The capitalist academy have some arguments to explain how China achieved economic success - cheap labour, integration on globalised economy... This article give us the counter arguments. It was trough state planing and investment on industry, education, quality of life and technology.

Registration for the WSWS annual May Day Online Rally. It is worth listening to the speeches from last year's program as they are still relevant.

The war in Ukraine has sparked a lot of disagreements. Regardless of opinion, I think Communists should focus on non-interventionism and fighting racism
I'll preface with saying that I'm only a random Communist. Please take what I say with a grain of salt, even if I come off as confident. Regardless of your opinion on the war, it is not going to affect its course unless you go fight there, with a few exceptions. Unless you live in Russia or Ukraine, your priorities should be: - **pressuring your country's government for non-interventionism, including sanctions.** Capitalist States have only the interest of capital in mind, and their intervention will hurt the people further - **fighting racism in your communities, especially the new wave of anti-Russian hate.** If you live in Poland or Romania, you should also be fighting the racism against non-Ukrainians (mostly foreign students) seeking refuge. Most of them just want to go home. The fact that the police are attacking them is extremely ridiculous.

Ministry of Truth public announcement: when the narrative changes under your feet...
Where are all my pro-Putin internet leninist fanboys who one week ago were lauging their ass off about the crazy idea that Putin would invade Ukraine? > [Biden "senses" that Russia will invade Ukraine in "next several days". This time for sure. 😂]( > [Russian Foreign Ministry called on Western media outlets to publish a full list of dates on which Russia will invade Ukraine for the year ahead, so diplomats can schedule their vacations accordingly]( Sounds like one week ago, all the pro-Putin narrative was along the lines of "NATO is the evil guy escalating violence by deploying military stuff". Now it's all become "Putin had to take actions first by invading a sovereign nation because of NATO is evil". **I strongly recommend you read again George Orwell's 1984. It sounds like your skepticism is well-oiled for western propaganda, but it's not calibrated for other brands of psyops.** Don't listen to me, take it from: - [a marxist-leninist from eastern Europe]( - [Russian anarchists]( - [Pirate Party Russia](

cross-posted from: > > The right has meant to create intrigues among us and they will not be able to. I believe in this new time, it is worth it to build a new action mechanism with the people. The constitution of 2022: A new system of 1-10 of a new government. > > > >We are working on our technology articulation, so that the people have direct participation and communication with all govt instances, from the popular power to municipalities, to regional and to the national power, [this is] the first line, 2022 - 2030. > > > >Second line: the construction of a problem and solution map that would allow them to build construction agendas to majors, governors, popular councils and national government. > > > >Third line of action: the establishment of an action agenda of community action to every base of popular power in the country. A concrete action agenda. AKA to provide order of direct communications of action and solutions to our people. These are three elements that together should give us a new organizational way, technological, for the solution of national issues of the real problems of the people. A 1-to-10 of the new govt, map solutions, and they can create action agendas for the popular power. We should integrate there. Those that do not integrate with the new times will become dinosaurs. Times pass by and if you do not formulate policies to go with the times you end up as a dinosaur. Maduro dinosaur. Bolivarian revolution dinosaur. That's never gonna happen. > > > >I set this plan with the goal of eight years (2030). True to the wonderful legacy of commander Chavez and this bicentennial stage that should finish victorious when we are celebrate our 200 of the physical disappearance of Bolivar in 2030. > > > >''Our commander Chavez fixated 2030 irreversible character of the Bolivarian revolution. 2030, irreversible character of the socialist revolution of the 21st century. And that's what I set, today. The goal of medium-term period of all of our revolution, building new methods, for a new time of transition to socialism, that's how I declare it. A new stage of transition towards socialism: 2030, irreversible.

