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Maybe its just the fact they are more aware of how invasive tracking has become and its continued drastic increases. Are there Millennials or Gen X who seek to endlessly allow corporate American to label and follow them online?

I understand how the term “free” alters not only how often an online product is used but also how transparent users are with it but unless I start getting a cut of my data being solid behind closed doors, get fucked (right???).

Just implement old faithful and nickname your significant other Bambi! They should assume its related to their (hopefully) “big” brown eyes yet it will provide some comic relief as you’ll know its only cause you want to kill their Mom lol. Extra points if you can overtime have your MIL call your significant other Bambi too.

All joking aside, have you talked about this with your partner? They should be able to offer some insight regarding how to best correct or smooth out the problem I’d bet.

Initially I felt the same way, the IMEI is basically the phones ID and plays a role in cellular providers ability to track individual customers. You’d think if many many (13,557) folks had the same IMEI, it would increase security/privacy…

The issue arises due to the fact the IMEI is vital for the carriers not only for tracking but also for routing calls/text to the proper device. The SIM and IMEI together are what dictate what calls or text will be received on a specific device. This means if you attempted to call me and I was using one of these phones, you’d almost certainly be routed to someone else. Plus with the more recent uptick in account text message 2FA, this could prevent users attempting to get these text from accessing their account. Thankfully without the account username and/or password, the text 2FA would nearly be just an inconvenience but it would drastically lower online account security and prevent account logins from being possible.

Someone has some explaining to do!!!

I’m a firm believer in the fact that:

Rap - Lies = Hiphop

Both Del and Gang Starr (another recent post) are hiphop in my minds eye. Nonetheless, I’m stoked to see them on here! Both know how to lace a beat with knowledge and funk in a unique manner. I appreciate your post(s)!

Only comparable alternative in my mind would be Proton VPN. Truly I’m comfortable with either option.

"Researchers at Georgia State University may have published the scientific understatement of the year when saying that their CRISPR experiment with hamsters “found that the biology behind social behavior may be more complex than previously thought”." Cue *Planet of the Hamsters* production budgets

If it was a latent virus it would be much more difficult to identify. Latent viruses are a more advanced virus as it has all cell replication embed the viral genome within it and will continue to replicate for sometimes decades until side effects begin. Most definitely still a major oversight on the physician’s end but at least if was a latent virus things would make more sense.

I think it’s a great thing to see an influx of folks focusing on privacy. It will add to the pool of GitHub coders and what not. But with more people means more schemers. Sounds like Jonah got greedy and over confident. Definitely lame from every angle but the only impact it has is I used privacytools over privacyguides 100% of the time. Unless I’m missing something this Jonah is an asshat and I’ll choose other sources for my privacy info.

Great to hear exercise has been helpful for you. The benefits of regular light exercise are immense, so keep it up!

Seems like too little too late. The blue side of the one US government party has had since 1973 to codify Roe v. Wade. Hopefully this last ditch effort works but I wont hold my breath. The “leaders” of this country want to ensure they have all the wage slaves they need to maintain their power.

As far as Wells Fargo (with Chase, Citi & B of A) goes, I finally think I found a solid alternative. The four banks listed above are responsible for a quarter of all fossil fuel funding over the last six years. Any money held with them, 90% of it they can invest how they see fit. ATMOS Financial is a FDIC insured bank which uses 100% of its investing for saving the environment. They have great APY optins for savings accounts as well. If you want to issue a corporate death penalty, using it on businesses who knowingly wreck the environment for profit is my vote, otherwise this is a fantastic option to ensure you’re not providing them the option.

Physics is tough, even crazier is the fact physics is labeled as the simplest science. This is due to physics only interpreting length, mass, time, and electric current. This claim is very misleading in my mind. Calculus was developed as a necessity to interpreted these four qualities to help better understand the world around us. But I couldn’t agree more regarding physics needing a full makeover to make the subject more approachable for sure.

I didnt think so, I study molecular bio and aside from nursing programs, males are predominantly involved in the research. I see the article as a reasonable explanation for the why behind the what personally.

☆ Yσɠƚԋσʂ ☆ @yogthos has quality content consistently posted, I’m new to the platform but this is my vote. is a solid option for free tax filing.

Edit: Welp just seeing you were referencing Canada and not the USA

I would assume the individuals who claimed BitWarden has privacy issues are not very well versed on the topic. If you wanted to check out some alternatives, a site I trust has the four highest rated password managers/generators from a security and privacy standpoint to be: BitWarden, LessPass, KeePassXC & Spectre. LessPass and Spectre generate passwords with no storage needs though. BitWarden is audited four times each year by a third party and I have only ever seen surface level issues identified which are always quickly amended.

This was always assumed based on the moons surface composition. However, this is the first data from earth which is applicable on the moon and more or less validates this assumption from my understanding.

This article better demonstrates the recent development. Now having proof to back up the educated guess regarding how Europa’s subsurface ocean interacts with its icy shell is a step towards better understand this celestial body:

What about the coins that are proof of stake and much more efficient? What about the coins able to monitor carbon output for businesses, countries and individuals? Guess the way I see it almost all cryptocurrencies can function as currency while also bring numerous other options to the table. So more than just for transactions, blockchain technologies also offer additional uses which not only can replace centralized banking but also other business functions making the energy consumption more reasonable.