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That’s definitely an unpopular take lol

I do like the overworld, specially in the 2D games, and in BOTW, of course, but my favorite parts are the dungeons in every game save for BOTW and MM.

First, I don’t think we should be cheering on the state doing anything to limit working people’s ability to do anything.

I hope that’s not a hill you’re willing to die on, you’re literally advocating for the decriminalization of, say, assassins for hire.

Yeah, so, like, anyone wants to talk about stopping funding those 100 corporations? No? At all? Oh, ok, cool, another decade with no real actions taken from any party, then.

I’m so glad the sexual abusers and breast milk stealers at Blizzard are on the right side of history! The 12yo Russians playing WoW in their mother’s PC will learn to never invade another country again!

That’s actually a good idea, I encourage everybody that want to talk about piracy, to do it there. It’s good to keep stuff like that separated from the main gaming community since, you know, illegal and stuff.

And to add to the conversation, the Foundation is the “wOkE” side that chuds love to hate for their social justice efforts, the point being that this decision might as well have nothing to do with the Corporation, since even folks aligned with social justice causes in the West are pro the Russophobia going on right now.

So you were using a hyperbole to refer to people who eat Western propaganda for breakfast and ask for more, that unfortunately englobes the vast majority of the people in the Western world, and like @sovietsnake@lemmygrad.ml said, communists aren’t immune to it either. I couldn’t count how quickly the leftist subs I frequent on Reddit, that were always critizing America and imperialism; I couldn’t count how quickly they all turned to support Biden and the sanctions that are destroying 3rd world countries around the globe, once the war started.

I don’t get what you’re saying, you think anarchists want to keep the imperial ecosystem? Imperialism, like, couldn’t be any more opposite to anarchism than it is…

At this point I consider myself an anarcocomunnist, and I’m not even sure of what that means both sides are good, I’m just waiting for either to happen and get us to the stateless, classless society we need.

And on that note, your name is sarcasm, right?

It’s not unironical, blatant transphobia, right?

Dogs actually can have a fully vegan diet, cats can’t, at all. Under no circumstances whatsoever, at least with current technology, should a cat be ever fed a vegan diet, their digestive system is not built for that.

I had it on my Galaxy Nexus for a while early on, when it was still a Canonical project. It was nowhere near daily driver ready, but it was a fun experience. I was hoping it world grow to become a competitor to the duopoly, but oh well…

I remember using the FirefoxOS browser extension too, another fun little project that was dropped.

You mean like with vaccines and stuff? I mean, I live in Brazil, the president (yeah, that one) has been spreading crap like “COVID is just a small flu”, “chloroquine totally works, guys” and “vaccines bad” from day one, and that took no small part on our road to 600.000 deaths and counting, I’m pretty sure. Just a few months ago he pretty much said on a Facebook live stream that the vaccines cause AIDS, without a care in the world.

Thankfully Brazil was not already a nest of antivaxxers and conspiracy theorists before 2020 like USA was, otherwise I’m sure we would be even far worse than we are now.

Thanks for the concern, it’s bad, but I totally see treatments starting to show up in the future, like how people treat Alzheimer and such. Sure they won’t undo all the damage COVID has done, but at least it’ll be something.

I got COVID half a year ago and my already less than stellar memory has been senile levels of bad ever since. Same thing with my attention spam. Results may vary from person to person, but it’s pretty bad.

Edit: oh, and the brain fog, I didn’t know how to describe it, but yeah, there is definitely brain fog.

This is the first time I see Signal in Brazilian news since the controversy regarding WhatsApp’s policy change one year ago (Signal’s adoption is null here, while WhatsApp is king, with Telegram somewhere in between), all because “WhatsApp’s founder is back leading a messaging app”, so for now we can say this move is at least good marketing for them.

I like the implication that, while Reddit has both a regular Vegan and an Anarchist Vegan sub (that uses this very symbol too), we just skip that middle step and go straight to vegan anarchism.

btc is not the only crypto

Then I more than welcome them to accept greener Cryptos only, which would eliminate all the most popular ones from the equation.

crypto overall use less electricity than conventional banking.

Conventional banking also does much more than just transactions.

anti-crypto activists getting mad at the wrong people and supporting the rich

The rich are the biggest Cryptos holders, it’s capitalism at its worst, unregulated capitalism.

Lemmy peaked the moment I joined, and I will forever take the merit for that. /s

(Any idea what happened between January and February last year?)

#SaveSantasHome (and all our homes too)
>Yes... there is the truth that you leaders all know > >If the Earth were a bank it'd be saved long ago ....Avaaz nails it with great climate crisis message.

> Game developers associated with the ABetterUbisoft group are petitioning the Assassin’s Creed publisher for a seat at the table, and a “meaningful say in how Ubisoft as a company moves forward.”

cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ml/post/86063 > And grass is green, more news at 11.

cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ml/post/86063 > And grass is green, more news at 11.

cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ml/post/84519 > Valve decided to give us a teardown of the Steam Deck hardware!

cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ml/post/84519 > Valve decided to give us a teardown of the Steam Deck hardware!

Valve decided to give us a teardown of the Steam Deck hardware!

Help changing the color of FF reader mode on mobile
I modified reader.color_scheme at about:config and it worked flawlessly on both my home and work PCs, but not on the phone, it just stays white. I'm using Fennec F-Droid btw, which is basically a fork that just removes the tiny proprietary bits from the browser, and is manteined by the FF devs themselves as far as I'm concerned.

It's a good explanation on what is really going on with that. It's not a good regulation, but it isn't some Orwellian thing like I've been seeing people say either.