Those who don't know how to play with money.
Those who don’t know how to play with money, have to learn from others, and this is a goal for the economy. **“What do you mean a goal for the economy?”** The economy has to have as one of its goals in order to have maximum productivity, without having everyone inside it constantly overworked, that those who don’t know how to play with money, have to learn from the rest in society, who can make money again and again without wasting others’ time and effort doing so. If the economy doesn’t target that as well, apart from its rest goals, those who make money again and again wasting others’ time and effort doing so, whatever this way may be…end up causing problems in the economy if more and more like them make real money, and the entire economy then has to spend more time and effort to do, whatever it does. **“Whose specifically is this goal”** Specifically, the responsibility is shared according to the ability one has to make money again and again without wasting others’ time and effort doing so. The ability of one to make money again and again without wasting others’ time and effort doing so, isn’t equal with the amount of money that one has now, it is equal with the amount of money that the rest in the market would invest on one now. (People can invest money or not. People cannot invest negatively on one’s misfortune/errors/bad judgement here, here let’s call this hedging.) Having said the above, the people who have made money again and again, and for quite some time now can do so without wasting others’ time and effort, usually they like teaching their abilities to others, as whatever abilities practical/social/in designing they have, those abilities are balanced for what they do…but better here to use three examples: The craftsman has practical abilities to do something, something a craftsman has done for quite some time, and something a craftsman would like others to also honor if they like it, and so a craftsman teaches it to others. The soul of the party has practical abilities doing something with others, something with others the soul of the party has done for quite some time, and others around the soul of the party learn how to do it on their own just by being around…the soul of the party…as even if the soul of the party if fading, if the a party is still around it, the ones around are partying, and either they learn from experience, or they also fade and then the party goes elsewhere. The designer has practical abilities doing something else than what the designer initially imagined, as a real designer can really design in reality, and the designer learns that only with real experience, spending time and effort again…and again…and…again…for each design delivered in the end…that in the end the designer can only hope that the design is balanced in reality…as this is the only place that the designer can find out if a design is realizable. **“Which are the mechanisms to achieve this goal”** Learning is one part of the solution to the problem of achieving this goal, but here the other part is… In reality you have people who cannot make money again and again without wasting others’ time and effort, and those people can be: Unwilling: They do not want to learn using their own free will, or Willing: They want to learn using their own free will, or What willing? They don’t know: They are undecided, so they are waiting to see how the story will play out, and then they decide, when they really have to do so. Those who want to learn using their own free will, can really show progress in their learning, or exactly those keep wasting others’’ time and effort…in reality…and most good willing people learn this way. Those who do not want to learn from others using their own free will how to make money again and again, probably because they wouldn’t make that much money they think, but not necessarily, have to balance whatever they do in reality…as… regardless what they do in reality, reality is still something else than anything anyone can imagine, but if real problems appear in the economy that affect most, most prefer them to be solved quickly, or most are looking for someone to blame if they feel that this way the problems they are having now will be solved…and… The unwilling don’t want to be blamed, they want to find a way to not be blamed, and they have to do something about that, if they are blamed by others that they are causing problems in the economy, or at least they have to say something about that… The willing don’t want to be blamed, feel otherwise than the unwilling regarding learning, and regardless of their progress in learning and the proof of their learning to others, wanting to check the stories that the unwilling are saying and the actions that the unwilling to learn when the economy has problems, may be a sign of their progress in their learning, but we are not done here yet as… The undecided if there is something that they have to learn regarding money, may have to decide on the one side of those who claim that they want to learn how to be able to make money again and again without wasting others’ time and effort doing so, or those who claim something else…so… as reality happens again and again, either problems of similar nature continue to appear in the economy again and again, without someone noticing them and dealing with them both with solutions, but also by targeting those who cause them with whatever way sensible to most is used for this at that time, or the people who are undecided vote, as the problems in the economy are increasing, using the question “What do you think, now that most have problems with the way the economy is working, is the way which will take us the least time and effort in order for the problems to be solved?” **Why would you say all the above? Cause,** 1. first way to explain What is it that people wasting others’ time and effort not understanding but that exactly? And what is it that people using money…wasting others’ time and effort not understanding but what money does when money is used sensibly? And in the end, what is it that people don’t understand , when they hear that they have to not waste others’ time and effort when they are using money, as … Money has to not increase the time and effort for what it is used to do, when it is used sensibly. 2. second way to explain Player do you know what money does… Money doesn’t do what those who have money say… Money reduces the time and effort to trade… Or we are stuck with idiots wasting our time and effort. Have you ever really thought of that? 3. third way to explain For example… Imagine you order take away from the same place many times, and lately it takes longer and longer for the food to arrive, and the food may start getting a bit cold…and it doesn’t seem to be getting better in the future, but the prices don’t change… …do you start getting a feeling this might be a waste of your time and effort or not? Generally Imagine you do the same thing with the same amount of money twice from its beginning until its end , but one of the times that it takes you more time and effort. Would you choose again and again to do it when it takes you more time and effort to do it with the same amount of money, doing the same thing? 4. final way to explain When something makes sense, it makes sense to happen again and again in reality. When something doesn’t make sense, it isn’t worth out time and effort…cause… …do we REALLY HAVE TO? CASES, That people view similarly over some time become… FASHIONABLE, But ways that people view similarly OVER AND OVER IN TIME, become… …common sense. **In the end, what’s the summary?** **Nature is a lady…** Whatever we do with money, the way we do it has to not ignore the time and effort that we have to spend to do it, otherwise… Whatever we do with money, the way we do it may ignore the time and effort that we have to spend to do it, but in this case… If in the end, whatever we do with money, the way we do it may ignore the time and effort that we have to spend to do it, then it doesn’t seem to me that if we want to do whatever we do with money, again…and again…and…again…that we can continue to ignore the time and effort we have to spend to do it, and continue to really have fun, does it seem to you? **Justice is blind, and…** After girls, someplace sometime, have ended talking to one another and have together decided, they point out the ones who are not fun, and the rest show them how… …MAMA in the end puts order.

What if only non-profits existed?
No corporations, no profit based businesses, no state. Only non-profit organizations. Would this be communism? If so, could this possibly be self-sustainable? How can such decentralized society structure possibly self sustain without the threat of centralization?

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