I just think there needs to be a proper discussion, whether this type of research is ok in general… …

Is a natural Covid infection really 13 times better than being vaccinated?

The study performed during the recent Delta outbreak in Israel demonstrates natural immunity to Covid. Here is the study. The study investigators did a retrospective observational study comparing three different groups…

Now researchers say they have found some of the earliest evidence of humans using clothing in a cave in Morocco, with the discovery of bone tools and bones from skinned animals suggesting the practice dates back at least 120,000 years. …

A fundamentally new way to freeze foods could cut carbon emissions equal to 1 million cars

Called isochoric freezing, the technique relies on storing foods in a sealed, rigid container made of hard plastic or metal that is filled with a liquid such as water, and placing it in a freezer. Conventional freezing involves exposing food to the air and freezing it solid at sub-zero temperature…

Steve Mould and Mehdi Sadaghdar have been debating the physics behind the “chain fountain” …

Here is an example of an anecdote - often called a “case study”. Because covid spread a certain way at that event does not mean it usually spreads that way. …

Lovely lecture, but, what creates the QF? Go to NDE on Lemmy to find out!..

Which Dirac Equation Is The Final Equation?

I’ve seen two Dirac equations. One has about 9 components and the other equation. Which according to Wikipedia is The Dirac equation in the form originally proposed by Dirac. It is much longer. Is the shorter version the correct and final equation? Or, do they say the same thing? What’s going here?..

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Social mindfulness


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Equal yet different 😋

Administration of testosterone caused (🙎) … to unconsciously appropriate a larger space as their own. ( Refs. in comments )…


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