I’ve been thinking about a community dedicated to “casual” communism for a while now. Here are a few of my thoughts on the matter. Let me know what you think!..


Massive communism debunk list

I’m calling out to anyone that can mirror this document. It’s so big that I can’t possibly mirror it on a Lemmy thread, and doesn’t do Google Docs. …

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A collection of non-Leninist Marxist texts including: …

Non-Leninist Left Communism eBook
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Comrade Support on Matrix!

Dear comrades, the vision for this room is to provide a safe space for communists to vent their frustrations. There are plenty of mental health support groups, but the ones for those with class consciousness are lacking. To talk about burnout, reactions to propaganda and agitation, mental health iss…

It's amazing the power information streams from other websites can lead to...

…I was stuck thinking about the ramifications for the current neoliberal and alt-right playground. Even though it sometimes seems hopeless, I’ve been noticing a slight shift in the national conversation. We’re gradually going back to Marxist dialectics. Also, I’ve just recently acquired a logical …

In this video, I am going over the basics of equality of outcome, equality of opportunity and luck egalitarianism. Please let me know what your thoughts on equality are…

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Thoughts on Pol Pot

Seems like a dude who wasn’t really even communist who just killed a shit ton of people to me. Especially because he lived with the Cambodian royal family for a bit with his relatives…


I share the translation of a lil’ Italian essay about faux or out-of-context quotes of Marx, Lenin, and Cinanni, and how those quotes are used to support anti-immigration stances, arguably in favour of “national proletarians”.
The quotes are specific …

Thoughts on

Hello, there, dear comrades! I am not fond of the aforementioned source myself, but…

In this video, I am using Ursula K. Le Guin’s short story “The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas” to illustrate some elements of imperialism…

This is my first scripted video, comrades; hence the choppy editing and a robotic manner. Let me know what you think…

Welcome to the communist Lemmy community! This is a community for all Marxist.

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