The time has come for us to talk about human aggressiveness. If you do not appreciate the gnomes, they’ll take you you-know-where because you are the enemy of gnomes. Read the text here:

The concept of implantable sensors that continuously transmit data on concentrations of substances or drugs and essential values in the body has attracted scientists and physicians for a long time. Such sensors allow the continuous monitoring of therapeutic success and disease progression…

Jorge Cham, aka, PHD Comics, illustrates the excitement over the muon anomaly results in a set of cartoons he made for Physics…

PBS Space Time video about the new Muon g-2 results…

A study by Dark Energy Survey scientists produces more specific estimates of the average density of matter as well as its ability to clump together – two essential parameters that assist physicists to probe the nature of dark energy and dark matter…

The Astrophysics Pioneers program is funding four innovative new missions that read like a best-hits album of the most exciting astronomical frontiers: from galaxy evolution and exoplanets to neutron star mergers and astroparticle physics. …

Today we are going to start with great news for SpaceX fans as the company added another Starlink launch to their list on the very day when 15 years ago SpaceX first launched a rocket, an unsuccessful flight of falcon 1…

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