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Did anyone here have tested this app ?

Here's another example of a glitch photo. Does anybody know what's causing this?

> Following in the footsteps of iOS 14, Google is rolling out an app privacy section to the Play Store on Tuesday. When you look up an app on the Play Store, alongside sections like "About this app" and "ratings and reviews," there will be a new section called "Data privacy & security," where developers can explain what data they collect. Google showed off this feature last year, and it will finally start appearing in the Play Store today.

We need to reclaim Android from Google. Until we do, they will keep doing things like this.

Phone keeps changing my default browser.
I'm on a Galaxy S10 (not rooted) and using Mull as my browser. I have Samsung Internet disabled and all updates for it removed. However, my phone constantly changes my default browser from Mull back to Samsung Internet. I hate having to change it every 5 minutes (hyperbolic, but not by much) and was wondering if anyone else has had this issue. (Also, as much as I'd love a rooted and de-Googled phone, this is my ONLY phone, and I rely on it for family contact and such and cannot afford to replace it. I'm not tech savvy enough to attempt rooting it and risk bricking it.)

I just discovered after the post on HackerNews. It is a great maps "app" for android. I put "app" into quotes because it just runs on your browser. I am not sure if or organic maps will be my daily driver, but both are looking very good!

Lightweight Twitter/YT clients?
The default Twitter and YouTube apps are doing a number on my phone battery. Are there any good clients for either that let you log in as well?

Looking for an open source app for ping and tracepath functionality.
I'm looking for an open-source app to do some network debugging: resolving hostnames, pinging and tracepath functionality. Anyone know any existing app like this?

need a recommendation
Is there a smartphone that I could recommend to someone that currently wants to buy a last generation iphone? They want lots of storage and good battery life I think. I am worried about all the tracking shit, I guess if the phone could potentially work with lineageOS that would be great too. tl;dl is there a go-to smartphone atm?

I have made a list of open source Android apps that have beautiful modern design
Often people tend to say due to the lack of funding open source apps have bad UI and also sometimes terrible UX. While it's not entierly false I've found myself some beautifuly designed apps and wanted to share them here.

Battery drain despite deep sleeping apps?
I have as many apps set to deep sleeping as possible, and I've disabled as much bloatware as I can, but my battery still lasts barely a day. Any good way to fix this? Running a Samsung Galaxy S10.

How to monitor memory usage on android?
I experience that my memory is used up on my android phone, but I dont understand what drains the memory. I only found AnotherMonitor on fdroid, but it doesnt appear to show which app is consuming memory. Only total consumption. Are there any good apps or solutions for this? Or at least as autonomous slash private as possible.

From [here](

cross-posted from: > This is the very first alpha release of Jerboa, a native android Lemmy client. > > **This is not a finished client, so don't expect most things to be working** > > If anything isn't working correctly, open up an [issue on the repo.]( > > [APK Download]( >

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