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So let me guess, I will need Windows to use the self service tool?

What a nice website design and theme, simple clear with important points highlighted nicely.

Watched a few episodes of The Witcher: Blood Origin, but didn’t like it. Finished House of Dragon, and was not very interested, don’t like any of the characters. Going to start watching Rings of Power

Cant wait for Warhammer stuff…

First, its not based on d20 D&D like mechanics. Its very loosely based on FFG’s Rogue Trader ttrpg (d100) Support characters can be critical to overall success. You have to move first then attack, but I rarely just moved and attacked, its always selecting a talent or skill to aid move and hit. I really enjoyed it, cause its very similar to XCOM. Story is what I expected someone would make had they played most of the FFG Dark Heresy and Rouge Trader ttrpg’s campaigns and adventures. Dialog is good, UI was slow but its a Windows only game, and I am playing on Linux via Proton. I got super excited and played 40 hours and forced myself to stop, so far I have not played past the story of act 2.

Unfortunately its the only sound some people listen to.

For me, its a TON of fun. Love the story and dialog, im a little tired of routine western fantasy europe, so sci-fi RPG is exciting. Imagine them making a turn based RPG for ttRPGs like Starfinder, or Fragged EMpire. I can only wish…

toRPGList of Virtual Table Tops

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay? Could mean many different table top games, but I am a big fan of 40k especially the ttRPGs from FFG (Dark Heresy 2, Rogue Trader, etc).

  1. Thanks for your submission, and SUPER EXTRA THANKS for an ODS file and not XLS!
  2. Its unclear where exactly to input your name is it the cell to the right of “Player” cell “C1:D1”?
  3. need a place to upload and share builds!
  4. This is for the TTRPG?

Return of the fanzine!

Welcome to Comprehensive Rust 🦀
Comprehensive Rust 🦀

Redox OS 0.8.0 - Redox - Your Next(Gen) OS
Here is hoping one day this project will reach 1.0

I am no expert by any means, but rust cant compile to all of the architectures that linux supports, so it can only be used for drivers. I am looking for an explanation myself.

According to Wikipedia:

The KDE Gear (earlier known as the KDE Applications Bundle) is a set of applications and supporting libraries that are developed by the KDE community,[4] primarily used on Linux-based operating systems but mostly multiplatform, and released on a common release schedule.

And the official page is:

I have to figure out how to do this, I had no idea.


Appendix N on Project Gutenberg – Wanderer Bills Journal
> As in turns out in 2022, quite a few of the texts mentioned have made their way into the public domain, and are available as freely downloadable ebooks.

I cant seem to get that link to work:

“No available domains were found”.

Is there another link?

Dang they got me, I really wanted my source code reviewed by an evil apex capitalist.

I hope its true and they have a peaceful transition of power.

Those books are on my fiction read list

Wow never heard of that one, very interesting and terrifying.

@sgtnastytoRPGAI RPG images aren't great
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They are really not that bad, but I get that they convey very little. Still impressed

cross-posted from: > Just started playing around with this for Solo RPGs and I'm digging it. I paid but there is a free version to try.
The Augur VTT

>Folks who've been watching my release stream of late have likely noticed a trend where I'll put out a fantasy RPG supplement one month, and then half a dozen months or a year later a sci-fi version of that same supplement comes out.

Build amazing TUIs (Text User Interfaces) with this innovative Python framework

toRPGList of Virtual Table Tops
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New one I found out about today “The Forge”: But that name is way too similar to Foundry VTT … I almost thought it was the same.

@sgtnastytoRPGGit Server just for RPGs
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And its gone!

AD&D Vision Types
Some nice information with graphs!

My current rotation:

  1. AC Odyssey
  2. Terra Invicta
  3. Stellar Monarch 2
  4. Trigon

All on my linux desktop, no windows.

@sgtnastytoRPGThe Whispering Deck
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Itch has some great stuff for paper and pencil rpgs.

got born? nah, i glad I learned its all a game of hide and seek and i am just fooling myself

Today I’ve noticed that Oh My Zsh provides one really useful command (implemented as a shell function) - take. I guess with a name like this it’s not immediately obvious what the command does, but we’ll get the general idea really quickly.

Why does it seem none of these posts show up in my main feed?

The revised version of module B3 "Palace of the Silver Princess" by Tom Moldvay and Jean Wells receives less attention than Wells' original, although for almost two decades, it was the only version that most of us knew existed.

Very awesome, how is using Linux Mint on industrial hardware?

I’m so tired of the month long mourning the death of an apex capitalist. This only solidifies the fact to me that humanity is doomed to the creation of the Ultimate Capitalist entity.

A guide to the adventurer

@sgtnastytoMemesThe Absurdity of Capitalism
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the last line is best: “my own tree”?

Got my T430 used, its a great laptop and runs any modern linux distro just fine.

toRPGWhat RPG are you currently playing?
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I see you go for portability, can’t be too wrong: over 9M built.

toRPGWhat RPG are you currently playing?
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Don’t really matter, but the community is for table top RPGs.

What RPG are you currently playing?
Right now I am waiting for [Fragged Empire 2]( to be released.

The official source
Learn Rust

Starfinder: Pirates of Skydock—Coming August 2022
> In the second title developed as part of a multi-game partnership between Gale Force Nine and Paizo, you attempt to commandeer a prototype Immortal-class starship filled with top-secret tech. Can you escape Skydock aboard the vessel, or will you be caught red-handed?

A great question!

> Persepolis Reimagined is the result of a collaboration between historians, creatives, and technologists, in the context of the Getty Villa Museum exhibition, Persia: Ancient Iran and the Classical World.

Classic old AD&D module from Gary Gygax: **AN ADVENTURE SET ON GREYHAWK'S WORLD FOR CHARACTER LEVELS 5-10** > This special module is a combined wilderness and dungeon adventure scenario. It contains background information, referee's notes, encounter keys,outdoor and dungeon level maps, and new monsters and treasures. While it is designed to interface with LOST CAVERNS OF TSOJCANTH, this module is capable of standing alone. Likewise, while it is placed within the Greyhawk Campaign, it can easily be adapted to play in any individual campaign which employs the ADVANCED DUNGEONS & DRAGO game system. ... *The Temple was built in a previous age, a secret place of worship to Tharizdun, He of Eternal Darkness* ...

> SpaceVim is a distribution of the Vim editor that’s inspired by spacemacs. It manages collections of plugins in layers, which help collecting related packages together to provide features. This approach helps keeping configuration organized and reduces overhead for the user by keeping them from having to think about what packages to install.

d20 v 3d6 - where do you stand?
I am a big fan of 3d6, but it makes higher DC rolls much harder. See:

> Way back when Star Trek Adventures was ramping up, the organized play campaign that Modiphius started specifically mentioned the Shackleton Expanse, a region of space between the Klingon Empire and the Romulans.

> "If only there were a single, streamlined product we could point new players to, a concise entry point that explained the rules, introduced the setting, and made it all effortless to learn and play. Something that showcased what makes this fantasy RPG unique. Oh wait, now there is... If you have ever been even mildly curious about Glorantha or Runequest, here is your chance to explore. You will know exactly after exploring the Starter Set if this is the game for you." — Andrew Logan Montgomery

Librem One by Purism - Any current reviews of this for privacy?
Has anyone reviewed this suite of services? Where do they host their email servers?