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cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ml/post/84519


cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ml/post/84519

Valve decided to give us a teardown of the Steam Deck hardware!..

Steam’s unreleased competitor is apparently called “Vapor” lmfao


and Vapor.

Please tell me this is just an internal codename or somethin’, I can’t even…

Oh, wow, I am almost mad at how easy that was lmao, thanks.

Any idea when that rolled out? My searchings for a solution a month ago didn’t bring any mention of it, and I can’t say for sure I specifically paid attention to any changes on the menu when in reader mode.

Help changing the color of FF reader mode on mobile

I modified reader.color_scheme at about:config and it worked flawlessly on both my home and work PCs, but not on the phone, it just stays white. …

This is just another tech created for right-wing Americans to combat “the evil Communists that keep censuring them”, because we know that has worked so well every time they tried it!

Any serious person looking for privacy should look for something like Pinephone or GrapheneOS, “Freedom phone” is just a quick buck someone is trying to make from the Trump cult.

How you doing, fellow terrorists? Have you eaten your Terror Tofus and 9/11 Avocados today? What animal are we going to fatally save this time?

You can’t compare Sony with Nintendo, the latter has dozens upon dozens of franchises and works with many of them every generation. They can’t make games of every niche franchise that people ask, and on top of that make like 10 new IPs too every generation because people also always complain they never make new IPs and always rely on nostalgia.

And then we have Sony working with like 5 franchises and calling it a day.

It’s a good explanation on what is really going on with that. It’s not a good regulation, but it isn’t some Orwellian thing like I’ve been seeing people say either…

Except that when people say “tankies” they are not referring to all socialists, but to the branch that supports authoritarian socialist governments, pretty much on the opposite end of the leftist spectrum from anarchism, so I understand why op would feel that way, although I will take that community any day over a right leaning community.

Crunchyroll was actually just bought last week by Funanimation’s parent company, so yay, I don’t really like the sound of that…

Historically, Twitter and Facebook have taken the position that world leaders should be exempted from most rules because the public has a right to know what their governments have to say and may be thinking. That changed when former President Trump was banned from Twitter and Facebook, however, so social media platforms seem to be taking a wait-and-see approach this time around.

No, nothing changed, they let the lunatic run his mouth for 4 full years– ironically, the white house itself had to step in and censor him at times to prevent literal wars, and the social platforms only banned him after he lost the election and was actively trying to weaponize his base against America to try a literal insurrection. But sure, whatever the article says.

If they are scanning their servers, you can just not send photos to their servers, but if they are scanning your phone or computer, that is a dangerous new line they just crossed.

I am not a heavy Mastodon user, but I heard about Misskey for the very first time yesterday. From what I could gather from the few-days-old conversation, it’s only now starting to gain traction as “everybody seems to be jumping in”.

My lord, the comments in this article, what a cesspool. From calling the allegations conducted by the State of California fake, to blaming women, feminists, and somehow even Communism (???), to even telling ActBlizz to fire all the names in the letter, the community there is horrible. How low can one be to side with Activision on this?

Reaaaaaally considering banning articles from that site, this place don’t need all that toxicity and bigotry.

Sure, it’s a MOBA made by Tencent featuring Pokémon from every generation, and it’s gonna be out for both mobile and the Switch.

Interesting to see they advertising this with Jedi Fallen Order, Valve really has faith in Proton and I love it.

Gotta love how backwards their excuse for data collection is…

You don’t have to share data with the authorities, if you don’t have data to share. Example: Signal.

Unfortunately that website is pretty right-leaning, so I knew what to expect when I entered the link: both article and comments section are anti #metoo and already picked the accused’s side, they will always pick that side.

I’ve been keeping an eye on posts linking to this site for a while and I don’t like it, but it’s not breaking any rule I guess, so I let it be.

If this would be the case the conversation would be different; it would be on how we can improve the situation of video games as a medium in order to make it less toxic

This is not a business meeting to brainstorm ideas, this is a court, Apple is defending themselves on court, they don’t give a F about what is or isn’t in EGS, as long as EGS stays away from their walled garden, that’s the whole freaking point. But anyway, all they care about in that court is to defend themselves against Epic, not to brainstorm how to fix gaming or whatever, and they made a good goddamn point for their defense using the Itch store in EGS.

EDIT: and just to make it clear, I know, they just want to control and take a bite from every source of monetization they can on iOS. BUT, as long as they use curation as an argument, bringing up Itch on EGS is a good godamn point in their defense. It has nothing to do with attacking small projects that are not even in the same business segments as Apple or whatever.

Usually I’m on the fuck Apple side, but context is important:

Epic hasn’t reviewed all these games, and Apple noted that its standards are different from the Epic Games Store’s. The list includes, per Apple’s attorney, a game called Sisterly Lust that includes “a list of fetishes which include many words that are not appropriate for us to speak in federal courts.”

They are using Epic’s failure to ensure that 3rd party store is complying with their own standards guidelines, in a case about Apple’s refusal to accept 3rd party stores in iOS. I am against walled gardens myself, but heck they did make a good point with Itch in this case.

But the buyout might have made it easier to push some people away from it. “Look what happened to Skype!”, etc etc.