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Along with the changes mentioned above, VLC for Android v3.4 includes the following improvements: …

Is there a gamepad mapper app that simultaneously doesn't require root and also doesn't have a very intrusive list of permissions?

For the last few years I’ve been trying to find a gamepad mapper that’s worth using. Most of the apps I found require root, which (on top of being a security risk) I’ve been told that none of my devices can be rooted. I found one app that doesn’t require root but it has a very intrusive list of perm…

Best de-Googled Android ROM for non Pixel phones?

I know that Graphene OS is the best OS for privacy/security on a Pixel, but I have both a non-Pixel phone. What is the second best ROM in this case? I know that Lineage still has some Google telemetry since it’s meant to be as close to AOSP as possible and not actually de-Googled. Maybe /e/ OS the…

I’ve been trying this out for a week, and really like it so far. Loads a bit faster than firefox, and has good ad blocking out of the box. …

  • Could Give Attackers ‘Complete Control’ of Androids
  • One Exploit May Be Tied to Spyware Maker NSO Group…

FingerList | F-Droid

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Quite a clever idea to just bypass the battery and connect it to the 5V USB (assuming your phone will handle the 5V) so that the phone is always connected, and just starts up with the vehicle. It was equipped with a SIM that shares the same number so that it operates like the primary phone. …

Android Stuff Here!!

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