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As a long time GNOME user, I am so glad they decided to go with KDE. GNOME has a trajectory going away from the desktop. KDE Plasma has all the small little tools and utilities you expect in a full desktop environment. I switched to KDE plasma on the announcement of GNOME 40.

from Wayne’s Books: Spelljammer took Advanced Dungeons and Dragons characters and campaigns into space. While there were rules in the SJ RPG core set for ship combat, the War Captain’s Companion box set presents rules for efficiently running mass combats with many vessels. Plus ship construction rul…

I prefer Arch for the bleeding edge packages and AUR. The other thing I like about arch is that the desktop environments or window managers are not heavily modified from the release of the maintainer. So KDE Plasma is like how the maintainer wanted it to work/look.

I wondered how they came to that conclusion, still shows it a #9 with no movement up or down.

Here is the original article. And this is the reason:

The beta for F34 was one of the most popular ever, with twice as many systems showing up in my stats as typical.

Ironsworn: Starforged (Kickstarter)

The sci-fi evolution of the award-winning tabletop roleplaying game. Supports solo, co-op, and guided play!..

The Ryan Firebee is a series of target drones developed by the Ryan Aeronautical Company beginning in 1951. It was one of the first jet-propelled drones, and remains one of the most widely used target drones ever built…

What about 0AD, I think that open source projects avoid kickstarter so there is no fiduciary component to the project.

I agree as long as its about RPGs.

[Question] How does get more artists? needs more music/artists to get anywhere…

Elementary OS is really nice, and has SO much potential. But the current release is based off of Ubuntu 18.04 and is a bit behind on SOME software, especially development libs.

PopOS also has some good power management extensions for GNOME along with CPU/battery stuff.

History Maps

Really nice interactive maps of some events in history…

Andre Antunes really does some nice compilations mixing different music together. I wish he would put out some more material of his own.

Rustaceans’ dreams of Rust’s inclusion in the Linux kernel are one tiny, ever so slight step closer to becoming a reality, with this week’s “intentionally bare-bones” inclusion in Linux-next, the development branch of the Linux kernel…

The basket was found empty and closed with a lid. Only a small amount of soil was retrieved in it and the researchers hope it will help identify what the vessel contained…

quickly addicting

Yes indeed it is, just picked this up thanks to this post.

This is what I want to know. If it requires co-op team to complete stuff I am out. That’s why I like Borderlands.

I will have to dig mine out, take a picture too.

This is insane:

“For the older Soviet jets, that meant a 57mm mortar shell fired to propel the ejection seat (and pilot) from the aircraft.”

Red Eagle pilot gives the low-down on America’s MiG-21 ‘Fishbed’…


Meander is a procedural system for generating historical maps of rivers that never existed…


This thread made me rethink my usage of Brave and I am trying to use Firefox again.

I am too much of a procrastinator in my later years to make my own stuff.

Geary looks nice, but is missing features, crashes alot for me and stops syncing. IMHO the only thing that has similar level of functionality is Evolution. Its not pretty and looks like its from 2000, but it works really well. I tend to use Evolution over Thunderbird myself. I tried Kmail, and it took alot to get used to, but I can’t say if its the same level as the others. Evolution does have issues with Google calendars syncing for some reason.

This of course speaks to another stereotype: Designers run their games instead of playing characters. This was my situation too, but over the past year I have stuck to playing…

Toy maker to create a separate operating division around the fantasy role-playing game and Magic: The Gathering, which have surged in popularity…

Very interesting article on the internals of executable files in linux…

I use the Iosevka Terminal font for my terminals, its thinner than most fonts so you get extra cols.

“Long-serving Gearbox founder and CEO Randy Pitchford will continue to lead the U.S. company following the purchase, and will also become a “significant shareholder” in Embracer.”

Who is Embracer? Is this bad news for Borderlands?

All I can say is from my experience, but ACO is really a RPG with lots of historical context and historical story telling. I love open world 1st or 3rd person RPGs and both of these are open, good story and characters.