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> We can take a few guesses as to why things are so big. First, Samsung is notorious for having a shoddy software division that pumps out low-quality code. The company tends to change everything in Android just for change's sake, and it's hard to imagine those changes are very good. > > ... > > Unlike the clean OSes you'd get from Google or Apple, Samsung sells space in its devices to the highest bidder via pre-installed crapware. A company like Facebook will buy a spot on Samsung's system partition, where it can get more intrusive system permissions that aren't granted to app store apps, letting it more effectively spy on users. Urgh, it's so frustrating that Samsung is the leading Android manufacturer, the market is rewarding greed and incompetence

Huh, I have mixed feeling about Google doing this Yay that Apple isn't the only game in town for this functionality But then it's this functionality in particular with all the horrible stalking that it facilitates

This is the MessagEase layout for the MultilingO keyboard. Unfortunately MessagEase development (which is the fastest android keyboard), died several years ago, and we're in dire need of a replacement.

Hey everyone, I’ve got a software suggestion for all you android users. Here’s the cheesy sales pitch, though I’d share: Sunbird is a new All-In-One messenger that will hopefully be coming out in mid-2023. It will basically aggregate multiple messengers on android (whatsapp, facebook messenger, sms, rcs, discord, signal) including imessage! NO MORE GREEN BUBBLES!!! Best part (other than imessage), there going to keep it free for as long as they can. (at least that’s the vibe I’m getting from the discord server). This app looks so freaking cool! Currently they’ve just got it open to some alpha testers but they will start releasing it to beta list soon. Let me just say, the alpha’s screenshots of imessage are looking very nice. You can use this link to sign up for the beta

Did any of yall get this? Really annoying.

Why are some app icons not the same as their play store icons?
Say a game's recent update changed the icon to a holiday theme. I update the app, and the game/app itself updates, but the icon doesn't. It's not harmful, but it bugs me a bit. What causes this?

Mull vs Thor
So I currently use Mull, which I like a lot (especially since it syncs with Librewolf on my PC), but my phone's storage is getting full and I noticed Thor browser is considerably smaller. Does it measure up to Mull at all? Or is Mull worth sticking with? I'm assuming the latter, and I apologize for the stupid question, I'm just curious.

I think the pointlessly-wiggling media progress bar is fine :) I predict that the new virtualisation framework will be used for DRM (urgh), or potentially even a remote-management "feature" (double-urgh)

> iOS, with its single hardware manufacturer, has been 64-bit only since 2017. Android has a million moving parts split across a bunch of different companies, so getting to 64-bit only is going to be a long road. Getting there is worth the effort, though, with a promise of increased performance and additional security features.

> This isn't a big deal for most consumers, but in previous Android versions, it was nice to have an escape hatch if Google came out with a particularly buggy first release. If you frequently try out different software builds, this change will presumably mean that you can't use any older third-party ROMs, either. > > Update: We have a justification! As spotted by Esper's Mishaal Rahman, the Android web flash tool explains this downgrade prevention is to stop a bootloader vulnerability specific to Android 12.

What Text-To-Speech are you using with Android?
Preferably open source and on FDroid.

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How to lower microphone gain in Android 9
All videos that I record have very distorted volume when there's loud sound around. I'm using Open Camera app. I think that lowering gain could help here. Anybody knows how to do this in Android 9? [edit] Added Android version.

F-droid link:

Did anyone here have tested this app ?

> Following in the footsteps of iOS 14, Google is rolling out an app privacy section to the Play Store on Tuesday. When you look up an app on the Play Store, alongside sections like "About this app" and "ratings and reviews," there will be a new section called "Data privacy & security," where developers can explain what data they collect. Google showed off this feature last year, and it will finally start appearing in the Play Store today.

We need to reclaim Android from Google. Until we do, they will keep doing things like this. is great!
I just discovered after the post on HackerNews. It is a great maps "app" for android. I put "app" into quotes because it just runs on your browser. I am not sure if or organic maps will be my daily driver, but both are looking very good!
12 is great!

Looking for an open source app for ping and tracepath functionality.
I'm looking for an open-source app to do some network debugging: resolving hostnames, pinging and tracepath functionality. Anyone know any existing app like this?

need a recommendation
Is there a smartphone that I could recommend to someone that currently wants to buy a last generation iphone? They want lots of storage and good battery life I think. I am worried about all the tracking shit, I guess if the phone could potentially work with lineageOS that would be great too. tl;dl is there a go-to smartphone atm?

I have made a list of open source Android apps that have beautiful modern design
Often people tend to say due to the lack of funding open source apps have bad UI and also sometimes terrible UX. While it's not entierly false I've found myself some beautifuly designed apps and wanted to share them here.

How to monitor memory usage on android?
I experience that my memory is used up on my android phone, but I dont understand what drains the memory. I only found AnotherMonitor on fdroid, but it doesnt appear to show which app is consuming memory. Only total consumption. Are there any good apps or solutions for this? Or at least as autonomous slash private as possible.

From [here](

cross-posted from: > This is the very first alpha release of Jerboa, a native android Lemmy client. > > **This is not a finished client, so don't expect most things to be working** > > If anything isn't working correctly, open up an [issue on the repo.]( > > [APK Download]( >

cross-posted from: > I recently made a simple android app to search my service. > > Working on getting it uploaded to f-droid, but the `apk` is available via the link.

Best way to block a website on Android?
Looking for the quickest and easiest way to block a website on Android on the device.

Fair play; I don't own a Fairphone, and I'm hoping to keep my current Android alive long enough to be able to go straight to a Linux phone. But this is another demonstration of why it's good to support outliers

The most notable part of these extensions, in my opinion, is that you can enable a custom, open-source implementation of Google's new wallpaper engine, Monet. So you can enjoy custom system and app colors based on your wallpaper on any Android 12 ROM, not just Pixels.

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