@photography Bejeweled City | [RedmiK20Pro]
[@photography]( Bejeweled City | [RedmiK20Pro]
@photography Bejeweled City | [RedmiK20Pro]

The love water drop []( []( []( []( [\#photography]( [#closeup]( [#watersplash]( [#water](

Decaying dashboard... []( []( []( []( [\#photography]( [#car]( [#closeup]( [#artbooster]( [#mastoart](

La Barriere Park, Winnipeg, Canada []( []( []( []( [\#photography]( [#landscape]( [#nature]( [#artbooster]( [#mastoart]( [#mastophotography](

Messina, Italy []( []( []( []( [\#photography]( [#landscape]( [#architecture]( [#clouds]( [#artbooster]( [#city](

Droplets on leaves []( []( []( []( [\#photography]( [#nature]( [#artbooster]( [#closeup]( [#blackandwhite]( [#mastoart](

Water lily []( []( []( []( [\#photography]( [#artbooster]( [#water]( [#flower]( [#spring]( [#mastoart](

Light and shadow []( []( []( []( [\#blackandwhite]( [#architecture]( [#artbooster]( [#photography]( [#mastoart](

Water splash []( []( []( []( [\#photography]( [#blackandwhite]( [#water]( [#watersplash](

purchase advice
Hi there...I recently started a account and got a little excited about photography...I don't have alot of money and sometimes I get excited about new hobbies, and then they fade. I am looking for advice on buying a "sorta" decent digital camera, but not something that will break my bank if I ultimately lose interest. I guess, I'm looking for "starter gear" suggestions. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance for any advice.

Spider, Parque Central, San Juan, PR

shot was taken in france while hiking

Any good sites or services to host photos?
Looking for a good site or service to host photos that's open source or privacy respecting, mainly using pixelfed right now - a free and open-source web application to remove any object, people, text or defects from your pictures
It uses LaMa, an open-source model from Samsung's AI lab to automatically and accurately redraw the areas that you delete. It is open-source under the Apache License 2.0. It worked really well for two photos I tested with it, but they also have some demo photos you can test it with. If it's not perfect on the first erase, just try a second time. See #technology #opensource #photography #alternativeto #photos

Captured in my garden

#plants #photography #nature

Pixelfed - Federated photography social network.
If you ever tried to use Instagram for your photos you probably thought - "wow this sucks, I wish there was something like instagram but actually respected my photos". Well Pixelfed is that. It's inspired by Instagram but it doesn't crop your photos, has fullscreen view and native desktop experience — all of which federated and decentralized!

Quick video on how to edit landscape photos in Darktable 3.0: > darktable is an open source photography workflow application and raw developer. A virtual lighttable and darkroom for photographers. It manages your digital negatives in a database, lets you view them through a zoomable lighttable and enables you to develop raw images and enhance them.

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