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If this would be the case the conversation would be different; it would be on how we can improve the situation of video games as a medium in order to make it less toxic

This is not a business meeting to brainstorm ideas, this is a court, Apple is defending themselves on court, they don’t give a F about what is or isn’t in EGS, as long as EGS stays away from their walled garden, that’s the whole freaking point. But anyway, all they care about in that court is to defend themselves against Epic, not to brainstorm how to fix gaming or whatever, and they made a good goddamn point for their defense using the Itch store in EGS.

EDIT: and just to make it clear, I know, they just want to control and take a bite from every source of monetization they can on iOS. BUT, as long as they use curation as an argument, bringing up Itch on EGS is a good godamn point in their defense. It has nothing to do with attacking small projects that are not even in the same business segments as Apple or whatever.

Usually I’m on the fuck Apple side, but context is important:

Epic hasn’t reviewed all these games, and Apple noted that its standards are different from the Epic Games Store’s. The list includes, per Apple’s attorney, a game called Sisterly Lust that includes “a list of fetishes which include many words that are not appropriate for us to speak in federal courts.”

They are using Epic’s failure to ensure that 3rd party store is complying with their own standards guidelines, in a case about Apple’s refusal to accept 3rd party stores in iOS. I am against walled gardens myself, but heck they did make a good point with Itch in this case.

But the buyout might have made it easier to push some people away from it. “Look what happened to Skype!”, etc etc.

Lmao I actually had a few laughs going through this guy’s post history, good troll, I rate it 6/10.

And he even has a funny new community. Ok, I will bump it up to 7/10.

Not twisting anything, just pointing out the hypocrisy in the quoted text.

Also I’m at work, so I won’t dig in his past behavior on the internet for you now, but I am not the only one mentioning this stuff, which also had a part on RMS’s resign years ago, so there is little reason to still bring his misogyny into question today on 2021. Guy’s a boomer with some outdated boomer views, but being a boomer doesn’t excuse him for not updating his views.

One can speak whatever the hell they want as long as it is not racist, xenophobic or provoking crime

But misogyny is where you draw the line?

Now I want someone from The Hard Times or The Onion to make a panic article about terrorists using Tramontina branded spoon to eat soup ngl.

Oh thanks! I thought you were gone from Lemmy haha, welcome back!

Well, if you came here expecting it to be like Gab, it’s not, I’m sorry, this place still have rules.

Not even close, Telegram is worse than even WhatsApp when it comes to cryptography. In fact, years ago a corrupt politician got his schemes to put Brazil’s ex-president Lula in jail exposed because his messages weren’t E2EE.

Kinda crazy to think, but if he was using the dominant app in the country, WhatsApp, that wouldn’t have happened.

New communities: c/residentevil and c/metalgear

Created two new communities for posts specific to those video game franchises, feel free to join! …

Next we need sales info of Google and Microsoft, Apple’s main competitors, whose have as much to do with this case as Valve does.

Not really into competitive on cartridge, and the only time I really bred something was when I was trying to get a female Charmander so I could breed her too for Belly Drum.

I used to play Showdown, but haven’t done that since some time last year.

Requesting c/Pokemon

Moderator @CAP_NAME_NOW_UPVOTE@lemmy.ml hasn’t posted in seven months. I have not posted anything there yet either, but that is easily one of my favorite franchises ever, so I will take good care of it!..

Highly recommended for who didn’t watch it yet, TGC did a great analysis and review of every main game in the series. Really enjoyable even if you don’t agree with everything he says…

Requesting c/Pokemon

Moderator @CAP_NAME_NOW_UPVOTE@lemmy.ml hasn’t posted in seven months. I have not posted anything there yet either, but that is easily one of my favorite franchises ever, so I will take good care of it!..

Tbh I don’t even expect to hear about Metroid from them anymore, when it happens, it happens. But it would have been nice getting an update on MP4 for sure…

New community for fans of the Metroid series

Made a new community for anything related to Metroid, the less popular 1986 twin from Nintendo! If you like Metroid, come join the community!..

Happy 35th birthday year!

To start with something simple, let’s make an appreciation post for a series that is so underappreciated nowadays. …

along with Microsoft and now Nintendo

Ah yes, the newest competitor in the consoles market, Nintendo.

At this point I don’t even want Sora, I don’t trust Disney to put a trademark anywhere near the series and not f up at some point with their iron grip over said trademark.

As for predictions for who is making in, well, I don’t have any, but the characters I want are Shantae and Lyn or Celica from FE, both of which I predict we won’t be seeing…

And FF VII, VIII and IX are no different in that aspect, yet they’re all called masterpieces specially VII. All three of them aged much, much worse than VI too.

I’m so glad! Having to open Lemmy on the browser on my phone every day was the one little inconvenience I was having, finally having the app is great. And it’s a good app too, good job, team!

EDIT: Ok, two things; first, typo, second, I found something missing from the app, I had to open the browser again to edit this comment. But I’m still enjoying the app, good launch anyway!

to my eyes those are advertised as public forums

Tbh I think that is what the users decided to call internet forums in general, I don’t think I ever saw a company call their product a “public forum”.