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Honestly, Edge.

It’s the least evil Chromium fork outside of purist ones.

Give them Firefox with uBlock Origin.

It won’t stay clear for long when you start using it ;)

Depends on what you want from a package manager.

Fast & simple? APK or pacman.

Here’s a script that sources your package definition script and creates a tarball and here’s another program that can unpack such tarballs into your system and keeps track of what file belongs to what package.
Put a bit of online repo complexity on top and that’s basically all these are.

I personally prefer pacman because it’s fast enough and the cli syntax is so awesome (-Syu pkgname is the same as 4 separate rather lengthy apt commands) but apk is even faster in my experience and works incredibly well for lightweight systems.

Complex but incredibly powerful? Nix and Guix

If you’ve never used them, they are nothing like what you’re used to. Doing them justice in explaining either requires something approaching a 280-page PHD thesis or a sentence full of hyper technical terms which require a PHD to understand.

They are very complex. Great effort has gone into these to make their ecosystems accessible to mere mortals though.
By making sensible abstractions on every level, they have gotten to the point where they can even be used similar to regular package managers (managing packages a single environment has access to imperatively) which will give you some of the benefits.
Using them to their true potential needs rethinking of how you manage software entirely though (not just software itself but also software configuration).

Nix uses its own specially crafted functional expression language while Guix is built on Guile (Scheme/Lisp) but they’re both implementations of the same ideas.
Nix has a larger community and is a lot more mature (more packages, wider support etc.) because of that but Guix has a better UI (Nix’ CLI tools are pretty scattered) and tries to bring this new way of thinking about software into more parts of your system like the init system.
Oh and Guix is a GNU project, so non-free software is not supported very well :/.

I’d highly recommend you to check out the new and improved NixOS homepage to get an idea of the cool things you can do with Nix and, to a lesser extent, Guix.

You can also install these beside your Linux system if you want to experiment. Because of the way they work, they are completely self-contained and don’t touch your actual system in any meaningful way. Nix can also be used on MacOS.

Just because of that?
I’m not into dog dicks either but as long as the community is properly marked as NSFW and stays within its bounds, I don’t see why it should be removed or have its creator banned.

That should probably be in the README/FAQ.
From what I could gather in the recent Reddit thread, Lemmy becoming yet another Reddit clone that turns into a Nazi bastion is a common concern driving people away from giving the platform a chance.

Could you run sudo du -sh /* and post the result?

@AtemutoLinuxWhat distro do you use?

NixOS. Once you go declarative, you never want to configure anything imperatively again.

Here’s the configuration common to all my desktop machines if you want to get a taste of what NixOS is like.

I’m not sure which is worse

I think the problem is rather that, when building a system derivation, you can override packages (e.g. Firefox) with any Nix derivation (e.g. Google Chrome or other malware) from many places.
All of this is still purely functional and I’m pretty sure Guix has similar functionality.

This isn’t as big of a problem though IMO, your configs should be in VCS which guarantees their correctness and you should only be activating system closures built from trusted sources like Nixpkgs.

My main complaint is that there is no popular and good way to structure you configuration that could be given to new users.

There’s been work on a GUI configuration.nix generator/editor which has the potential to make configuring NixOS more user-friendly than any other Linux distro out there.

You’re looking for a stateles system, check out https://grahamc.com/blog/erase-your-darlings

@AtemutoLinuxUse Vim

Or, even better, use both!

Evil-mode may sound like a novelty addon but it’s a real thing you can actually use in your everyday life.