechanical keys, and a case…

Ouya's Terrible Controller is Back... and Better Than Ever?! | Triple Eye

Triple Eye is back with a new look, and a new video. These controllers look oddly familiar… is that an Ouya? Yes. Yes it is. Take a look at these weird knock-off controllers, and my new on-camera set-up!..

There should be a mobile game store like GOG and Steam that forbids microtransactions

When you look at early mobile games you see how much potential this platform had before it became overrun by shitty p2w mobas and junk like that. A mobile game storefront that forbids mtx and ads would be an incredible thing for indies and maybe in the future bigger companies. I would love to find g…


This is an experimental travel project where I tried to follow in real life the maps and landscapes I’d digitally journeyed down in the original Fallout games and New Vegas. The video follows the games more than it follows my linear journey across the landscape. Where no geographic equivalent to a l…

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