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  • Could Give Attackers ‘Complete Control’ of Androids
  • One Exploit May Be Tied to Spyware Maker NSO Group…

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Quite a clever idea to just bypass the battery and connect it to the 5V USB (assuming your phone will handle the 5V) so that the phone is always connected, and just starts up with the vehicle. It was equipped with a SIM that shares the same number so that it operates like the primary phone. …

Which file manager do you use?

I use one called X-Plore. It’s actually very good. Even has a WiFi server, conpressed archive support, etc. but the downsides are that it’s close sourced and some features are behind a paywall (though IMO they are worth it). …

I had mixed emotions when I first read this, like how can you take so long to update a phone? But then I did realise that most Android manufacturers supports a phone only 2 or 3 years for security patches and updates (Apple of course sets the example here for 7+ years). …

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Creating android app without android studio ?

I have few app ideas I wanted to create, so I thought I give flutter a try. Downloaded it and as recommended with android-studio… It was horrible bloated and very very slow I could NOT develop with it. …


No matter how well we think we know our phones, there’s always something or other that manages to evade our attention. Don’t believe me? If you’ve got a Samsung phone, chances are you didn’t know that your Gallery app contains a hidden menu, chock full of secret options. …

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